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BevShots Irish StoutBeer, wine and cocktails now have a new look after BevShots MicroArt, LLC popped the cork on, an e-commerce site offering your favorite drinks, shot under a microscope and featured as modern art. currently offers 61 drink images ranging from tequila to imported beer, all available as customizable art pieces, coasters, flasks and women’s scarves.

“BevShots easily mix with today’s trends in modern design but feature a topic we all know and love – alcoholic beverages,” says Lester Hutt, president of BevShots MicroArt, LLC. “Those who have seen BevShots are excited to find out what their drink of choice looks like under a microscope, while those who haven’t seen BevShots before are interested in the story behind it. We’ve been thrilled by the outpouring of interest in displaying personal favorites on the walls in their homes or as a fashion accessory for a night on the town.”

BevShots Wall ArtAs wall art, BevShots can be displayed on canvas as a gallery wrap or on archival paper with two different matting and framing options. Another popular print option is the Metallic Print, which allows the rich colors to nearly glow, creating a striking, holographic effect. No two beverages look alike, with images representing an array of colors and patterns. Prices range from $38 for a Metallic Print to $549 for a large fine art piece.

BevShots now offers an expanding gift line that currently includes coaster sets and flasks. Coaster sets cost $48 and are available in seven different collections such as Hard Liquors, Imported Beers and Wine. BevShots stainless steel hip flasks cost $28, are available in eight different designs and hold 6oz. of liquid.  Choose a drink that personally suits your taste buds or one that meshes with your preferred taste in design.

Like all BevShot images, these gift items make a great conversation starter for friends and family.    

BevShots is also making a splash on the fashion scene with its latest launch of scarves and sarongs. These eye-catching accessories will make any outfit stand out while also being a conversation piece since women will be able to wear their favorite drinks in style. BevShots® neck scarves are made of 100% polyester chiffon, a lightweight, sheer material that’s elegant yet comfortable. They are 24 inches wide by 79 inches long, and this length makes these scarves very versatile for the different scarf-tying styles that are popular today. There are currently eleven different designs, and they are priced at $48.

BevShots Vodka and Scarf

The Story

Bevshots MargaritaThe story behind BevShots is part of what makes this company the ultimate conversation starter. Back in the 1990s, Michael Davidson, a top microscopy scientist at Florida State University (Tallahassee, Fla.) discovered a creative way to fund his laboratory research by selling images of beverages shot from under a microscope to a necktie company.  Thus, Molecular Expressions’ Cocktail Collection was born and sold more than five million fashionable neckties nationwide.

In 2006, the Florida Board of Governors implemented the State University Research Commercialization Assistance Grant Program. The program’s goal was to increase commercialization of products and technologies that emerge from research taking place at state universities in Florida.  Lester Hutt, founder and president of BevShots, was employed under the grant to research the market for the beverage images and decided this endeavor had enormous potential. Hutt personally invested to start the company and licensed the images from Florida State University and Davidson, thus bringing life to BevShots!

Since then BevShots created, allowing consumers to view and purchase their favorite drink related products. Now, not only are the vibrant images available for purchase as art pieces, BevShots has launched gift lines including coasters, stainless steel flasks, women’s fashion scarves and much more. The future is bright for this growing company which has capitalized on a popular past time – drinking! Whether you enjoy the occasional martini or prefer a non-alcoholic cola, BevShots accommodate anyone’s taste with 61 different drink options.

Bevshots Whiskey Flasks and Coasters

About Lester Hutt

The President of BevShots, Lester Hutt, was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM. In high school Hutt developed a love for chemistry while working at Sandia National Laboratories in the analytical chemistry division. Hutt’s passion for chemistry led him to pursue a Bachelor's of Science in both Biology and Chemistry at the New Mexico Institute of Technology.

After graduating from his undergraduate studies, Hutt went onto the University of California at Berkeley to study chemistry at a graduate level. While at Berkeley, Hutt dedicated his thesis project to develop miniature chemical analysis devices for NASA’s Mars rover missions that could detect chemical signatures of past life. He worked on this project in conjunction with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Hutt received a Master’s degree in chemistry in 2000.


From 2000 to 2003 Hutt worked at Apple Inc. as a Product Analyst. At this position Hutt analyzed data on new Apple products and worked with their engineering, marketing, and customer service teams to resolve issues for future product releases. His main products included the PowerBook and the first line of iPods.

After Apple, Hutt moved to Tallahassee, Fla. with wife, Yuh-Mei, to work for her father's company, Golden Lighting. Hutt wanted to run a small business and now had the opportunity to learn the ropes first hand rather than attending business school.

In 2008 Hutt became a business research consultant at Florida State University. With this position he was tasked with identifying research projects that could be developed into local businesses. When he came across Michael Davidson's work, he saw it as a great business opportunity – taking into consideration Davidson’s previous success in the necktie industry.


BevShots officially began in August 2009 with the launch of the company’s website, Hutt continues to work with Davidson to update and expand the BevShots photo gallery.

Hutt now lives with his wife and two children in Tallahassee. He is an active member of the Tallahassee community as a board member of Silicon Tally, an organization that promotes entrepreneurship and the development of local technology businesses. Hutt continues his philanthropic nature within BevShots by donating to numerous charities and causes, including Rotary International, the Red Cross, the Boys and Girls Club and the United Way.

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