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RAW COLOR Selected F&B Works

A series of photography created as a reaction of the earlier research done on the color cards. This is a further examination on the visual structure of the vegetables. It also illustrate the mixing ratio of the color card research.


RAW COLOR Selected F&B WorksRaw Color is a collaboration of the Designers Christoph Brach and Daniera ter Haar. Their work reflects a sophisticated treatment of material by mixing the fields of photography and graphic design. This is embodied through research and experiments building a visual language. In their Eindhoven based studio they are working on self initiated and commissioned projects. They graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2007 and started the studio in 2008.

In their work there is a desire to conduct a primary research, filtering the essence of all aspects of the design process. Driven by curiosity they are questioning the meaning of the subject they are working on. For example, challenging the production process, creating ink from vegetables or transforming materials by placing it into another context.

Within these aspects the materialization of colour plays a key role, and can be seen as the core of the studio. Their projects are mainly commissioned by the cultural and design related field. Philips future research department 'Design Probes', art publisher and platform 'Onomatopee', fashion label 'Ontour' to the interior architectural company Merkx+Girod are among their clients. For the academic year 2011/12 Raw Color is appointed as visiting teacher at the Design Academy Eindhoven.

Besides their commissioned assignments the studio works on self initiated projects. Both have been recognized and showcased national and international, for instance: Museum of Applied Art Frankfurt - D, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam - NL, Designhuis Eindhoven - NL, Otrascosas de Villarrosàs Barcelona - ES, Gallery S. Bensimon Paris - FR, Salone del Mobile Milano - IT. 

Raw Color is recently awarded for the 'Best Dutch Book designs 2010' and was also shortlisted among the top 55 of 'Best Book Designs from all over the world Leipzig 2011' with the Nest series created for Onomatopee.

By experimenting and trusting on their intuition Raw Color has created a design language that is verbally direct, energetic and recognizable, stretching the borders and definition of design.



Eindhoven-based design duo Raw Color toasted the opening of Martin Creed’s grand overhaul of London’s Sketch restaurant with graphic still lifes dedicated to the restaurant’s new menu. The Turner Prize winning artist's takeover saw him entirely revamp Sketch's interiors, hanging his large-scale paintings along the walls and hand-picking each individual table, chair and piece of cutlery, as well as contributing in the kitchen. Sketch co-founder and Michelin-starred chef Pierre Gagnaire conceived two playfully named dishes dedicated to the conceptual artist––“Navet Martin Creed” and “Dundee Pinky”. Raw Color concocted their Irving Penn-esque visions from each dish's disassembled ingredients, including black olive jelly, squid ink and parmesan cream. “The cooking side of the project was harder to translate into our own visual language,” says Christoph Brach, one half of Raw Color with Daniera ter Haar. “But looking at Creed and his approach to projects, how he organizes things, stacking from big to small, we knew we could take the ingredients and do something similar with them.”

This photo series was commissioned by the London based website 'Nowness'. Each day, Nowness showcases an exclusive premiere of the most inspiring stories influencing contemporary culture and global lifestyle, previewing the latest in fashion, gastronomy, art, film, music, and design.

RAW COLOR Selected F&B Works

RAW COLOR Selected F&B Works

RAW COLOR Selected F&B Works


Liquid Palette

What is the nature of a colour and what is the connection to its physical state? Based on the ongoing research of deriving pigments from vegetables, the aim was to showcase the liquid condition of the colour before it is fixated to the medium of paper or textile. Compared to its solid condition, transparencies and volumes suddenly play an important role.

Presented in a cabinet the 130 preserved containers expose pure and mixed shades of different vegetables and different mixing ratios. This project was developed for the exhibition Dutch Domestics at the Museum für Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt. Initiated by the European Central Bank, each year the cultural days are taking place in Frankfurt, spotlighting a countries cultural diversity. Curator Arne Hendriks asked us to be part of Dutch Domestics, an exhibition showcasing a research driven movement among young dutch designers. We were thrilled to be part of that group.

RAW COLOR Selected F&B Works

Colour Stills – Sight Unseen

A series of still life's that tries to capture the characteristics and associations of certain color shades. For example, reddish is represented as tensed, explosive and dynamic, skin shades are shown by softness and purity. The used objects are part of our inspiration archive that is permanently growing through the years. We created the images for the New York based online design magazine 'Sight Unseen'. After their studio visit and a long chat with Jill and Monica, we decided to make a photoseries that visualises our approach and fascination about colours, materials and their character.

RAW COLOR Selected F&B Works


Stuffed - Peep

This photo-series is playing with the perception of stuffed birds. The written word is a reference to the former voice text of every bird, the peeping. In Ornithology (the study of birds) this is specified by each bird species. These animals being exposed to the camera are now nothing more than an image of themselves, they are no longer flying or whistling. Via a mix of colours, letters and birds evolves an image from universal language. Our starting point was the historical collection stuffed animals from MEC in Eindhoven. 'Peep' is presented at the exhibition 'Stuffed' during the Dutch Design Week 2008, were all the participating designers are inspired from the stuffed animals, translated into their own designs. After this exhibition 'Stuffed' went on tour and was on show at Salone del Mobile, Milano 2009 and at the NAI, Maastricht 2009.

RAW COLOR Selected F&B Works

RAW COLOR Selected F&B Works