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Re-designing a Classic Butchery | 0 Comments

The Experience


Renowned for their work with some of the most luxurious and glamorous hotels, restaurants and bars across the world, Victor Churchill is the first retail project Dreamtime Australia Design has taken on.

Director Michael McCann and his team have created a truly unique butcher shop, which has successfully blended a traditional European butcher shop in look and feel, with modern, cutting-edge design elements.

Victor Churchill perfectly fit the design brief as Dreamtime Australia Design wanted to instil history into the design of the shop. During demolition an old sandstone wall was discovered and it was decided to keep the wall and highlight its unique, historical value by using it as the backdrop wall for the butchers’ ‘working stage’.

Upon arrival at Victor Churchill, you will be greeted by the painted, tree-lined street front façade, which features a see-through double glazed refrigerated vitrine which allows you to both view an ever-changing array of hanging meat and poultry – all displayed on stunning custom-made copper and glass shelving, with produce also featured in an illuminated ice display.


Inside, you will discover rich timber wall panelling, a timber beamed ceiling and an Italian Calacatta marble slab floor. In an Australian-first installation by boutique stonemasons, Gitani Stone, our floor has been sliced into mosaic tiles and re-laid in book-matched slab form with a marble wall coving. The ceiling and counter fronts feature hand-carved copper fretwork by Di Emme Creative Solutions.

The hot and cold kitchens feature hair-on leather clad walls covered and protected by glass, from famed Texas-based leather artist Kyle Bunting.
Custom copper refrigerated cabinets line a wall where our premium meats are displayed, together with meat specialities such as terrines, pates and parfaits prepared on-site in our hot and cold kitchen.


The charcuterie counter displays many of the world’s top quality cured, artisanal meats such as Jamón Ibérico de Bellota, Prosciutto and Chorizo sliced with legendary Dutch Berkel meat slicers alongside a specially imported French Labesse Giraudon rôtisserie for poultry and game birds. The museum quality antique Berkel floor-standing slicer, restored in Europe is displayed nearby.

Our floor-to-ceiling glass walled cool room is yet another stunning feature. Speciality cuts of meat slowly pass by, hung from a custom designed cog gear and metal chain rack with larger carcass meat cuts aging behind, all backed by the floor-to-ceiling Himalayan salt brick wall.

Whimsy features in numerous areas of the store including our ‘chook cam’ wall, a nod to the recent 2008 Fall Louis Vuitton window display, with multiple video cameras trained onto our daily special within a glass domed display pedestal. As well, custom “sausage” handles cast in solid copper from real Vic’s Meat sausages, grace our principal doors and drawers.


Established in 1876

Established in 1876, the original Churchill’s butcher shop, located on Queen Street in Woollahra, was founded by James Churchill.

Victor and Cyril Churchill, James’ sons, took over the management of the store with Victor Churchill managing the store for the longest period of time.

1953 saw the sale of the business to Jack Wallace, who paid 8 pounds a week in rent. Victor Churchill continued to work in Churchill’s for one day a week, until his retirement. In 1957, Jack bought the building for the princely sum of 2,800 pounds.

Churchill’s was sold again in 1968 to Gary Stokes, the nephew of Jack Wallace. Gary began his butcher apprenticeship in 1957, with his uncle, at the young age of 15. By the age of 26, Gary had become the third owner of Churchill’s and continued to successfully run the butcher shop until 2008, some 40 years after he bought Churchill’s.

Victor and Anthony Puharich

Victor and Anthony Puharich the founders of Vic’s Premium Quality Meat, Australia’s largest meat wholesaler of premium meats, have become the fourth owners of the butcher shop in its 133-year history.

The name, “Victor Churchill” is a tribute to the Churchill family who created Churchill’s Butcher Store and to Victor Puharich, a master butcher and the founder of Vic’s Premium Quality Meat.





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