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Food is experiencing a creative renaissance. Signifying the new direction of culinary experience, its inspirations and subversions all open up new worlds to bring our ultimate food fantasies to life.

The latest in design, culture and science, molecular gastronomy and innovative environments are giving life to the radical visions of chefs, artisans and connoisseurs around the world. This is experimental food at its most exciting, bringing us totally new expressions and experiences.

Through these radical new perspectives - vivid colours, contrasting tastes and unexpected textures -our senses are taken to the extreme. We see food spray painted gold at The Deli Garage and edible utensils from Poilâne. From Lola’s to Cox Cookies and Cake, Lili Vanilli to Sweet Couture and Parisian Pâtisserie des Rêves creates dreamlike pastries that explore the finest in skilled handcrafting and design.

The cult of the cupcake has been a huge part of this movement towards food escapism, bringing us a fairytale array of taste combinations and visceral design. In the drinks arena Hendricks Ginhas also welcomed us to their ‘Curiositorium’ whilst the Barcardi Mojito laboratory allows drinkers to experiment with beautifully inventive cocktails. We can now choose to explore in the most individual and whimsical of ways.

PEARLFISHER Food’s Creative Renaissance

PEARLFISHER Food’s Creative RenaissanceThe worlds of food and fashion are both driven by this level of high fantasy and the same seasonal change and we are now seeing them partner in innovations that bring them closer together, from Heidi Klum dripping in chocolate for photographer Rankin to Stella McCartney’s citrus inspired collection spring/summer advertising. Chef Pierre Gagnaire drew his inspiration from springtime catwalks, to create an afternoon tea to accompany the 2012 Royal Academy exhibition “Aware: Art, Fashion, Identity” and Another Magazine commissioned a celebratory 10th birthday cake and the fashion community responded with stunning creations from Vivienne Westwood, Karl Lagerfeld, the milliner Philip Treacy and over one thousand suspended silver leaf marshmallows from Calvin Klein.

Brand collaborations include Louboutin’s champagne flute heel for Piper Hiedsieck Brut Cuvée and this year and Laudrée’s launch of its line in cosmetics entitled Merveilleuses de Laudrée from the colours and luxury of its macaroons and pastries.

Visually stimulating and beautifully crafted, food and fashion are interlinking worlds, each drawing inspiration from the other and playing on the extremes of experimentation.

PEARLFISHER Food’s Creative Renaissance

And it’s not just high fashion and bespoke baking that will have rights to this creativity in cuisine. In our own lives we have been led to try more, look further and think about food in fresh and playful ways.  Through new environments and atmospheres, we have new aspirations and desires towards food, and an elevated expectation of the everyday. In this Hansel and Gretel world, every cultural expression, scientific development, piece of art or ground breaking design is a point of reference and a spark of inspiration, inviting us to discover, explore and enjoy a newer, brighter and bolder experience of food.

PEARLFISHER Food’s Creative Renaissance