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BluePrint is the pioneering line of raw and organic fruit and vegetable juices launched in the United States by founder Zoe Sakoutis and co-founder Erica Huss. BluePrint is widely credited with sparking the modern cleanse category, transforming something that was once considered hippy and alternative into a modern juice movement. The company includes BluePrintCleanse, the hugely popular line of juice cleanses designed to detoxify and purify the body; BluePrintJuice, a line of juices sold in individual bottles and available in select retail outlets and online; and BluePrintBar, a healthy and delicious fruit and nut snack bar.

BLUEPRINT JUICES Designed To Detoxify

How It Began

BLUEPRINT JUICES Designed To DetoxifyThe story of BluePrint (BP) is essentially the story of an idea – the idea that cleansing needed to be liberated from the rigid dogma and new-age aesthetics of the raw food universe and made more accessible to more people. And it all started with a cold. In early 2000, BluePrint Founder, Zoe Sakoutis greeted the new millennium with a savage cold and turned to a friend for advice.

This friend, who happened to be a raw foodist, suggested a seven-day juice cleanse to cure what ailed her, and Zoe dutifully complied. She was thrilled with the results, but found the process excruciating. Ultimately, she came to understand that for cleansing to be truly effective it must be more than a single, unforgiving process for all.

If people were going to reap the benefits of cleansing, they had to want to do it, and regularly. It needed to be easier – especially for someone just starting out – and customized to account for one’s nutritional awareness and dietary history.

This breakthrough realization gave birth to BluePrintCleanse. Zoe, herself a certified nutritional consultant, teamed up with friend and former colleague, Erica Huss who brought with her a great knowledge and love of food, a background in P.R. and an ideology perfectly suited to the BluePrint vision. Together, they developed their groundbreaking line of juices and built the BluePrint brand into what is fast-becoming a household name.

BluePrint has become hugely popular across the country, and enjoys a major celebrity following as well, with Blake Lively, Ashley Greene and Olivia Wilde all spotted with the juices in hand. The company has a large corporate client base in the media, fashion, and financial industries, among others, and boasts partnerships with some of the country’s most followed exercise studios including Exhale Spa, Flywheel Sports, Yas Fitness Centers, Bikram Yoga and more.

Whether it’s to heal the body from a hectic lifestyle of wining and dining, to jumpstart a new fitness regime, or to wow with a healthy, shiny glow at a big event, BluePrint is widely embraced by busy working professionals, stay-at-home moms and everyone in between.

BLUEPRINT JUICES Designed To DetoxifyBluePrintCleanse

Designed to detoxify and purify the body by consuming only fresh pressed fruit and vegetable juices, BluePrintCleanse (BPC) is the first line of juice cleanse to offer varying levels of intensity, depending on one’s dietary habits and history. It’s a practical, user-friendly system of cleansing for all nutritional lifestyles, from the most austere of raw food acolytes to the burger-and-red wine lovers looking to periodically offset the damages of indulgence.

Cleanses are priced between $65 and $80 per day (depending on the client’s location) and are delivered in batches of up to three days at a time. A hydraulic press system keeps the live enzymes intact for an extended period, which is essential to preserving nutrients and flavor. Numbered, re-sealable plastic containers take the guesswork out of the juicing sequence. Coolers are shipped nationwide and to Canada via FedEx Priority Overnight, and are available for pickup at select locations across the U.S.

The juices range from fresh fruit combinations, to green juices featuring five types of vegetables, to creamy nut milks with cinnamon – offering complete nutrition throughout each day of the cleanse. BPC’s sleek packaging, consumer- friendly website, and expert guidance put even the most novice juicer at ease.

BLUEPRINT JUICES Designed To DetoxifyManifreshto

We swear to give you the juice, the whole juice and nothing but the juice.

These are the simple rules we live by:

1. The freshest fruits and vegetables make the best juice.

2. Juice should never be cooked. Cooking juice kills vitamins, minerals and live enzymes. Even “flash” pasteurized means cooked.

3. Treat your body right. Drinking fresh juice and eating real food is the best long-term strategy for maintaining good health.

Consistently a leader and innovator in the cleanse industry, BluePrint became the first juice cleanse company to be USDA certified organic in 2012.

The Cleanse

BluePrint offers 3 levels of intensity to custom fit your dietary habits and history.

Renovation Type

"I know what whole foods are, and I've seen people buying them. I would too, but I'm too busy to be choosy – my vegetable intake comes in the form of: Ketchup – "tomatoes" and French Fries – "potatoes." Salad is found in EVERY cheeseburger I eat: it's that green-ish color in the middle of the burger. Fruit? Easy, it's the garnish on my cocktail, (usually an orange). I have cut back on red meat... and know I should only buy organic, free range, hand massaged meats and vegetables raised by people who smell like patchouli oil, but where do they even sell that stuff?"

Caution: The Renovation Cleanse has been referred to as "a gateway cleanse," as it may encourage you to experiment with the next two levels of the BluePrintCleanse. This "Class-A" cleanse will leave you addicted to feeling amazing and wanting more.

BluePrint Juices Renovation Type

This cleanse is designed for the absolute beginner – the "I'll have my martini with a side of steak, please" type – and for that we applaud you. Typically the renovating type is one who could stand to lose a few pounds,or perhaps a few more than a few. You like to indulge, sometimes in excess—a few extra drinks here, a few extra smokes there, but hey, who's counting? Maybe you have a family history of health issues. Point is you're a real person, who is about to feel real results.

