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JUNIPER GREEN Organic London Dry GinThe marriage of gin distillation tradition and the finest organic ingredients

It is organic ingredients that set Juniper Green apart from other finely-crafted gins available today. No chemicals are used to grow or process any of the ingredients, and only the finest rye, juniper, coriander seed, summer savory, and angelica root are used, each hand-selected for quality.

It is the remarkable purity of these exceptional ingredients that give Juniper Green its exceptionally clean, zesty flavor and delicate aroma.

London Dry Gin Craft Distilled in London Since 1700

Juniper Green Organic Gin is distilled at Thames Distillery near Clapham in Central London. Thames is now the only Gin Distillery which both distills and bottles gin in London. Juniper Green is truly a London Dry Gin.

JUNIPER GREEN Organic London Dry GinThe family of Charles Maxwell, Master Distiller and Managing Director of Thames, have been making Gin in London since 1700. His forebear George Bishop first established a Gin Distillery in London having completed his apprenticeship to the Worshipful Company of Distillers. The distillery he founded later became known as the Finsbury Distillery, and Finsbury London Dry Gin and Stone's Ginger Wine were two of the famous names distilled and marketed throughout the country and across the world.

Eight generations later Charles Maxwell has inherited one of the oldest unbroken family involvements in Gin Distilling. He owns the unique family recipes of esoteric botanicals with which great London gins are created - the accrued knowledge of 300 years experience.

Juniper Green Organic Gin has benefited from these three centuries of experience. The ingredients are Organic Juniper, Coriander, Angelica and Savory.

Botanicals carefully chosen to be enhanced by the smooth Organic Spirit distilled from Organic Grain. Juniper Green Organic Gin is 100% gluten free.

Juniper Green is the world's first Organic London Dry Gin and its outstanding quality is drawn from 300 years of experience.

Gin of Choice to Those Who Know Gin

Juniper Green has been honored as an exceptional gin around the world, claiming over 10 international gold and silver medals for excellence at major spirits competitions. In 2007 the Prince of Wales bestowed the unique honor of his Royal Warrant upon Juniper Green.

JUNIPER GREEN Organic London Dry GinWhy Organic?

Take a sip of Juniper Green Organic London Dry Gin and you are tasting history, this is the world's first, and foremost, organic gin. 

The Soil Association, the premier authority responsible for certifying all things organic in the UK, has certified that Juniper Green is 100% organic.

It contains absolutely nothing but the world's finest organic grain, the purest water and a combination of 100% organic botanical herbs sourced from around the world.

Organic grain creates fine alcohol naturally because it has a better biological cell structure than grain grown with chemical fertilisers.

No chemical fungicides are used to assist in the storage of Organic Grain resulting in natural microorganisms which aid full and deep fermentation.

As a result Juniper Green has a smooth clean spirit which is the perfect foundation for the world's first Organic Gin. 

The organic botanicals sourced from around the world are distilled to a special recipe to give Juniper Green its unique flavour.

• Organic Juniper Berries
• Organic Coriander
• Organic Angelica Root
• Organic Savory

Why Organic Drinks Company – Altitude Spirits – Import Juniper Green

Juniper Green is imported by Altitude Spirits, a family owned and operated business in Colorado that is wholly dedicated to purveying craft-distilled organic spirits.

JUNIPER GREEN Organic London Dry GinWe believe in organic spirits because organic means:

Quality. Organic products are free of pesticide and sewage sludge fertilizer residues, not to mention the nitrates and chemical “blending agents” often used as shortcuts in the distilling process. Organic products only achieve outstanding quality by starting with exceptional raw ingredients and distilling them with care.

Sustainability. The crops that our spirits begin as are grown without genetic modification and farmed without chemicals, supporting sustainable agriculture.

Verifiable Purity. USDA Organic certification is rigorously-enforced federal law, not marketing hype. Organic means we aren’t just claiming our products are pure and grown sustainably, it means that it has been verified.

JUNIPER GREEN Organic London Dry GinAbout Altitude Spirits

Altitude Spirits is a purveyor of fine organic spirits based in Boulder, Colorado. Founded and run by the father-and-son team of Mitch and Matthew Baris, Altitude Spirits began in 2005 with a single product, Vodka 14. Mitch and Matthew wanted to revive a tradition of vodka distillation running back five generations in their family, but they also wanted to prove that craft quality can set a benchmark for purity and taste unrivaled by mass-market brands.

Today Altitude Spirits continues to offer connoisseurs of fine spirits around the United States Vodka 14, and is also the proud American importer of Papagayo rums, Juniper Green London Dry Gin, UK5 Vodka, and Highland Harvest Scotch Whisky. Altitude Spirits’ portfolio spans a wide array of distillation styles, ingredients, and traditions, but all of these brands have two things in common: a USDA Organic Certification and an uncompromising commitment to quality.

JUNIPER GREEN Organic London Dry Gin

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