Whiskey - A Global History

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Whiskey: A Global History

Be it bourbon, rye, corn, Irish, or Scotch, whiskey has an infamous and celebrated history from a sometimes lethal, herb-infused concoction to a high-quality, meticulously crafted liquor.

In Whiskey: A Global History, Kevin R. Kosar delivers an informative, concise narrative of the drink’s history, from its obscure medieval origins to the globally traded product that it is today. Along the way the reader gains an appreciation for just how much whiskey has changed over the past 600 years, and a feel for what the 21st century whiskey world will be.  It is a story of technological developments, entrepreneurial gambling, political bumbling, religious damning, and just strange stuff (Cobra or Tarantula Whiskey, anyone?).

Whiskey: A Global History explains what whiskey is, how it is made, and how the types of whiskey differ. The book carries 55 illustrations (27 colour) that range from reproductions of medieval woodcuts to comics to advertisements and photographs, some taken by the author himself.  To help both new and seasoned sipper, Whiskey: A Global History includes a list of suggested brands, classic cocktail recipes, and a colection of sources to help the truly curious pursue their whiskey jones further.

About the author: Kevin R. Kosar founded in 1998.  He is the author of Whiskey: A Global History (London: Reaktion, 2010), and a contributor to the Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America (2004). Kosar has served as a judge at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, co-hosted “Vodka Festival” in New York City’s Grand Central Station, and won an Academy of Wine Communications’ wine writer award.

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