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Wyke Farms

Wyke Farms, the UK’s largest independent cheese producer and milk processor, is celebrating its 150th year in style, and by no means resting on its laurels.

Bound by its passion for producing fine Farmhouse Cheddar and its pride in maintaining the traditional farming heritage, 150 plus national cheese shows awards in one year means Wyke Farms is no “cottage industry” – it is the No. 1 Farmhouse Cheddar in the UK.

“To say we are proud is an understatement,” said Richard Clothier, third-generation family member and managing director. “150 years is something special.

Today, as a family business we still base all our recipes on our Grandmother Ivy’s original. We see this year as a chance to remember where we started, and with 150 awards (and counting) for our cheddar marks our achievement today. Here’s to the next 150!”

Wyke Farms

2011 is a record-breaking year for Wyke Farms and further recognition that it is the Best-Selling Farmhouse Cheddar Brand in the UK, as reported by the Kantar World Panel in 2010.

This year’s awards include 11 Winner accolades, two Star awards, 26 First places, 20 Gold awards, 21 Second places, 22 Silver awards, 18 Third places, two Forth places, two “Highly Commended” awards, 24 Bronzes awards, and three Finalist awards, with more to come!

Wyke Farms are committed to continually improving its offering to the retail industry and consumers.

Richard Clothier comments, “During October our management team will be conducting a key retail buyers tour where we will update the industry on our 2012 strategy but more importantly get feedback on how we can improve and add further value to the Cheddar category.”

Known for its unique provenance and the superior quality of its products, Wyke Farms has maintained the art of traditional cheese-making on its Somerset farm, where the Clothier family have been making traditional farmhouse cheddar to its original secret recipe since 1861. Wyke Farms cheese and butter is made with the milk from their cows grazing the lush pastures of the Mendip Hills in the centre of the Cheddar making region in Somerset.

Our History Starts With Ivy Clothier

Wyke Farms

When farmer’s wife Ivy Clothier began to make Cheddar from the family’s dairy herd, she used her mother’s traditional, beloved family recipe which had been handed down from generation to generation. Very soon her cheese and butter became renowned for their rich creamy flavours and excellent texture.

And over the years her secret recipe has won more prizes at national and regional cheese shows than any other. Today, as a family business we still base all our recipes on our Grandmother’s original.

And woe betide the Clothier who ever contemplates changing our secret recipe! Unless, of course, they’re adding new and innovative products to the range, such as Leskol.

Wyke Farms

About Wyke Farms

As we proudly declare, all Farmhouse Cheddar made at Wyke Farms still follows Ivy Clothier’s original recipe.

But in recent years, cheesemaking has been transformed from a labour intensive chore to a streamlined production process. However, the traditional art of cheesemaking hasn’t been lost in the gleam of polished stainless steel and the glistening cool efficiency of our plant’s impressive technology.

We still make cheese in individual batches which are constantly monitored by the master cheesemaker, to ensure the quality is guaranteed. Our promise to our customers is, that in our modern dairy we will continue to produce one of Somerset’s finest foods.

But it’s not just to win prizes, but to make Cheddar that will be savoured by many generations to come.

Wyke Farms

150 Years In Somerset

Cheesemaking and dairy farming have been carried out in the Somerset countryside for centuries. Back in the early 1900s, there were over 3,500 cheesemakers. Today fewer than 10 farmhouse cheesemakers are left in the Cheddar region.

And at Wyke Farms, although we are sticklers for tradition, we have moved with the times and our high-tech dairy has the most up-to-date cheesemaking equipment and hygiene standards in Europe. But amid the gleam of stainless steel our master cheesemaker still maintains control of the process using his skills and experience to ensure that every batch is up to the quality we insist on.

Quality which has helped Wyke Farms to become the best-tasting and best-selling Farmhouse Cheddar in the UK. Our Grandmother, Ivy Clothier, would be proud.

Wyke Farms

Farming As A Family

Unlike most cheese which is made in factories by big companies, we are still a family business.

But far from being a ‘cottage industry’ we are the No.1 Farmhouse Cheddar in the UK.

Yes, we have grown but we have never forsaken our roots and the cheese making skills we inherited from our grandmother Ivy Clothier.

We know that our success is due to the fact that we remain true to our traditions and, as a family-run business, we are able to make decisions for the benefit of our customers not distant shareholders.

Which means we can focus on what we do best, making delicious Cheddar cheese to our traditional recipe.

Wyke Farms


Wyke Farms

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