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Kkis, karPPi & Himo

Jakobsen Designs | 0 Comments



Kkis, sweet like a kiss. An innovative design which brings after the rEvolution wine glasses a refreshment on the International design scene. Kkis is the first ice-cream canapé. You will love it! The chocolate, lemon or strawberry flavour? It is up to you how you would like to please your senses. Decorate your table with the tasty design.

KKIS, KARPPI & HIMO Jakobson Designs

KKIS, KARPPI & HIMO Jakobson Designs

KKIS, KARPPI & HIMO Jakobson Designs

karPPi & Himo

Decanter and water glass which fit into the rEvolution collection. Attractive organic design resembles the shape of a fish and water drop. It is a perfect harmony between the simplicity and purity. Like a fish needs water to live – a man needs to drink. KarPPi & himo is your new philosophy.

KKIS, KARPPI & HIMO Jakobson Designs

KKIS, KARPPI & HIMO Jakobson Designs

Buy Kkis and karPPi & Himo from Mojooshop

About Martin Jakobsen

Martin Jakobsen was born in 1987 in Slovakia. Today he is living in the Czech Republic where he is studying at the Technical University of Liberec - department of design. In 2010 he founded his studio "Jakobsen Design" in the CZ. He collaborates with artists and craftsmen of various specializations. His work is mainly influenced by minimalism and a penchant for finding innovative solutions. Due to his closeness to fashion, he cooperates with fashion designers. Brand philosophy is based on detailed work in terms of creating a simple, yet functional and aesthetic design. Martin Jakobsen was nominated for the Elle Decoration International Design Award in 2011.

About Mojoo

Mojoo is a Danish design and manufacturing enterprise producing elegant and subtle designs that – with their understated simplicity – capture the Scandinavian spirit. Mojoo represents the following well-recognized Danish designers: Sofie Refer, Erik Magnussen, Martin Jakobsen, Tina Lofstad and Rikke Jakobsen. Their collection is versatile, with pieces ranging from delicate platters, cups and bowls in fine bone china to mouth-blown glasses and trays made of lacquerware.

REVOLUTION GLASS New Trend In Drinking

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