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Iconic Scottish drinks brand, Drambuie is to premiere its exciting global marketing campaign: A Taste Of The Extraordinary with London getting the first glimpse of the international campaign late 2011.

The result of 12 months work and research on both sides of the Atlantic, the new creative territory marks a major departure for Drambuie as it drives forward to the next stage of its rejuvenation and aims to attract a new generation of drinkers. Building on the success of the new bottle design introduced in 2009, the campaign will be rolled out globally in 2012, with Greece, Chile and the UK introducing A Taste of the Extraordinary in 2011.

DRAMBUIE A Taste Of The Extraordinary

Developed by London-based creative agency Sell!Sell!, A Taste of the Extraordinary will challenge consumers to re-evaluate their perception of the brand as a drink choice, making it more accessible and appealing, particularly to 25-44 year old professional ‘creative class’ consumers.

With an infinite, moonlit, monochrome landscape the Drambuie bottle and amber liquid is emphasised in sharp relief. Artistic influences from Dali to Escher have helped to inform this incredible, surreal landscape. The creative campaign brings an element of intrigue; crafting a new brand world that tempts consumers to explore and discover the depth and unique taste of Drambuie.

London residents and visitors will receive a preview of the new campaign in the run up to this Christmas, with posters appearing across the London Underground, along with 300 branded taxis in the eye-catching black and white zigzag design and bottle shot.

The UK campaign for A Taste of the Extraordinary will be further supported by an integrated social media and PR strategy led by Freshwater UK. Events22 is also developing an extraordinary range of consumer experiential activities that will support the campaign throughout 2012 and beyond.

DRAMBUIE A Taste Of The Extraordinary

The photography commissioned for the new advertising campaign is by London based photographer John Ross. John is best known for his award-winning album artwork photography for the Pet Shop Boys, Manic Street Preachers, Spiritualised and DJ Shadow. Most recently he shot the striking Crouch, Touch, Pause, Engage in time for the Rugby World Cup Final.

Vicki Wonders, Drambuie Liqueur Co.’s UK senior brand manager commented: “We're delighted to offer consumers a sneak preview of A Taste of the Extraordinary in the UK this Christmas. A fully integrated campaign combining advertising, social media, PR and experiential activity will be rolled out later in 2012. This campaign offers an engaging platform from which we will present Drambuie to potential consumers, as well as our on and off trade partners, as we encourage them to reconsider the brand and its place in their repertoire.”

Tim Dewey, global marketing director commented “Our research in both the UK and USA found that there was a real need to educate our consumers as to what the ‘taste’ of Drambuie actually is –a unique blend of aged Scotch whisky, spices heather honey and herbs. Combining this message with our bold new direction, we are in a much stronger position to further target a new generation of Drambuie drinkers.  A Taste of the Extraordinary has given us the assets to deliver an impactful campaign across all channels and markets for years to come.”

An Introduction To Original Drambuie

DRAMBUIE A Taste Of The ExtraordinaryThe elixir at the heart of Drambuie was created more than 260 years ago exclusively for Prince Charles Edward Stuart of Scotland. It is a unique combination of aged Scotch whiskies, heather honey and a blend of herbs and spices – a recipe kept secret since 1745.

In the late 19th century the drink became known as “an dram buidheach” – from the Gaelic “the drink that satisfies”, and was subsequently registered as Drambuie is 1893. The first commercial production took place in Edinburgh 1909. It became the first liqueur to be served in The House of Lords in 1916 and became popular internationally as it was taken abroad by the Scottish Regiments in the two World Wars. In the USA post prohibition, it became synonymous with the classic cocktail The Rusty Nail.

Today it’s enjoyed neat, over ice and as a long refreshing drink mixed with soda, ginger beer or ginger ale.

Drambuie Also Launches First New product In 10 Years

DRAMBUIE A Taste Of The Extraordinary Drambuie recently introduced a brand new product to the market – the first it has launched for a decade.  This new connoisseur expression will have great appeal as a new premium product for whisky enthusiasts and the gift market.

