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The Bar With No Name

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THE BAR WITH NO NAME Mixology MasterclassesOur Masterclasses, personally devised by Tony Conigliaro are held at 69 Colebrooke Row and offered as both public or private forums. Unless otherwise stated they run from 2pm til 4pm. The cost is £40 per person.

Each class, though informative and inspirational is also informal, open, interactive and hands-on with a Q&A encouraged throughout. Guests will be supplied with a list of cocktails and the recipes for each.

All supplies will be provided as well as the opportunity to mix the drinks themselves and enjoy them among the group.

If you are interested in attending, please send an email with your details to:

Places are limited (a maximum of 20 people) so we advise that you book early.

Book Masterclasses online now by clicking here.

About The Bar With No Name

The brains and the brawn – the hustle and the muscle… What lies behind the bar with no name at 69 Colebrooke Row? Who are we?

THE BAR WITH NO NAME Mixology Masterclasses

Tony Conigliaro

Tony Conigliaro is widely acknowledged as one of the UK’s pioneering drinks creators, and is continually working to break the boundaries surrounding drinking experiences. Having worked as a bartender for many years in places such as Isola and Shochu Lounge in London, Tony began to pay attention to the work of the chefs and incorporated new methods into his cocktail repertoire, resulting in some ground-breaking cocktail menus.

Tony first started to experiment while working on the cocktail lists at Isola in 2001 and has since implemented various radical methods and processes in his drink making.

Having studied art and art history and worked in a fashion house prior to his involvement in drinks, Tony cites a broad spectrum of influences in his work, from bartenders and chefs, to perfumers, scientist, alchemists and designers.

“My influences don’t always come from people – sometimes a movement in cuisine, or a book can affect me. Perfumers for example bring something very new to the equation.”

Tony has helped open and run bars for almost 12yrs in which time he has not only won considerable awards but found the time to write articles, consult, and has been at the vanguard of creating some of London’s most respected drinks.

69 Colebrook Row Camille Hobby-LimonCamille Hobby-Limon

Now well established as a local licensee of note, Ms Hobby-Limon has cut her teeth on a veritable raft of London hostelries

Having shared a friendship and the same passions for years, 69 Colebrooke Row has been the brainchild of Camille and Tony’s now for quite some time and follows on the hugely successful coatstrings of her nearby Charles Lamb Pub.

Who knows to what she’ll turn her highly capable hand next.

THE BAR WITH NO NAME Mixology Masterclasses

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