Winners For The “Best Restaurant Dessert”

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More than 500 spectators followed the live competition of the “The Best Restaurant Dessert ” at Espaisucre school in Barcelona. During the awards ceremony in “Casa Capell” of Barcelona, the school offered a dessert cocktail ceremony for 250 persons, including renowned pastry chefs.

Nespresso, worldwide pioneer and market leader in premium coffee capsules, has sponsored “The Best Restaurant Dessert “, in the third celebration of the only restaurant-style dessert competition in the world, organised by ESPAISUCRE, which took place yesterday in Barcelona.


The competition, “The Best Restaurant Dessert “, intends to actively collaborate in the creation and dissemination of new standards and own language, with the aim of transforming restaurant pastry-making into a separate discipline. Likewise, it aims to promote the discipline of restaurant-style desserts from our country, a young and dynamic discipline, but which still requires a stable body of theory to enable its development.

For more than five hours, the best master pastry chefs in our country and from abroad gathered in the ESPAISUCRE school, with the objective of making two desserts: a “freestyle dessert” and a “Nespresso dessert”, in other words, that included amongst the ingredients were one of the blends in the Nespresso range.


These eight finalists, from around the world, attended this gastronomic feast in which they not only had to compete amongst themselves, but also amaze and captivate a prestigious panel of professional experts in the world of gastronomy ,many of whom specialize in restaurant desserts.

Celebrated chefs Oriol Balaguer,Jordi Butrón, Jordi Roca, Paco Torreblanca, Ramón Morató and Dani García,  as well as journalists Paco Marfull, Pau Arenós, Cristina Jolonch, Philippe Regol and Rosa Rivas were those responsible for naming the desserts of Victor Trochi (from Argentina and based in Barcelona), chef from Les Magnolies restaurant (Arbucies-Girona), as the winning of “The Best Restaurant Dessert 2011” award with his two desserts:

1- Gin tónic con matices cítricos y herbáceos.

2- Plátano asado con guisantes, infusión de croissant y crema helada de cafeína Nespresso.


Also, Ana Lucía Jarquín Cáceres (from Guatemala), pastry chef of Abac restaurant (Barcelona), was the winner in the other award category   “Best Nespresso Restaurant Dessert 2011”, with the dessert: Belga Ale. Las Texturas de chocolate con café Nespresso, regaíz, cacao, aceitunas negras y toffe.

ESPAISUCRE is the brainchild of Jordi Butrón and and his partners Xano Saguer, Guillem Vicente and Reme Butrón, founders and promoters of a new understanding of restaurant-style pastry-making. February 2000 saw them inaugurate the only dessert restaurant in the world, marrying this risky but very carefully thought-out idea with the school of restaurant-style desserts.


Through the agreement signed, Nespresso and ESPAISUCRE wish to promote the restaurant-style dessert as an integral part displaying its own identity and standard, where the result, the sum of technique and experience, subtly yet authentically blurs the boundaries that separate the concepts of sweet and savoury.



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