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VeeV, the açaí liqueur recognized for its refreshing, smooth and completely unique taste, is helping change the way America thinks about cocktails.


Just four years after coming to market in 2007, VeeV has led a new wave of superfruits-based liquor brands that are populating hospitality and retail shelves. But make no mistake: VeeV is the original, the first açaí-based liqueur that blends better than a vodka and encourages gourmands and cocktail aficionados alike to find “A Better Way To Drink.”

VeeV is distilled from açaí, the exotic-tasting Brazilian fruit that is widely considered to be the granddaddy of all superfoods. Originally popularized by surfers and sports enthusiasts, açaí contains 57% more antioxidants than pomegranates or blueberries, and 30 times more heart-healthy anthocyanins than red wine.

Eventually becoming a staple of the health and diet-conscious, açaí is now the only superfood that has successfully found its way into a variety of products (from food & beverage to lip balms) that touch consumers’ lives on a daily basis.

And now, courtesy of VeeV, the dark purple berry has migrated from the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest to the martini glasses of the country’s most influential tastemakers. Açaí’s many devotees include Oprah (who named açaí her “#1 Superfood”), pro surfer Kelly Slater, Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen, tennis legend Andre Agassi, and Sting.

VeeV is available in many of the country’s trendsetting restaurants and hotels, as well as major food and liquor retailers and dining chains in the United States. Not only does VeeV encourage “A Better Way To Drink”, the brand also promotes being a ‘better company and brand’ and giving back. In addition to being an active member of the global environmental charity group 1% for the Planet, the Reum brothers have donated over $150,000 since 2007 to organizations that directly benefit the restoration and replantation of the rainforest and support the region’s farming communities. In addition, VeeV is the only certified carbon neutral spirits company in the world.

About Founders Courtney And Carter Reum

Courtney & Carter Reum VeeV

Courtney and Carter Reum are the entrepreneurial brothers and business partners behind VeeV Açaí Spirit, which they launched in 2007.  Courtney, 33, and Carter, 30, were both Wall Street investment bankers when they developed the concept for VeeV, and left promising careers in New York to launch what has become the preeminent eco-friendly spirits brand. VeeV was the first açaí-based spirit on the market and has since become the leader in the growing category of superfruit spirits and liquors.

VeeV’s clean taste and versatility has made it a favorite cocktail choice amongst sophisticated, thoughtful consumers seeking an alternative to traditional vodkas and spirits. Thanks to VeeV’s experiential marketing — including its eco-conscious Apothecary Bar and its savvy use of social media — the brand has become increasingly popular with tastemakers across the United States, including celebrities and gourmands.

VeeV is headquartered in Los Angeles but the Reum brothers live on the road, traveling from city to city building the VeeV brand.

Why Acaí?


Courtney and Carter discovered açaí, the Brazilian superfruit recognized for its antioxidant and health benefits, while on a surfing trip in Rio. It was the brothers’ mutual ‘a-ha!’ moment — creating ‘a better way to drink’ by capitalizing on the purity and functionality of the açaí superfruit to create a category-defining liqueur product.

Eco-conscious And ‘Green’ Since Day One

Sustainability and environmentally responsible practices were an early priority for the Reum brothers in all facets of the VeeV brand, from operations to marketing. In addition to being an active member of the global environmental charity group 1% for the Planet, the Reum brothers have donated over $150,000 since 2007 to organizations that directly benefit the restoration and re-plantation of the rainforest and support the region’s farming communities.  VeeV issued its first annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report in 2011.

Experiential Marketing

VeeV’s Apothecary Bar, produced at dozens of events nationwide, showcases the brand’s flavor and versatility as well as the brand’s commitment to consumer education and the environment. Drinks are served in re-usable mason jars, rather than plastic- or glass-ware and guests are encouraged to select fresh herbs and other ingredients to customize their cocktail. For Southern California event marketing, the herbs and garnishes used for specialty cocktails are grown in the Reum brothers’ own organic garden.  Brand ambassadors educate every attendee, helping build the ‘culture of VeeV.’



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