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Anjum Anand


Last month, Anjum Anand, the TV Chef and cookery writer unveiled her new brand ‘The Spice Tailor’. The Spice Tailor is a collection of seven authentic Indian sauces, specially developed by Anjum to deliver restaurant quality dishes enabling consumers to fill a gap in the market for those who enjoy fine Indian food, but lack the time to cook from scratch.

The Spice Tailor represents a new concept in packaging and a new approach in the home cook sauces market. It also presents a brand new take on home-made Indian food, emphasizing modernity and vibrancy and initiating a reassessment of the category as a whole.

Indian food is passionately loved in the UK. However, although some brands have tried to modernize how we cook and eat Indian Food, it still lacks behind the advancement of other ethnic foods, which have been modernized through the demystifying of recipes. In a sense, it is the British love of Indian food and its staple part in British culture that has kept it from moving forward. Its exotic mysticism and the perceived idea that it is complicated to make from scratch makes it more indulgent.

Indian food is full of associations and expectations that have prevented it from being seen as a competitor for the everyday.

Indian home cooking sauce brands have fundamentally been hugely traditional, with heavy ornate visual aesthetics that show authenticity, for example Aniah Patak and her family.  Or, the more simple and less daunting Indian home cook brands often mean that visually, the design is less authentic, and more synthetic, or western, for example Lloyd Grossman, Seeds of Change and Tesco’s finest home cook Indian brands.


The Modern Food Context

Since the advent of manufacturing in the 70’s we have become increasingly distanced from our food in the West. As a result, we now crave intimacy and a feeling of true connection with our food. Indian food is no different, suffering from a lack of connection with consumers through people in the west simply not understanding its true potential or its authentic truth. However, the right design allows brands to close that sense of distance, giving us back a visceral relationship with what we consume. Design that is authentic and that seduces whilst also arming people with knowledge that gives confidence can bring back that connection.

The Spice Tailor


The new design for The Spice Tailor challenges the traditional visual aesthetic of Indian home cook brands, connecting to the brands Indian authenticity, but in a completely fresh, modern way. The new style of packaging for the sector consists of three transparent ingredient pouches that keeps the product looking fresh and delicious and reflects the three easy steps to cook an authentic Indian meal in just 10 minutes.  The design for the Spice Tailor challenges this, transparently showing Indian food in a different light. The design reinforces its diversity and excitement but in an accessible way. Showing that Indian food can be healthy, easy, and exciting for everyday.


Natalie Chung, Pearlfisher Creative Director, says: “The bold identity is based on an Indian motif expressed in a modern way: it gives the brand authentic authority but contemporary relevance.”

The Spice Tailors design reinforces its core brand truth. New and modern Indian Food that is a natural contender for the everyday and that represents a shift in how Indian food traditionally has been perceived. It is totally authentic and totally modern.


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