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Akaushi cattle are the only free-grazing cattle in Japan. They wander the sacred region of Mt. Aso, where limited space has effectively capped the population at about 58,000. They are designated as a protected breed and are considered a national treasure of Japan – it took a loophole in the Trade Act of 1992 for the government to allow any cattle to leave the country. Even then, it took two years and a team of bodyguards to overcome the litigation and protests. Eight cows and three bulls were ultimately exported and the loophole was closed.

After being brought to South Texas over ten years ago, that herd of eleven has blossomed to over five thousand and is the only Akaushi herd outside of Japan.

Introducing Akaushi Beef

Akaushi is a breed of cattle indigenous to Japan, where it is particularly valued for the amazing health benefits and high quality of its beef. Finally available within the United States, Akaushi is expected to revolutionize the meat industry.

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A Tradition of Excellence

In Japan, the Japanese Association of Akaushi carefully analyzes a number of performance criteria before choosing the cows and bulls that will breed. Established in the 1940’s, the Association has documented the lineage and performance of each Akaushi calf born in Japan for the past 60 years. The same techniques are also used here in Texas. The dams and sires for each calf are carefully selected to ensure that the herd performs optimally, and the parentage of each calf is meticulously recorded. Even though the Association’s lineage records are usually only accessed by Japanese master geneticists and scientists, the Association has made the genealogy available for the eleven exported cattle.

Coupled with the recorded parentage of the US-born calves, the lineage of each of the Texas cattle can be traced back over thirty generations, making this the only all-natural, 100% source- verified beef in America.

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A Cut Above the Rest

Akaushi naturally contains exceptional intramuscular marbling – the small streaks of fat within a meat cut – while American cattle tend to store fat on the exterior of the muscle.

It is generally recognized that fat is responsible for the palatability of beef, but it is actually the monounsaturated fat that is responsible for the flavor.

The marbling in Akaushi beef contains a much higher percentage of monounsaturated fat than any other beef in the US. As a result, Akaushi has a delectably intense buttery flavor as well as a sumptuous juiciness and breathtaking tenderness.

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Succulent and Healthful!

In addition to the high quality of the meat, Akaushi beef is extraordinary for its health benefits, which stem from three features. First, Akaushi contains a higher concentration of monounsaturated fat relative to saturated fat, which the American Heart Association notes can lead to lower cholesterol, the prevention of coronary heart disease, and weight loss. Second, it is a significant source of oleic acid – the compound in olive oil that the USDA touts as good for the heart. Third, Akaushi naturally provides a high level of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). Extensive research over the past ten years has shown that CLA can improve immune system performance, it can help fight a variety of cancers, including breast and prostate cancer, and it can reduce the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. CLA also contributes to weight loss.

The Best of the Best

All in all, Akaushi tears down the long-held stereotypes of the beef industry. It is gourmet beef that shatters the American scale of quality, yet it provides a delicious solution for meat- lovers previously forced to shun red meat for healthier options. Texas has traditionally been at the heart of the cattle business. Now it is home to the new revolution in beef.


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