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The East India Company Rebirth

Artisan delicacies with rarefied elegance born from a rich historic legacy


The East India Company has embarked on its very first launch in over 150 years, with a new luxury Fine Foods concept and Flagship Store on Conduit St., in London’s Mayfair. This marks an exciting chapter in the re-birth of the brand, where customers are able to enjoy a portfolio of unique and enticing Fine Foods, influenced by tastes, cultures and traditions from across the world. The Fine Foods range is also widely available through The East India Company e-commerce site

Originally established in 1600 by Queen Elizabeth I, The East India Company is one of the most recognised brands in the world: over two billion people know of its history and the brand helped shape and influence the modern palate that exists today. Over a century later, a group of visionary entrepreneurs have brought The East India Company brand back to life with its first portfolio launch in Fine Foods retailing.

The range of luxury food infuses flavours from the East with Western favourites, spanning a range of goods including Teas, Coffees, Biscuits, Jams and Marmalades, Mustards, Sweets, Chocolates, Gift Sets, Luxury Hampers and Accessories.

Remarkable Connections

What truly sets The East India Company brand apart is its ability to surprise, delight and excite customers with inspirational tastes that have remarkable connections at their heart. Each of the products has a critical ingredient, designed to be authentic and offer an enticing experience from beginning to end.

The Range

The contemporary Fine Foods portfolio encapsulates the brand’s rich history and international links from across the globe, demonstrating these through surprising and inspiring flavour combinations. A little taste of what is on offer:


• Luxury Gift Sets & Hampers in striking red wooden cases complimented by black velvet. Customers are invited to create their own hamper, tailored to specific tastes and flavours

• Unique and distinctive Teas from around the world, and steeped in heritage ranging from The Staunton Earl Grey with Neroli based on the original recipe, through to delicate shade grown Japanese senchas, Chinese Pu-erh’s, fragrant Jasmine pearls, Infusions, and fine British peppermint

• Coffees from single estates and exotic regions, fine Kona’s and Jamaican Blue mountain, from the islands of St. Helena and the Galapagos, which may be roasted to order while you are in store

• Jams & Marmalades with a twist, including Strawberry and Champagne, Rhubarb & Ginger, Strawberry and Pepper, through to Gooseberry and Elderflower – perfect to add spice to summertime picnics


• An inviting Mustard Range with something for everybody, 12 mustards including Mustard with Stout, Bulldog Mustard with chillies for the strong, through to a unique herb Roman Mustard

• Savoury Biscuits with enticing and unique flavour combinations, including Blue Cheese and Sea Salt, Mustard and Coriander, Indian Black Pepper Corn, through to sweeter varieties such as Cherry Chocolate and Chilli, and Marmalade

• A Sweet and Confectionary Range, including handmade artisan marzipans and jellies with real fruit juice, to boiled sweets made for an adult palette, such as Cinnamon and Clove, and Chocolate and Chilli

• Chocolate treasures ranging from Decadent Chocolate Bars with surprising combinations, such as 70% Dark Chocolate with Red Peppercorns and Milk Chocolate laced with Sea Salt; to indulgent enrobed coffee beans, strawberries, and raspberries

• Canvas Luxury Chocolate Boxes and Gift Sets themed from ‘Company Paintings’ containing Truffles, Ganaches, and chocolate delights which make every occasion a special occasion

• Specialty and Single Estate Salts, Sugars, Oils and Vinegars, capturing unique and surprising flavours from the corners of the world

The Experience


The Fine Foods store could be described as no other… On stepping through the ornate gated entrance of this archetypal London Townhouse customers are taken on a delightful sensory experience around the world of the East India Company.

Visitors will be enthralled with beautifully striking design features from the eye-catching and vibrant ceiling to the floor which features an impressive mosaic inspired by The East India Company Chop Mark. So impressive is the store design, that it was selected for the Best Store Design Concept for 2010 by Retail Focus.

This attention to detail is not just present within the store design, but also from the service received from the multi-lingual and knowledgeable trading team on hand to provide answers to any questions.

The Tea Library

Tea was and remains a key part of The East India Company. There are over one hundred different types of tea available including a wide range of finest green, black, herbal and fruit flavoured teas. Guests to the store have the opportunity to see, smell, and taste in the ‘Tea Intrigue’ area, and consult with our Tea master at the specially designed Tea Library.

Bespoke Coffee Bean Collection

For customers who adore the smell of fresh roasting coffee beans, staff are available to discuss their favourite drink, the occasion and frequency of consumption, then take unroasted green beans and create a unique taste of perfect in correlation with the guests’ lifestyle. In just fifteen minutes the in-store roasting machine turns visions into reality: delivering a perfect bespoke coffee.


Specialist Tasting Area

A specialist tasting area has been created in store for guests to engage in the flavours and delights of the range. Daily events featuring different critical ingredients from across the portfolio of products will be taking place to bring the Fine Foods concept to life (details in-store and online).

The Visionary Behind the Brand

The East India Company Fine Foods Store is the vision of entrepreneur Sanjiv Mehta, the new CEO of The East India Company. Mr. Mehta comments, “There are few countries that do not have an association with The East India Company and the team have worked tirelessly to create the most luxurious international foods to delight every one of our customers. The store has been created to be an emporium of exotic and authentic experiences and this is reflected throughout the brand.”

The East India Company

Since its creation in 1600 by The Royal Charter granted by Queen Elizabeth I, the influence of The East India Company has been well documented.  Without The Company our world would not be as it is today.  The reputation of The East India Company has many dimensions and perspectives.  Thus The Company continues its evolution and journey, but in all ways is still exploring, discovering, learning and connecting.  We are a company, more than any other, born from the actions and endeavours of countless people over the centuries.  It is the fusion of their lives, their cultures and their traditions which we respect in the choices we now make and in everything we now do.