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Pentawards 2011


About Pentawards

Pentawards is the first and only worldwide competition exclusively devoted to packaging design in all its forms. It is open to everybody in all countries who are associated with the creation and marketing of packaging. The winners will receive bronze, silver, gold, platinum or diamond Pentawards according to the creative quality of their work.

Packaging design from the world over created or brought out in 2010/11 was judged by a likewise international jury who selected the winners in accordance with the creative quality of the work submitted.

Apart from prize-giving, Pentawards’ mission is the promotion of packaging design with companies, the press, the economic and political authorities and the public in general, throughout the world.


Top Pentawards Winners 2011


Ramlösa premium PET* bottle designed by NINE, Sweden


The Swedish mineral water Ramlösa was facing some real challenges in the beginning of 2010, with an iconic premium bottle shape in glass that was much too heavy for transport and with too high costs in terms of production and environmental impact.  The obvious choice was to design a new bottle in PET, but would high-end customers accept a premium product served in a plastic bottle?

The producer Carlsberg Sweden gave design – and innovation agency NINE the task of designing a new bottle for the premium version of Ramlösa, in the more environmentally friendly material PET.

Please find the intriguing story of the old Swedish brand Ramlösa, as well as the challenging task to develop a new packaging format that changes the perception of PET as possible premium material, below.

The main challenge for Nine Design and Innovation Agency:

Investigate and identify a design solution for Ramlösa PET that conveys premium quality and can change the perception of PET as an ordinary material which customers have today.

Environmental gains with new bottle!

The transported packaging weight was immediately reduced by approximately 90% for bottles, which resulted in lighter and faster transportation.  The transportation of empty glass bottles from England was discontinued.

The production of PET uses approximately 65% less carbon dioxide than glass, which is a direct environmental improvement for the new packaging format.

The Ramlösa History


Ramlösa is a natural mineral water, originating from the ancient spring Ramlösa Hälsobrunn in the southern part of Sweden.

The spring was found by a German physician named Johan Jakob Döbelius, who arrived in Sweden by accident at the beginning of the 18th century. Döbelius’ original destination was England, but due to extreme weather the ship stopped in Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast. Döbelius remained in Sweden as a district medical officer and spread the word widely about Ramlösa’s unique water while traveling.

In a brochure from the time he described the phenomenon of the water, which was said to be able to cure everything from dizziness to scurvy. Even before Döbelius, Ramlösa Hälsobrunn was well-known for its nutritional water. Soldiers with iron deficiency often came there to drink the water.

“The successful launch of Ramlösa in a unique premium PET bottle has increased the number of our customers by 16%, and the more environmentally friendly packaging has been an important step in our CSR work.” – Paul Davies, Marketing Director, Carlsberg Sweden.

In addition to the Diamond Pentaward trophy, NINE received the amazing EskoArtwork Suite 10 software, one of the most powerful design and visualisation programs, worth €5,000.

Brand: Ramlösa

Entrant: NINE

Country: SWEDEN



Heineken STR bottle by dBOD

Heineken launched the new STR Bottle in New York and Los Angeles. dBOD used state-of-the-art techniques to create a spectacular surprise revealed by UV light. We applied this cutting-edge technique on a new aluminium bottle for Heineken, which was introduced in nightclubs. The trendy, minimalist design on the aluminium bottle emphasises the broad position that Heineken occupies.

“The bottle was inspired by dark nightclubs which have black lights to light up the dance floor. With light shining through the new Heineken bottle, it suddenly illuminates and reveals hidden stars and other squiggly designs. Drinking a Heineken never looked so cool!

Through the use of groundbreaking UV ink technology, the STR bottle brings a new level of excitement in the world’s top nightlife venues. When exposed to UV black light, hidden ink suddenly flares up on the bottle surface and reveals a bright-glowing design: an enticing experience for an exclusive audience. The design shows an intricate pattern of stars and trails, visible around the bottle base and in the large centre star.” said Sven David Kuipers, marketing manager at dBOD.

The STR bottle has launched succesfully in 40 markets so far and has become the ultimate must have bottle in exclusive nightclubs around the world. In addition, the STR bottle received lots of attention in the press.

Brand: Heineken – STR bottle

Entrant: dBOD



Panda Liquorice by Cowan Design


The Panda brand was established in Finland in 1927 and has been in the UK for 25 years, predominantly in the health food area. With the growth of competitive traditional soft liquorice brands in the multiples, the brand wished to launch two traditional soft sku’s, Original Black and Raspberry. Targeted at traditional liquorice lovers, foodies who are often older, and younger adult sweet buyers alike, the brand needed to create a visual language that would differentiate from its health food offering and work in the mainstream market. It needed to stand out from the crowd, communicate softness and heritage and appeal to a wide group.

The immediate competition is a mix of ‘traditional’ brands and the more mainstream sweetie players. Cowan was wanted to evoke emotion – but reinterpret ‘old fashioned’ as ‘nostalgia.’ Taking ‘soft spot for nostalgia’ as our core thought, Cowan created a more emotive and appealing brand that would have broad appeal. Their key visual equity, beyond the logo, was the Panda bear. Cowan set about giving him a personality and a role. As pandas evoke the ‘ahh’ factor, are long associated in the memory, emotive and ‘soft’, the solution was to literally make him the face of the brand. This gives a strong, differentiated look, which has great shelf standout, yet the pack itself conveys softness, even an innocence for simpler times.

