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Limited Edition food and drink brands are nothing new. Creating a Limited Edition offers food and drink brands a moment of liberation, a moment when they can free themselves from their everyday expression so that they can re-connect with consumers in a completely fresh way. The creation of a Limited Edition can offer fantastic brand opportunities. When done right, a Limited Edition can completely re-ignite people's passion and love for a brand. But how and what is it that really makes a Limited Edition successful? 

In past times, brand Limited Editions were truly exciting. They were seen as deeply special and there were limited numbers of them – so you just had to have one. However, today the Limited Edition market is huge and is full to the brim with different takes on the idea. We see brand collaborations where brands get mutual benefit from one and other, we see brands being re-interpreted by others, we see brand extensions and additions to bring in added value. The limited edition concept has become proliferated and diluted with a array of variations on the theme. 

We have seen A Orangina LTD use the lyrics of Alanis Morisette to bring to life the phrase C'est La Vie. Isn't this a little odd? Similarly, why are Krispy Creme doing Limited Edition natural flip flops? It seems that now limited edition is not necessarily limited at all. Beauty is being put before meaning, otherwise it feels too safe or like a gimmick. 

Pearlfisher InsightLimited Editions should create a pace changing opportunity for a brand. They should change consumers’ perceptions, they should re-affirm a brands right to be there and enrich our relationships with the brands we love. Limited Editions need to be reformed to their former glory. The opportunity for brands lies in re-capturing the feeling of true specialness and making sure that the brands’ integrity is maintained in a truly meaningful way. The Limited Edition should be an intense experience where the very best of your brand is released and tasted, heightened and celebrated. It needs to strengthen your deep authenticity and have truth, credibility, and an instinctive brand synergy. 

The best Limited Editions are totally addictive and create true desire that makes everyone want to be a part of. The best Limited Editions are when brands are at their most intense and inspired. They are being at their most experimental and so also the most pure and true. Limited Editions when done best should liberate your brand, pushing boundaries and inspiring us with a celebration of beliefs. 

When Verve Clicquot and Porsche collaborate it excites and tempts us with Verve's future aspirations. When Marmite launched their limited edition extra strength it made us feel truly special and made us value the unique and valuable relationship that marmite lovers have with the brand. When Heineken launched their glow in the dark bottle we saw them pushing the boundaries for us. When Jose Cuervo launched a Limited Edition bottle that you can only buy on the site in Mexico where it is made, it was like they were taking us to their very core, giving us a most precious version of themselves. 

To truly liberate your Limited Edition, brands must be at their most inspired and experimental – creating a true celebration of themselves. Courvoisier knew this when they created the Courvoisier Architectural Punch Bowl Experience with Bompass and Parr. A huge lake full of Courvoisier cocktail for people to float across, dipping their glasses into!

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