The Renovation Cleanse fills you up with six delicious juices per day—a combination of creamy cashew nut milk with vanilla and cinnamon, combination fruit juices like pineapple & mint, refreshing lemonades with agave nectar and nourishing green juices. But don't worry, we know what you're used to; we promise not to sneak in anything too grassy!

Foundation Type

"I don't know what I am! I’m not a vegetarian because I eat fish (but not the kind with mercury). I'm definitely NOT, nor will I ever be, a vegan - (I love a good cheese plate...and sometimes a salami plate). I try to eat a big salad everyday and limit those “bad-starches.” When I do have dessert, I order some sort of fruit based dessert, as opposed to that awesome flourless chocolate cake…that, sometimes I do order…but only because it’s flourless, …and a special occasion. But, that’s not even a big deal, cause’ I’ll just work it off at the gym the next day."

Foundation Cleanse triggers your body to cleanse and gently detox, and, yes lose some serious baggage in the process. After you've laid the Foundation with this more intense cleanse, you can move up to the next level - you overachiever you.

BluePrint Juices Foundation Type

Typically the Founding types are, well, like you! Active, busy people who exercise and have tried many different diets but either can’t get their hands on fresh, whole food, or simply don’t have the time. So, what you’re left with is that occasional sluggish feeling as a result of “slipping”…we’ve all been here before: a little too much white flour, a Christmas cookie or four, soda, alcohol and processed food. Hey, it’s easy to lose track!

The Foundation Cleanse fills you up with six delicious juices per day—a combination of creamy cashew nut milk with vanilla and cinnamon, combination fruit juices like pineapple & mint, refreshing lemonades with agave nectar and nourishing green juices.

Excavation Type

"I am extremely conscious of everything I put into my body. I exercise, I don’t make drinking a habit, and I eat organic. Am I a vegan? A raw foodist? I’m not into labels – so, when people ask me that question, I simply reply: ‘I eat what I want, when I want it." I don’t consider choosing my food wisely, “missing out.” My only rule is: If it doesn’t make me feel healthy and zaps my energy, I don’t eat it. I’m not trying to live forever; I just want to make sure that while I am alive, I feel as good as I possibly can!"

The most intense level of BPC, Excavation, is designed to flood your body with chlorophyll, restore your alkaline balance, and seriously rest your insides so they can finally unearth those crayons you ate when you were three. Excavation takes you much deeper; it digs down to a cellular level, and leaves you feeling brand spanking new.

BluePrint Juices Excavation Type

Whether you’ve worked your way up through previous levels, or were clean enough to start here, you now understand the amazing effects of vibrant health and want to keep going. Excavation provides the cleanest way of juicing, as it omits certain foods that would otherwise slow the detoxification process. For example, there is little fruit and aside from cayenne, no herbs/spices (i.e. garlic, onion) are used. Certain foods that are used in previous cleanses, such as carrot/apple/beet juice and other fruits with a higher glycemic index, such as pineapple, have been eliminated. Excavation focuses on juices that trigger detox and elimination, such as citrus (spicy lemonade), which act as “cleaners” and green vegetable tonics which act as “healers” and, ahem, “sweepers.”

(Again, this is not a diet, however we know what you’re going to ask next. So yes, this is the Cleanse level that contains the least amount of EVERYTHING. You get the picture.)

The Excavation Cleanse fills you up with six delicious juices per day—a combination of creamy cashew nut milk with vanilla and cinnamon, refreshing lemonades with agave nectar and lots of nourishing leafy green juices.

BluePrint Juice Retail Products

In 2011, in response to consumer demand, BluePrint launched BluePrintJuice (BPJ), a line of fresh pressed, unpasteurized, individually packaged juices sold through select retail outlets. BPJ offers fans everyday access to their favorite cold pressed juice combinations in single bottles, whether to supplement a cleanse or just enjoy as a standalone beverage. The individual BluePrint- Juices are fresh pressed locally every day and named for their vibrant colors, including “Green”: BP’s signature vegetable juice, “Red”: Carrot Apple Beet juice, “Yellow”: Spicy Lemonade, “White” Cashew Milk and “Gold”: Pineapple Apple Mint. BPJ is currently available at Whole Foods Market, FreshDirect, Dean & DeLuca, Gourmet Garage, Union Market and many others.

BluePrint Juice Retail Products

Green Juice

You're looking at 6lbs. of leafy greens in one little bottle. This chlorophyll-packed green juice lowers acidity and balances your PH. Stay alkaline. Stay healthy.

Pineapple Apple Mint

Pineapples contain bromelain, an anti-inflammatory agent that helps fight heart disease and arthritis.

Spicy Lemonade

Cayenne pepper boosts metabolism and gets your blood pumping, while lemons are a natural expectorant, full of antioxidants and highly alkalizing. That's hot.

Carrot Apple Beet

Beets provide antioxidant, anti-inflammatory support that helps protect against heart disease and cancer.

Cashew Milk

Cashews contain zinc, which rebuilds the body's collagen supply and prevents wrinkling, stretch marks and other potential "body roadmaps."

More on BluePrint

Based in New York and Los Angeles, BluePrint’s products are available nationwide. Recently, the company opened a second juicing facility in Los Angeles and also launched its first international market in Canada. BluePrint continues to introduce a variety of new products and services, including nutritional consultations with its registered dietitian and The 3-Day Cleanse book, featuring recipes and tips on cleansing and raw food, making it even easier and more convenient to enjoy the benefits of fresh pressed juice and whole, natural ingredients at home.

BLUEPRINT JUICES Designed To Detoxify

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