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Green is the color of nature. Green is the color of health. And green is the color of hemp. Coincidence? Unlikely!

Why Choose Hemp Food?

Hemp is a great choice for anyone looking to add essential omegas and extra protein into their daily diet. Hemp foods are vegetarian and vegan friendly. They are not genetically modified, but ARE kosher certified, pesticide free and some are also organic.

Hemp has many benefits both physically and mentally and the comments we hear about the difference hemp has made in people’s lives is overwhelming!

Benefits Include:


Hemp contains all 10 essential amino acids and is vegan friendly! It’s also easy to digest as hemp easily assimulates into your body.

Good Fats Galore!

Hemp is a rich and balanced source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 including the rare form of GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid). GLA has been shown to help maintain heart health, healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels and aid in hormonal balance. The essential fatty acids (EFAs) in hemp are both short and long chain making for a broader spectrum and working together to ensure your body has an effective metabolism. According the World Health Organization the ideal ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 is 4:1. Hemp has a ratio of 3.75:1.
Stacked With Other Nutrients

• Chlorophyll and Vitamin E.
• Important B vitamins.
• Folic acid (important for women who are trying or may become pregnant)
• Phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and calcium, which are involved in energy metabolism, protein and bone synthesis.*

*2009 study done by Kelly Fitzpatrick

About Manitoba Harvest: Quality From Seed To Shelf

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils is the only vertically integrated hemp food company in the world. We control every aspect of the process from the farm gate to end packaging. What this means to you is, added peace of mind knowing that you can trust exactly where your food is coming from.

Manitoba Harvest

Other quick facts about Manitoba Harvest:

• We partner with hemp farmers, many of which are also company shareholders, to source the raw hemp seed.
• We make our products fresh daily at our 20,000sq ft. state-of-the art kosher & organic-certified facility.
• We use natural, organic, and fair-traded ingredients.
• We work with Renewable Choice Energy to offset 100% of our production facility’s electricity with renewable energy credits (RECs). Our natural gas usage is counteracted with carbon offsets. And in our offices, we use energy efficient lighting & heating and recycled paper products.

When you choose Manitoba Harvest products, you can be assured of quality and environmentally conscious business practices. We are proud of what we do and want you to feel good supporting us.

Manitoba Harvest Products

Hemp Hearts

Hemp Hearts

Change the way you live, one sprinkle at a time!

These tiny Hemp Hearts pack a powerful punch of protein, omegas and fiber. Not only are Hemp Hearts easy to incorporate into any meal, they taste delicious too! Did you know Dr. Oz even refers to Hemp Hearts as ‘Brain Food’?

Our hemp hearts are a raw, vegan-friendly, whole food that contains no additives or preservatives! Manitoba Harvest only sources seed that has not been genetically modified.

Are you eating clean? Only cooking with minimal ingredients? Or looking for a way to add EFAs, protein & omega-3 & omega-6 into your diet? Then try a bag today, you won’t be disappointed.

Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil

Maintain your health, live clean, live green!

Manitoba Harvest hemp oil is one of nature’s richest ways to reap the EFA benefits of hemp! Rich in rare omegas and chlorophyll, you’ll notice a difference that just 1-2 tablespoons a day can make.

Hemp oil is a raw, vegan-friendly, whole food that contains no additives or preservatives! Manitoba Harvest hemp oil is cold pressed from non-genetically modified hemp seed.


Hemp seed butter

Hemp Butter

Make a Simple Switch, Live Without Nuts!

Hemp Butter is a safe and nutritious alternative to nut butters. In fact, it’s half the carbs, lower in fat and higher in protein than both peanut and almond butter. Rich in protein and omegas, hemp butter contains no added preservatives or artificial flavors.

Containing only hemp seed and hemp oil, hemp butter is an all-natural, raw, nutrient dense super food!


hemp protein

Hemp Protein Powder

Excel in all that you do with an all natural, easy-to-digest, plant-based protein. Kick start your day, use as mid-day fuel, or incorporate into your pre or post workout regime to help your body replenish.

Manitoba Harvest offers five different protein powders; HEMP PRO 70, HEMP PRO 50, our Certified Organic HEMP PRO FIBER and our Organic flavored hemp protein powders in dark chocolate and vanilla.

Each of these protein powders have 10 essential amino acids and are rich in essential fatty acids (omegas).

Social Responsibility

Supporting sustainability is not just our goal, but our responsibility which we take very seriously. To us sustainability encompasses environmental, social and economic issues.

Manitoba Harvest Supports Renewable Energy

Manitoba Harvest

We have partnered with Renewable Choice to support the development of wind power projects and to take responsibility for our environmental impact. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils has offset the conventional electricity use of our 20,000 sq foot state-of-the art kosher and organic certified facility, by purchasing renewable energy credits (RECs).

