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The Perfect Champagne Glass

By Richard Juhlin | 0 Comments


THE PERFECT CHAMPAGNE GLASS By Richard JuhlinRichard Juhlin had long dreamt of making his own champagne glass which would let the scents transpire. Together with Reijmyre he has developed his own series, Juhlin, where the starting point is Richard's own nose.

“My dream became reality when I could design my own champagne glass in collaboration with  Reijmyre, a Swedish glassworks company renowned for quality. 

Because I taste equally as many sparkling as still  wines, it feels fantastic to be able to conclude the  hunt for the perfect glass within each wine category. I am convinced that a Bordeaux or Barolo put the same demand on the glass from which it is imbibed. Others will go so far as to use the same glass for all types of wines, regardless of colour. I'm not willing to go that far. 

Differences in serving temperatures, wine volume, or whether or not a wine is sparking determine the design of the glass. That is why I have concentrated on four different glasses; Champagne, white, red and dessert wine. I formed the range for myself, from the perspective of scent, which is a common thread that runs through these rather extreme glasses. I did not consider what others would think, and I did not make compromises to facilitate drinker friendliness or ease of use. 

My goal? To create a glass that is aesthetically pleasing, while it brings out the scent in an exceptional way and is the perfect vessel  from which to enjoy large, delicious gulps." 

Richard Juhlin started as a gymnastics teacher, but is now an internationally known vine master knighted in Champagne and the author of several books about champagne.

The Background

THE PERFECT CHAMPAGNE GLASS By Richard JuhlinMargareta Dale – who launched Reijmyre Limited ( – in December 2011 to introduce Reijmyre's products to the UK market, has been working with Richard Juhlin for a number of years. Richard has held the world record since 1998 in the number of champagnes tasted which includes over 6,500 different champagnes ( He is especially famous for his skills in blind tasting.

Richard designed an exclusive glassware collection in partnership with Reijmyre a leading Swedish glass-maker. It was founded in 1810, making it one of the oldest glasswork houses in Sweden, and is one of the only ones that still manufacture everything by hand in the country.

The aim of their collaboration was to create the perfect champagne glass for experiencing all of the bottles of Champagne that Richard is asked to rate and review. The result was spectacular, both practically and aesthetically.  

THE PERFECT CHAMPAGNE GLASS By Richard JuhlinThe champagne glass was first launched in Sweden in 1999 just in time for the Millenium Tasting – a tasting of more than 150 of the world’s greatest champagne ever made. The glass is not only beautiful, but due to its unique design it brought out the scent in an exceptional way, enabling you to achieve an optimal smell, sensation and taste experience. It allows you to get the best out of each and every glass of champagne.

 After the success with the champagne glass, Richard and Reijmyre applied the same philosophy to designing white, red and dessert wine glasses, creating the world’s finest glass in each wine category. Up until now, the glasses have only been available in Sweden, although they have been used by a Champagne houses such as Dom Pérignon, Ruinart, and Mumm. The reaction from wine and champagne connoisseurs is always the same; once you have had a sip of wine from one of Richard's glasses you never want to use any other glass.

Career Highlights: Richard Juhlin

THE PERFECT CHAMPAGNE GLASS By Richard JuhlinRichard Juhlin is the number one Champagne expert in the world and is particularly famous for his skills in blind tasting. At the annual Spectacle du Monde tasting in Paris in 2003 he correctly identified 43 out of 50 champagnes.

He holds the world record since 1998 in the number of champagnes tasted, having currently tasted 6,500 different champagnes. In 1999 in Stockholm he arranged the greatest champagne tasting in history, with the 150 best champagnes ever made.
Richard Juhlin was awarded the Chevalier del Arc in 1997, and the Merite d'Agricole by the French Ministry of Agriculture in 2002.

Richard Juhlin is the author of six books:
· Champagneboken 1995
· 2000 Champagnes 1999
· The Great Tasting 2000
· 3000 Champagner 2002
· 4000 Champagnes 2004
· Richard Juhlin Champagne Guide 2008

He wrote the catalogue for the biggest champagne auction of all time to be held in the States, with Christie's back in 1999, the occasion when his book 2000 Champagnes was released at the Rockefeller Center. He also sold signed bottles of Richard Juhlin Collection at the auction. The following year he released The Great Tasting in London in cooperation with Sotheby's. That book and "3000 Champagner" both received the prize for the Best Book on French Wines in the World at the World Cook Book Awards.

The book 4000 Champagnes was released in the USA in conjunction with a Dom Pérignon restaurant tour in 2004, and it received an important prize from Louis Roederer at Vinexpo 2005.
At present Richard Juhlin is working as a freelance journalist, writing for several magazines such as Spectacle du Monde, La Revue de Champagne, Wine International, Fine Wine and others. He is also currently working on a Television series in 30 episodes, entitled Drinks and Restaurants in Europe, for American and Chinese television.
In 1999 he made a film for Swedish Television called Treasures of Champagne, which was sold to seventeen different countries. Aside from Television and writing, Richard Juhlin is often consulted as a speaker and host all over the world. He also runs an online Champagne Club and the Richard Juhlin Champagne Bar (two in Sweden and one in Copenhagen) besides which he arranges VIP-trips to the Champagne district.
In 2008 Richard launched his sixth book, the Richard Juhlin Champagne Guide. It is an elegant and definitive yet handy travel guide featuring more than 6,500 different champagnes. The same year Richard received his greatest prize of all when 4000 Champagnes was chosen as the best Book on French Wines through All Times at The Gourmand Awards in Frankfurt. Richard is now one of only two wine book authors who have been awarded three World Championship titles.
Richard is currently working on his book "Eight Thousand Champagnes" which will be published in the next few years.

Would you like to gild your existence with some help from Richard?

Richard is available for wine tasting, lectures, dinners, tours, consulting, journalistic assignments, media events, interviews and more. The possibilities are nearly endless! If you are interested or would like to discuss the possibility of engaging Richard's services, or would like to buy any of his amazing books, please contact


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