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The Court Of Master Sommeliers

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Court Of Master Sommeliers


The Court of Master Sommeliers was established in 1977 to promote excellence in hotel and restaurant beverage service. Though its members worldwide come from diverse backgrounds and experiences, they share a proven mastery of the art, science and history that forms a sommelier’s work.

Courses & Schedules Overview

The title of Master Sommelier is reserved for individuals who successfully complete all four levels of the Court of Master Sommeliers’ educational program.

The Master Sommelier distinction is the only internationally recognized credential for individuals in the beverage sales and service fields.


Court of Master Sommeliers

There are four program levels to becoming a Master Sommelier.

• Level I ($495) is the Introductory Course & Exam which includes a fast paced review for a day and a half with a theory exam at the end of the second day. Those who pass receive a certificate of completion and a pin designating success. Candidates should have been employed in wine service for a minimum of three years, although this is not mandatory to enter the Introductory Course.

• Level II ($295) is the Certified Sommelier Exam, a one-day exam only with no classroom work. Candidates are encouraged to take some time to prepare between the Level I Introductory Course and taking the Level II Certified Exam. In most cities where both the Level I & II are offered, the Certified Exam is a day prior to the Introductory Course as we are targeting the Certified for those candidates who have previously passed the Introductory Course and have had time to prepare.

• Level III ($895) is the Advanced Sommelier Course & Exam

• Level IV ($800) is the Master Sommelier Diploma Exam.

Court Of Master Sommeliers L1

Level I: Introductory Sommelier Course & Exam   $495

The Master Sommelier Introductory Sommelier Course & Exam is the first of four required steps to become a Master Sommelier.  The program is given over a two day period with candidates receiving intensive review, instruction and training by a team of Master Sommeliers on wines and spirits knowledge, proper wine service, and blind tasting. The program ends on the second day with the Introductory Sommelier Exam, a multiple choice theory exam consisting of 70 questions.

The intent of the Introductory Sommelier Course is to provide wine and hospitality professionals with a thorough review to the world of wines and spirits at the highest professional standards.

Court Of Master Sommeliers L2

Level II: Certified Sommelier Examination   $295

The Certified Sommelier Examination, or exam level two, is one-day exam given in three segments: a blind tasting of two wines, a written theory examination, and a practical service examination. No lectures or tastings are provided; candidates should come prepared to take the exam and be appropriately dressed and equipped for professional wine service.

It is the policy of the Court of Master Sommeliers that everyone, without exception, must have passed the Introductory Sommelier Course & Exam prior to sitting the Certified Exam.

Court Of Master Sommeliers L3

Level III: Advanced Sommelier Course and Examination   $895

The Advanced Sommelier Course and Examination is geared to individuals with extensive wine service experience.  The two day examination follows three days of intensive lectures and tastings conducted by a team of Master Sommeliers.  The examination is given in three parts:

• Practical restaurant wine service and salesmanship.
• A written theory examination based on advanced Sommelier knowledge.
• A blind tasting of six wines using the Deductive Tasting format.

Court Of Master Sommeliers L4

Level IV: Master Sommelier Diploma Examination $800

The Master Sommelier Diploma Examination is similar in format and content to that of the Advanced Sommelier Examination in that it consists of three parts: a theory examination (an oral examination and not written), a blind tasting of six wines, and a practical wine service examination.  The minimum passing score for each of the three sections is 75% as opposed to 60% for the Advanced Exam.  Students have three consecutive years to pass all parts of the examination.  Thus a student who passes one or two parts may retake those he or she failed in during the next two years.  If all three parts are not passed during a three year period the entire exam must be retaken.

Members of the examining panel are Master Sommeliers chosen by the Examinations Committee and the Director of Education.

Court Of Master Sommeliers

Court Of Master Sommeliers

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