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FOODPAIRING Ipad App LaunchSince the launch of Foodpairing in 2007, it is has become an indispensable source of inspiration for top chefs and bartenders worldwide. Foodpairing is a source of inspiration that allows (pastry) chefs, chocolatiers, bartenders to create new combinations of ingredients for dishes or drinks. Foodpairing is not based on intuition or existing recipes, but on scientific analysis.

A large part of the now 1.000.000+ users, including some of the best food professionals requested a mobile app. The new free Foodpairing app for iPad was launched the 15th of June. To celebrate this launch, 32 of the best cocktail bars and restaurants in the world are offering a free cocktail or tasting when showing the Foodpairing app on your iPad.

Who participates? From the best cocktail bars worldwide like; Artesian, 69 Colebrooke row, Smuggler’s Cove, Le Lion, Nightjar,… to Michelin star restaurants like; De Librije, Hertog Jan,… to the Australian pastry shop Burch&Purchese, Shock-o-latier star Dominique Persoone and many more (listed below).

FOODPAIRING Ipad App LaunchProfessional Comments

Heston Blumenthal (*** The Fat Duck) “There is a whole new world of new flavour combinations out there”

Sergio Herman (*** Oud Sluis) "At Oud Sluis we look for inspiration at artists, designers, architects,... Foodpairing is a valuable tool because it confirms combinations we intuitively feel."

Gert De Mangeleer (*** Hertog Jan) "Foodpairing is creating a platform of opportunities to support the original taste of culinary products.”

Tony Conigliaro (Colebrooke Row 69) “Foodpairing has been a invaluable tool for creating cocktails as we deal practically with pure flavours (texture is a minor feature) so our primary concern is how flavour work and interact...”

Where can I find his app?

The app is for the moment only available for iPad. You can find the Foodpairing App on iTunes here.

What can I do with this app?

The app on iPad will look like this, visualizing the interactive Foodpairing tree inspiring you in making new tasteful combinations and a combo box to store your combinations;

The app will contain about 100 ingredients which can be explored from apple to chicken, pumpkin to chocolate, different types of vodka to local apple vinegar. The same login gives access to the tool on PC, iPad. Paying members will have access to 1000 ingredients.

The app is available in English only for the moment.

Each ingredient will be visualized into a Foodpairing tree, like this one of caviar:


In the middle you have the selected product. All around you have ingredients you can combine, clustered into categories like meat, dairy,…

In the iPad app, the Foodpairing trees will be interactive, you can click on the categories to have info or to unfold them and see more pairings.

So if you want to make a dish like Noma e.g. with potato. You can find the inspiration in our Foodpairing trees; and create a potato-plum-cream dessert or a totally new combination.

Recipe example from Foodpairing: Beetroot-Raspberry-Mackeral


Click here to view the full recipe.

FOODPAIRING Ipad App LaunchRestaurants Who Will Join (Click the restaurant name to visit their website in a new tab):

1) Artesian (London) 

2) 69 Colebrooke Row (London)

3) Nightjar (London)

4) Cottons Camden – Ian Burrell (London)

5) Cocktailkunst by Stephan Hinz (Köln)

6) Die Goldene Bar (München)

7) Le Lion (Hamburg)

8) Modern masters (Erfurt)

9) Vesper (Amsterdam)

10) Librije’s winkel (Zwolle)

11) Ruby (Copenhagen)

12) Volta (Gent)

13) Jigger’s, the noble drugstore (Ghent)

14) Hertog Jan*** (Brugge)

15) L’air du temps** (Eghezée)

16) Cocktails at nine (Antwerpen)

FOODPAIRING Ipad App Launch17) Monastrell – Gegam Kazarian (Alicante)

18) Jerry Thomas Speakeasy (Rome)

19) Smuggler’s Cove (San Francisco)

20) Belga Café (Washington)

21) The Aviary (Chicago)

22) Barchef (Toronto)

23) The Real McCoy Bar (Cordoba, Argentina)

24) Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio (Melbourne)

25) The Chocolateline (Brugge)

26) Patisserie Wilmot (Mettet)

27) Damian Allsop Chocolates (London)

28) Espai Sucre (Barcelona)

29) Emmanuel Stroobant Saint Pierre (Singapore)

30) Merchant Hotel (Belfast)

31) Pegu Club (NYC)

32) Bar high five (Tokyo)

About Foodpairing

FOODPAIRING.COM is a dynamic research-driven company supporting food industry in their search for tasteful food. Our team of scientists and chefs work together with top chefs, bar tenders, food companies and universities all over the world. We are also the creative engine behind The Flemish Primitives. Our mission is to inspire and scientifically enable food professionals to discover and create new taste combinations.

Making the Foodpairing tool mobile available fits into this quest to support chefs, bartenders, foodies on any location or timing of the day.

The first mobile app will be on iPad, but iPhone and Android will follow.


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