RECs are produced by wind farms, biomass facilities and other renewable energy projects. They provide companies and consumers a way to invest in renewable energy development and offset their electricity use with wind-powered and other renewable energy projects without having an on-site installation.

By purchasing RECs, we are guaranteed that the electricity we use is replaced on the national power grid with electricity generated from renewable energy sources.

Our Commitment To Reduce Our Environmental Impact

By taking steps to conserve the electricity we use and reduce our environmental impact by purchasing RECS,  our commitment has an impact similar to:

• Planting 1,009 mature trees
• Not driving 272,449 miles in an average car

For more information about Renewable Choice Energy Credits visit their website.

Other Environmentally Conscious Actions in the Office

Manitoba Harvest

Manitoba Harvest’s packaging is made from recyclable and/or reusable materials. Marketing materials and business correspondence is printed on recycled paper.

In our office, we recycle, reuse, and reduce as a daily practice. Office paper, cardboard, cans, bottles, plastics and other materials are salvaged or recycled. We use real dishes and wash them instead of using paper or plastic. Cleaning products are natural, bio-degradable and are approved for use within certified organic facilities.

We support sustainable agriculture by endorsing environmentally-friendly, non-intrusive farming practices. Manitoba Harvest partners directly with farmers, fostering education on organic hemp production and encouraging more hemp to be grown. These farmers are savvy business people and “guardians” of some of the best hemp farming land around. Many of them are also company shareholders so they have a say in our operations and ultimately we are accountable to them.

Educating the public on hemp and healthy lifestyle choices is part of our mission. Our staff donates their personal time to share their knowledge with the community and participates in numerous local charities. Our President and Co-Founder is also President of the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance, sharing his experiences and helping to advance the hemp industry as a whole.

At Manitoba Harvest fiscal responsibility is a part of our definition of sustainability. Financial statements are presented to Shareholders Annually, and finances are routinely audited by third-party firms. Being economically viable is crucial for helping to build the industry and to continue providing the highest quality hemp foods to our customers.

Manitoba Harvest

Some FAQs

What are the differences between hemp and marijuana?
The most important difference is that hemp will NOT cause a psychoactive effect. Consuming hemp is completely legal. As well, hemp has thousands of uses from food, clothing, paper, beauty products to insulation.

Will I get high from consuming hemp?
No. Manitoba Harvest™ products contain 0.001% Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and will NOT cause a psychoactive effect nor will our products cause a false positive drug test.

Is hemp safe for pregnant women?
Yes. Hemp contains numerous nutritional benefits so is a great additional to expectant mothers’ diets.

Is hemp safe for young children?
Yes. For babies it is advised that a baby’s weight should be considered when determining serving sizes.

Is hemp safe for animals to consume?
Yes. Customers have reported that feeding small doses of hemp oil has improved the shine & health of their pet’s coat. Remember to consider the animal’s size (weight) when determining serving size.

How does hemp compare to other food groups like flax?
1. Broader omegas (Omega-3 and Omega-6, including the rare form of GLA)
2. Non-GMO
3. More Protein in hemp

Are hemp seeds healthier than others?
Check out what the Nutritionists from Self Magazine Willow Jarosh, R.D and Stephanie Clarke, R.D had to say in the July 2011 magazine.

Will I fail a urinalysis test if I eat Manitoba Harvest products?
No. As stated above, Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils have 0.001% THC so eating them will not cause a false positive on a urinalysis test. We are members of test pledge. More information can be found at

Manitoba Harvest

Hemp History

4500 B.C - Hemp was used in China for ropes and fishing nets. Later it was also used for paper, cloth, food, and oil.
1776 - The Declaration of Independence draft was written on paper made from hemp.
1791 - George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew hemp.
1928 - The Canadian House of Commons encouraged the growth of hemp with historical evidence that it was the right crop for the western provinces.
1941 - Henry Ford developed a car that ran on Hemp Ethanol fuel and the doors were even made of hemp fiber as the plant was 4x stronger than metal.
1957 - Last time the United States grew hemp.
1994 - With special licensing, Manitoba Harvest Co-Founder Martin Moravcik worked with local Manitoba government and farmers to plant the first ‘hemp trial’ field in modern times.
1998 - Hemp was legalized in Canada and Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils was born.
1999 - North Dakota, Minnesota, and Hawaii legalized the growing of industrial hemp at state level. Other states are urging the federal government to allow it. The USA is the world’s largest importer of industrial hemp products but cannot grow hemp because of a federal ban.
Today - 17 states are legal to grow hemp at state level; however, there is a federal law against it. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils still continues to be the largest farmer owned, vertically integrated hemp food manufacturer on the plant. We are proud to be offering the freshest and highest quality staple hemp food products in the world.

Manitoba Harvest

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