Designed to appeal to discerning malt whisky drinkers, Drambuie 15 is drawn from the finest selection of 15 Year Old Speyside Malts. Selected for their soft, complex fragrance and flavour, the rare Speyside Malts ideally complement and balance the herbs and spicy aromas of Drambuie’s famed secret elixir to create an exciting new high-quality product.

With a nose of Drambuie’s aromatic citrus spice, fragrant grass and butterscotch notes, Drambuie 15 has a velvet-soft mouth feel with a tang of lemongrass and warming malty notes, berries and heather.  A finish of shortbread, fresh herbs and the unmistakable long afterglow of the Drambuie elixir, results in a refined, drier expression of Drambuie, perfect for sipping and savouring either neat or over ice.

DRAMBUIE 15 Tasting Notes

SERVE: To sip and savour, neat or over ice.

NOSE: Drambuie aromatic citrus spice, overlaid with fragrant grassy and butterscotch notes - characteristic of aged Speyside Malt.

FLAVOUR: Velvet soft mouth feel - fragrant citrus lemongrass tang gives way to complex warming malty notes of butterscotch, berries and heather.

FINISH: Shortbread, fresh herbal notes and the unmistakable long afterglow of the Drambuie elixir.

DRAMBUIE A Taste Of The ExtraordinaryThe Legend Of Drambuie: A Prince’s Legacy

Rich in history and steeped in myths, the Highlands bore witness to a gesture that would become the stuff of legends. Over 250 years ago, a grateful prince gifted a loyal clansman with the most treasured of possessions: the secret formula to a golden elixir.

In the year 1745, Prince Charles Edward Stuart sailed to Scotland to reclaim his grandfather's throne. Raising an army of Highland clans, he sought to restore the exiled Kings and claimants of the House of Stuart to their rightful places – the thrones of England, Scotland and Ireland.

Victory was almost his when the rebel prince reached Derby, 130 miles from London. But fate showed him no favour. Surrounded and out-numbered after the support of the French failed to materialise, the prince was forced to retreat back into Scotland.

Out-manned and out-gunned, the rebel forces defiantly held their last stand at the Battle of Culloden Moor; their bravery immortalised in the traditional "Skye Boat" song.

“Many's the lad that fought on that day,
Well the claymore could wield,
When the night came,
Silently lay dead in Culloden's field.”

Although the rebellion was crushed at Culloden, nothing could truly defeat the spirit of resistance. The prince, by now in hiding, continued to evade capture thanks to the loyalty of the Highlanders. Despite a £30,000 bounty on his head, he was never betrayed by those who believed he would return, to fight once more. “Burned are our homes, exile and death, scattered the loyal man. Yet ‘ere the sword cool in the sheath, Charlie will come again.”

On fleeing from the Isle of Skye, legend has it that the prince bequeathed the recipe of his personal elixir to his loyal supporter Captain John MacKinnon. There it remained, lost in the mists of time for over a century, until it began to be produced at The Broadford Hotel by James Ross. It soon became known as An Dram Buidheach – the drink that satisfies – and was then registered as Drambuie in 1893.

The Secret: A Drop Of Mystery

DRAMBUIE A Taste Of The ExtraordinaryDuring his time in Scotland, Charles Edward Stuart would carry with him a mysterious draught, from which he would drink a few drops every day. Nobody knew for certain what this formula was; only that it had been created by the Royal Apothecary.

No luxury would have been spared to satisfy the prince's demands: that the drink should reflect his royal nature and pay tribute to the special land that cradled his cause – Scotland.

The apothecary would have imbued the drink with protective properties. He must have chosen Cloves - a dried flower bud of an Indonesian tree. This aromatic spice is still used for its powerful analgesic properties.

Only the most prized spices would have been used. Many are convinced that saffron was the main ingredient. Not only was it renowned for its medical and sedative properties, but it would also have given the drink its rich golden colour.

The secret selection of herbs, spices and Scottish heather honey is then infused by hand into the Scotch whisky base. Malts from the Speyside and Highland regions, renowned for their softness and smoothness, are used to complement the herbs and spices of the elixir.

What the world knows of Drambuie is what it now holds in its hand: a unique highland spirit – royal in appearance, exquisite in taste and deliciously potent. It is: “The Taste of the Extraordinary”.

DRAMBUIE A Taste Of The Extraordinary


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