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The Coffee Gang

The Coffee Gang is Australia’s first Recruitment/Consultancy/Coffee Training centre focusing on 1, 4, 5, 6 day courses and our very popular 2 month advanced barista course.

Our courses are based on 28 years of experience and knowledge and go further by providing consultancy packages for people looking to open their first café or restaurant and offer our novice barista’s the chance to get their first job.

We are also focused on what we call “The Global Training Program” whereby we put together the right structure and systems for the world’s hotels and resorts, offering our 5 day course to help train staff and managers.

We have worked in countries such as Korea and The Fiji Islands helping companies breed some good barista’s and improve the coffee experience overall for their customers.

Hands-on Coffee Training in Sydney

Located in the heart of the CBD, The Coffee Gang is Sydney’s leading Barista School. We offer practical hands-on coffee training with a focus on the practical side of becoming a barista, waiter and wine apprentice. The Coffee Gang is the only Barista School in Australia to also provide training and job referral at the same time.

We offer a wide variety of courses, carefully tailored to provide our students with the skills, experience and most importantly, the confidence they need to begin a fulfilling career in the hospitality industry.

The Coffee Gang

Our Range Of Courses in Sydney

4 Day Barista & Cafe All Rounder

This course is suitable to those looking for a casual job, flexible listings or temporary position and who have no café, bar or restaurant skills. Learn the basics and step right into the job! 12 hours in total!

Barista Certificate will be issued after course

COURSE TIMES:  Monday to Thursday, from 2pm to 5pm

PRICE: $299

1 Day Barista Crash Course

This course is great for:

• People who have had no prior experience with coffee and who are looking at getting the skills to get the job
• People who are competent in one or more aspects of coffee-making but need instruction on the finer aspects of being a barista
• People who want to refresh their coffee making skills
• People who want to get back into the workforce (carers, retirees) or who are just passionate about coffee

Barista Certificate will be issued after course

COURSE TIMES:  Tuesdays 5.00pm to 8.00pm & Saturdays 10am to 1pm

PRICE: $69

The Coffee Gang

5 Day Barista Course Value Pack (2 courses Plus Coffee Roasting Tour)

This course is suitable to those looking for a casual job, flexible listings or temporary position and who have no café, bar or restaurant skills. Learn the basics and step right into the job! 14 hours in total!

Barista Certificate will be issued after course

COURSE TIMES:  Monday to Thursday from 2pm to 5pm & Friday 2pm to 4pm

PRICE: $429

1 Day Latte Art Course

This course is great for Barista’s who have finished the Barista & Cafe Allrounder training course and are looking to move on to the next phase of upping their barista skills. Ideal for barista’s who want to learn the fine art of visual pleasure.

Barista Certificate will be issued after course

COURSE TIMES:  Fridays 2pm to 4pm

PRICE: $89

The Coffee Gang

2 month Advanced Barista & Hospitality Operations

Become a fully qualified and experienced Barista in just 2 months.

The Coffee Gang’s 2 month Advanced Barista & Hospitality Operations Course has only one mission: To help you build the confidence and experience you need to take on any cafe job.

Are you looking to start a career in the café business? Or are you planning to open your very own coffee shop but don’t know where to get the right experience and support? Then this course is for you!

You will receive the Advanced Barista & Hospitality Operations Certificate after your course.

COURSE TIMES:  Varies (please see course page for details)

PRICE: $1,999

TCG’s International Barista Training Program

Over the last decade the Italian coffee culture has swept the world. The market for coffee has grown exponentially and people’s appreciation of coffee has changed considerably. To experience a real caffé that is consistent, smooth and satisfies the most particular pallet will depend on the barista. It is the barista who determines the quantity of coffee, the pressure and water temperature and who ultimately makes a great coffee.

Italian espresso brewing is defined by four ‘M’s:

• Macinazione -  the correct grinding of a coffee blend
• Miscela - the coffee blend itself
• Macchina - the espresso machine
• Mano - the skilled hand of the barista.

With a balanced combination of all 4Ms, the espresso beverage that is produced is the ultimate coffee experience.

The Coffee Gang’s Global Barista Training Program is a specialised training course to help your staff develop the professionalism and skills needed to produce a premium coffee and become an expert barista. Our barista classes are a must for those new to the coffee machine scene as for the experienced operator who wants to fine tune and update their coffee making skills.

The standard course consists of five modules and takes approximately 20 to 25 hours to complete. This includes 14 to 16 hours of practical exercises and hand-on training. The Coffee Gang’s standard course progression is one module per day enabling students to complete the full program within one week.

The Coffee Gang

Our courses are updated to:

Module 1 – Barista Basics: an introduction to all aspects of being a Barista

• Coffee Tasting – understanding the flavor, blend and history of coffee
• The basic operations of a coffee machine
• How to operate and adjust the grinder
• Tampering and extraction time for coffee
• Learning the right technique and temperature for perfecting the milk texture
• Preparing the essential coffee - Caffe Latte, Cappuccino, Macchiato, Mocha…
• Cleaning and equipment maintenance

Module 2 – Opening/closing procedures and working with a multiple coffee system

• Preparing the coffee machine
• Bleeding of machine, checking the flow of coffee, extraction time
• Adjusting the grinder and the texture of the coffee
• Learn the systems of multiple coffee making
• Prepare 2- 4 coffees at a time
• Understanding quantity and handling of equipment in a fast paced environment
• Starting to build speed and efficiency in coffee preparation

Module 3 – Building Speed & Efficiency while working with multiple systems

• Working with a multiple milk systems
• Understanding milk textures and working with full cream/soy/skim/lite milk
• Combining multiple coffee and milk variations to perfect the technique
• Preparing various combinations of coffee orders and being part of the broader
• hospitality/café service team
• Learning the reality of barista work in a café
• Consistency and professionalism in preparation

Module 4 – The Importance of building consistency and speed

• Speed work – preparing two coffees in 1 minute
• Building consistency
• Review of key skills and competencies in becoming a complete café allrounder
• Table service for cafes and restaurants (Optional)

Module 5 – Latte Art

• The importance of milk texture
• How to maintain consistency with textured milk
• How to free-pour your first latte art cup
• Different styles and designs of latte art
• To experiment and discover your own inner creativity


The Coffee Gang

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