Whole Beast Butchery

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For the past year and a half, I’ve been busy with many things, but the one thing I’m most excited to share with you is my upcoming book: Whole Beast Butchery, the complete visual guide to Whole Pig, Lamb, and Beef. This book is largely inspired by the concepts I’ve put forth on my blog for the past three years. The step by step format is the way I’ve always chosen to share the information and techniques. Included are some of my favorite recipes, like Crispy Skin Pork Shoulder, Lambchetta, 10lb Beef Flinstone Rack, Pork Jowl and Clams, and Beef Tongue Pastrami.

Whole Beast Butchery Book Cover

We’re talking about 500 high quality pictures with step by step instructions on how to break down and utilize the entire animal, complete with references on whole animal purchasing, farmers markets, and butcher shops near you. I’m not just thinking about how to get the best cuts, but I approach the task with the desire to EAT the entire animal. Whether you are an aspiring butcher, restaurant worker, or a home chef, this book creates a straight forward learning process for anyone who is comfortable in the kitchen. Even if you do not envision yourself purchasing an entire animal, you can start with some of the primal cuts and work your way from there.

Whole Beast Butchery

This is exactly the type of book I wish was available to me when I was first learning how to break down whole animals in the restaurant industry. Being published by Chronicle Books, this project was a lengthy undertaking and will be accompanied by smart phone applications with video tutorials and more great information.

Whole Beast Butchery

These pictures are a little insight into the process we went through to make sure the material was clear. It’s been a heavy editing process, but we’re happy with the end result and I’m very excited to share this with you! You can pre-order the book on, Barnes and Noble, IndieBound, Chronicle books, or directly from the 4505 Meats store!

The real purpose of this book is to change the way we source, buy, handle, share, and eat meat.

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Whole Beast Butchery

About 4505 Meats

Chef Ryan Farr and his wife, Cesalee, founded 4505 Meats in January of 2009. While working as a classically trained chef and heading a Michelin Star restaurant, Ryan developed his artisan butchery techniques and created unique ways of expressing his love for all things meaty. Ryan’s experience and voracious appetite are an ideal complement to Cesalee’s creativity, style, and overall vision for the company. The name 4505 is a tribute to a fellow chef and dear family friend, Davin Autrey, who influenced many people with his message to keep it real and always follow your stomach.

Ryan and Cesalee are dedicated to flavor and quality, adding their own unique touches to create exceptional meaty products. Based out of San Francisco, they strongly believe in keeping it local and supporting the growing Bay Area community and food movement.


Whole Beast Butchery

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