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About TGTL


Think Global Taste Local is a food hunting company that aims to present the best gastronomic products from each country to the World. We create food experiences, having food specialists constantly looking for outstanding products from small producers, surprising people with new flavours.

We do not produce, we look for the best! If a product has the TGTL seal, it is good. The design of our products is simple, very modern, trendy and elegant. The details are very well done and they are a crucial part of this design experience. All the products come with a gift that can be a piece of design, a traditional craft or a CD, joining food, art, design and culture together. The design pieces are all from well-known manufacturers and product designers.

The products come in gift boxes. A photograph from where the product comes from is always present, on the box and on the label, bringing to the customer a little of the region. The ultimate
food experience is the bottom line for this brand.

Chef Nuno Mendes: Main TGTL Food Consultant

Nuno Mendes grew up in Portugal, sparking a love for Portuguese cuisine and seafood still evident in his cooking. Working on the family farm, he gained a deep connection with the land and the importance of how food is produced. Following training at the California Culinary Academy, Nuno began working as a chef. His passion for food has led him to study numerous different cuisines, and his career has led him to the finest restaurants in the United States and Europe, including Jean Georges in New York City, Coyote Cafe in Santa Fe, and a brief internship at El Bulli in Roses. Recent projects have included Nuno’s acclaimed restaurant Bacchus and his innovative private supper club, The Loft.

Nuno is now the Head Chef of Viajante Restaurant in London, one Michelin Star winner and called by The Guardian as ‘one of the hottest young chefs around’. Nuno is the main food consultant in TGTL. His knowledge and passion for food leads us to the best food experiences.

‘I was embraced by this craft from the first day I began to study it. I knew with all my heart that I wanted to be a chef… Since that moment I have lived my life in a constant quest for knowledge and discovery that has lead me to the far reaches of this world and eventually back to London. The East End is the place I now call home and where I wish to propose my personal views on food and dining.’

The Portuguese Experience



AZAL is an olive oil from the North of Alentejo region, in the South of Portugal. This premium award winning olive oil is made with special selected fresh olives. Amazing when tasted just with bread, it is also very good for seasoning gourmet dishes and cooking.

Capacity: 500 ML
Olive Variety: Galega, Blanqueta and Cobrançosa, with Galega predominating.




Quinta Vale do Conde is a ultra premium award winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Trás-os-Montes, a region situated in the North of Portugal. This Extra Virgin Olive Oil has fruity and flower aromas. The flavour is more spicy than bitter. It is very well balanced, with a mixture of Verdeal, Madural and Cobrançosa olives.

Capacity: 500 ML
Olive Variety: 60% Verdeal, 20% Madural and 20% Cobrançosa.




The harvesting is made by hand. The Trincadeira grapes come from the Oldest Vineyards of the estate (22 years old), where the production is less than 3 ton/ hectare, giving this way more concentration on colour and structure on the wine. After a careful selection, the grapes ferment in small oak cuvees, of Seguin Moreau, at a controlled temperature. The wine matures for 18 months in new French oak barrels (225 l). After a slight filtration, it is bottled, being released after 12 months.

Tasting Notes

A full-bodied wine, with deep and intense colour. Shows a complex bouquet of mature fruit (raspberries, mulberries), with hints of spices, combined with tobacco and chocolate. On the palate, we can feel a great balance acidity, showing good tannic structure with long and persistent finish.
The wine is best enjoyed at 17 degrees and suits dishes such as Stewed Partridge, Roast lamb with thyme or Game pie.



This amazing cherry liqueur is produced by a small family company from the Óbidos Village in Portugal.
The liqueur is made with 100% natural seasonal ingredients from the region, with no addition of conservatives and colorants. The secret of this premium quality drink is the use of selected cherries.
It is perfect to drink before or after the meal, with very nice spring fruity aroma. The colour is beautiful as well and the cherries inside are very interesting visually.




This gift box from TGTL is limited to 1000 units and it is an exceptional gift for people who are interested in art, design, culture and obviously fine food. The box contains three cans of extra virgin olive oil. One from Portugal, one from Spain, and the other from Italy. The main goal was to create an olive oil tasting experience. To put people tasting and commenting top quality olive oil from three countries with an old tradition on the art of making olive oil.
TGTL invited three young art talents to illustrate the cans and asked them to represent something they really love about their countries. The Portuguese Oil is designed by the Portuguese artist Mário Belém, the Spanish one is illustrated by Mar Hernández from Spain and the Italian one by Mauro de Donattis from Italy. More than three amazing olive oils, this is a piece of art that people can keep and use as an example for interior decoration.



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