Brand: Panda Liquorice

Entrant: Cowan

Country: UK



Gold Pentaward 2011 Beverages - Water

Brand: Seryab

Entrant: R2H (UK) Ltd

Country: RUSSIA



Gold Pentaward 2011 Beverages - Soft drinks & juices

Brand: Hoogesteger – Fresh Fruit Juice

Entrant: Design Bridge Ltd

Country: UK



Gold Pentaward 2011 – Beverages Coffee & Tea – RTD

Brand: Paris Baguette – Cheeky

Entrant: Karim Rashid Studio

Country: USA



Gold Pentaward 2011 Beverages - Coffee & tea (dry and capsules)

Brand: Level Ground Trading

Entrant: Subplot Design

Country: CANADA



Gold Pentaward 2011 Beverages - Functional beverages

Brand: Gize+ – Pineapple-Coconut

Entrant: C.M.W Canadian Mineral Water Development S.A.




Gold Pentaward 2011 Beverages - Beer, cider and low alcohol

Brand: Monteiths – Single Source

Entrant: Designworks




Gold Pentaward 2011 Beverages - Wines

Brand: Blasted Church Vineyards

Entrant: Brandever

Country: CANADA



Gold Pentaward 2011 Beverages - Wines

Brand: 10 Euros and Good! – Crisis Box, Climate Box, Inflation Box

Entrant: Ruska, Martin, Associates GmbH

Country: GERMANY



Gold Pentaward 2011 Beverages - Spirits

Brand: Berry Brothers & Rudd – No.3

Entrant: Brandhouse

Country: UK



Gold Pentaward 2011Beverages - Ltd editions, ltd series, collectors

Brand: The Coca-Cola Company North America – Coca-Cola Summer 2010 Packaging

Entrant: Turner Duckworth (London & San Francisco)

Country: USA



Gold Pentaward 2011Beverages - Distributors/Retailers own brands

Brand: Vero

Entrant: equator

Country: USA



Gold Pentaward 2011Beverages - Self promotion

Brand: Christmas Absinthe 2010

Entrant: Stranger and Stranger

Country: UK



Gold Pentaward 2011 Beverages - Self promotion

Brand: Stocking Filler Christmas Wine

Entrant: Cowan




Gold Pentaward 2011 Food - Cereals

Brand: Rice Garden

Entrant: Victor Branding Design Corp.

Country: TAIWAN



Gold Pentaward 2011 Food - Dairy products

Brand: Aso milk

Entrant: Ohesono design works

Country: JAPAN



Gold Pentaward 2011 Food - Spices, oils and sauces

Brand: Bob’s Bitters

Entrant: Elmwood

Country: UK



Gold Pentaward 2011 Food - Fish, meat, poultry

Brand: Jens Eide

Entrant: Strömme Throndsen Design

Country: NORWAY



Gold Pentaward 2011 Food - Soups, ready-to-eat dishes

Brand: Quick – Restaurants

Entrant: Black and Gold

Country: FRANCE



Gold Pentaward 2011 Food - Confectionery and sweet snacks

Brand: Nabisco – SnackWell’s

Entrant: Davis

Country: CANADA



Gold Pentaward 2011 Food - Pastry, biscuits, ice-cream, desserts, sugar

Brand: La Luna – Goat Ice Cream

Entrant: Baruch Nae creative branding ltd

Country: ISRAEL



Gold Pentaward 2011 Food - Ltd editions, ltd series, collectors

Brand: Ritter Sport

Entrant: Roman Klis Design GmbH

Country: GERMANY



Gold Pentaward 2011 Food - Distributors/Retailers own brands

Brand: Waitrose Regional Pizzas

Entrant: Turner Duckworth (London & San Francisco)

Country: UK



Gold Pentaward 2011 Other markets - Home improvement

Brand: Hampi Products – Natural Tableware

Entrant: Brandnew.Design




Gold Pentaward 2011 Other markets - B2B products

Brand: O-I Vortex Bottle

Entrant: O-I North America Glass

Country: USA



Gold Pentaward 2011 Other markets - Miscellaneous

Brand: Staufen Foundation

Entrant: identis GmbH

Country: GERMANY



Gold Pentaward 2011 Luxury - Spirits

Brand: Pernod Ricard – Royal Salute – 62 Gun Salute

Entrant: Coley Porter Bell

Country: UK



Gold Pentaward 2011 Luxury - Fine wines & champagne

Brand: Blink – Brut sparkling wine

Entrant: beetroot

Country: GREECE



Gold Pentaward 2011 Luxury - Casks, Cases, Gift boxes, Ice buckets,…

Brand: Ciroc – Ice Bucket

Entrant: QSLD Paris

Country: FRANCE



Gold Pentaward 2011 Luxury - Gourmet food

Brand: Trata on ice – by Konva

Entrant: beetroot

Country: GREECE



Gold Pentaward 2011 Luxury - Ltd editions, ltd series, collectors

Brand: Bombay Sapphire – 250-year anniversary bottle

Entrant: Webb deVlam

Country: USA

Sleever International special prize

For the third time, Sleever International, precursor and world leader in the sleeve concept, presented a special prize for the most remarkable creation of limited series, collectors, at the Pentawards 2011. This prize, valued at €5,000, went to a creation of the Anglo-American agency Webb deVlam for the superb and prestigious bottle of Bombay Sapphire (Bacardi) produced on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the brand.

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PENTAWARDS Winners 2011

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