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Quality Preserved Since 1885 | 0 Comments
Emile Giffard


It all began during the very hot summer 1885…

Emile Giffard was at that time a dispensing pharmacist in Angers (Val de Loire). Inventive, curious and a gourmet, he undertook research on the digestive and refreshing properties of mint. He thereby invented a pure, clear and refined white mint liqueur which he tested with the Grand Hotel’s customers, in order to relieve them from heat. Success came at once.

Emile changed his pharmacy into a distillery and called his liqueur Menthe Pastille, referring to mint sweets that were very famous at that time. Four generations later Giffard is still in the hands of the same family and keeps quality as a motto from its origin.

Giffard History

Giffard: Pledge Of Quality

At the beginning, there are just the fruits and plants: pledge of quality

Fruits and plants are bought in priority in our region (100 % of our blackcurrant berries come from the Pays de Loire) or further depending on the variety chosen.

1. Maceration: a traditional manufacturing method which respects the authentic taste

To extract aromas, fruits are put in maceration into alcohol from 48 hours to 3 months according to the necessary time to obtain a perfect blending between fruit and alcohol.

The infusion obtained is the basis in the liqueur fabrication.

2. The manufacturing secrets: recipes and how-know

Blending, filtration, control…quality requests. Each fabrication is tasted before bottling.

3. Research & development : An active laboratory all year long

To anticipate, to innovate, to improve, to taste…with rigour and passion. A natural product lives and changes with time, our requirement for naturality requests a constant improvement of our manufacturing process ... for the liqueur range as for syrups.

Liqueur is the essential ingredient that will give its aromatic note to cocktails. It must keep its promise.

Product Specialties

Giffard Specialties include the famous Menthe Pastille, other historical brands like Peppermint Pastille or Guignolet d’Angers, and more recent ones like Cocogif and Mangalore.

Giffard is widely available in Europe. In Asia the liqueurs are gaining popularity with over 30 Giffard Products distributed by Hong Kong company Leung Yick.

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Giffard Liqueurs
Giffard Liqueurs
Giffard Liqueurs


Giffard Liqueurs