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Contributed by Yael Alaton, Strategy Director, Pearlfisher

PEARLFISHER FEATURE Celebration To PerfectionThe world of food has undergone tremendous change in the last few years. Across all food and drink categories we are seeing a transformation from the processed and functional to the natural and emotional.

Design is at the heart of this change and it is the living embodiment of a global culture bursting with new ideas, brands and expressions.

An Olympic year always brings up the question 'Where next?'  A time for idealism, both for collective aspirations and individual achievements, the Olympics pushes us to the next level. This year, when we see the world's most talented athletes set new records with awe-inspiring brilliance and excellence, once again we will be reminded of the unlimited potential of the human body with greater desire to optimise our own.

The food revolution we have experienced so far has been about understanding and appreciating what we consume.

Food and health have become inextricably linked; brands have capitalised on this by becoming more expressive about their benefits with stronger identities and more connected stories. The next level in branding will be all about making our food and drink even more central to the way we live - a complete lifestyle where our relationship with food is entirely personal and liberating.  

We are already seeing this happen with pioneering brands expressing the powers and pleasures of food. Waitrose LOVE LIFE is a great brand embracing the idea of getting more nutrition and enjoyment from a rich variety of foods. It challenges the current expressions of healthy food, creating a naturally vibrant world full of colour and energy and celebrating the inherent beauty of food. Another forward-looking brand, the Food Doctor, uses bold, iconic design to bring its nutrition expertise to everyone, enlightening us on how food works with our body and inspiring us to eat in line with our biology.

PEARLFISHER FEATURE Celebration To Perfection

Around the world, brands are breathing new life into food and drink with fresh expressions and visceral experiences. Globus Organics in Switzerland has a distinctly expressive yet simple signature style running across its diverse portfolio of products where each item is full of character. Froosh in Scandinavia uses design as communication to maximise the impact of its message 'fruit: bottled'. EATALY, with its many locations around the world including the latest one in New York City, is a feast for all the senses - an immersive world of all kinds of Italian products of the greatest kind.

PEARLFISHER FEATURE Celebration To Perfection

In the future, we will want our food and drink to do more for us - to empower our bodies, to heighten our abilities and to fulfill our potential. We will go well beyond healthy foods and functional offers to a new way of eating that will help us reach for our individual best. We will not only enjoy our food but also fully harness its possibilities.

As designers, we see a great future for bold new expressions that create a sense of celebration as well as perfection. Our opportunity will be to clarify and amplify brand ideas, pushing the limits and setting the language and aesthetic of the future.

PEARLFISHER FEATURE Celebration To Perfection

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