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Discover a new world of flavour combinations

The FOODPAIRING App is the source of inspiration that allows chefs, bartenders, mixologists, chocolatiers, pastry chefs and other food professionals to create new combinations of ingredients for dishes or drinks. Foodpairing is not based on intuition or existing recipes, but on scientific flavor analysis.

If you’re passionate about food and want to make new combinations, this app will fire up your creativity.

“I love the tool. It allows me to combine flavors that I as a bartender had no idea would work well together” Mixologist Hayden Lambert

“Thank you for this wonderful tool. Now we can really play in the kitchen” Pastry chef Romero

“I’m running a restaurant in Paris. Your information is gold for us” Chef Vassilis


- Explore pairings in an easy comprehensible graphic interface. The closer a product is to the center one, the better the pairing.

- Possible pairings are clustered into 9 food categories; dairy, meat, herbs & spices, condiments and sauces, vegetables, pastry and chocolate, sea fruits, fruits, drinks

- Best combination ranking

- Search and filter options

- Large variety of ingredients, including local

Use Foodpairing to:

- Create surprising and delicious recipes

- Create classic dishes with a twist

- Lower your food cost by using local, seasonal ingredients in new combinations



Tatler Restaurant Guide 2011
Tatler Restaurant Guide 2011

Eat. Out. App.

Here is the Tatler London Restaurant App. Not an average app, but the absolute App. The guide to the best of the best.
If you eat out in London snd want to know where to go, this is the App for you.

The Tatler Restaurant App is not a compendium of every restaurant there is, but an eclectic guide which picks the most stylish, the classic and the new, along with hidden gems, the one-offs and the long-forgotten. This App gives you up-coming chefs along with the maestros, from temples of haute-cuisine to jam-hot holes-in-the-wall. From Barnes to Bethnal Green, the Tatler App tells you where to dress up or where to dress down all over town. We know because we’ve been there, each restaurant described in full, in pithy, witty, typically-Tatler prose.

Multi-referenced by location, cuisine and mood, with the Tatler Restaurant App you will never be stumped for the right restaurant again. Download it now. Bon App-étit!

- Facebook, Twitter, Email Sharing
- Add to Foursquare to-do list
- Save restaurant details in address book
- GPS & Compas functionality to find directions and restaurants near you


42 Restaurants
42 Restaurants

Simple Beautiful Cookbook

42 restaurants is an application built for the iPhone - the focus is on exquisite design, delicious recipes and amazing restaurants. The application is a perfect match for home gourmets, professional chefs, fine diners and lovers of amazing food. Restaurant guide meets gourmet cookbook.

Main Features:

A delectable recipe with an overview, ingredients, preparation method, suggested wine pairing, amount of people served and preparation time - for every restaurant.

Measurements in Imperial and Metric so that nobody needs to be lost in translation.

The ability to store as favorites all the recipes you love.

Share recipes with friends over email.

Information about each restaurant, its ambience, food and what makes it so successful and appealing to its patrons.

Contact information for the restaurants in the form of an e-mail address, phone number and street address. This allows you to contact the restaurant immediately - helped out by the fact that these details are being viewed on a cellphone.

The exact GPS location of the restaurants. As the iPhone has a built in GPS receiver and uses Google Maps, you will be able to get a route from your current location directly to the restaurant’s front door.

Additional information, such as bios on the chefs and photographs of its staff and interior. 42 Restaurants is not only about the food, it’s about the people that create and serve the food. It’s also about the ambience and character of the restaurant. A lot of time and effort has been put into making each restaurant an amazing place to be and we want to convey that effort.

High quality photographs of the recipe and restaurant. The application features over 200 dazzling full-screen images.

A completely unique design for every restaurant bringing the unique character of each dish to life.

Our list includes 40 Michelin Stars altogether. Many James Beard award winning chefs, as well as restaurants listed in the S. Pellegrino list of World’s 50 and 100 best restaurants is included.


Cookbook Cafe
Cookbook Cafe

The New Grassroots Way to Publish & Shop for Cookbooks

“Most Intriguing Use of New Technology” - 2012 IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals)

Cookbook Cafe is the place to find wonderfully original cookbooks created by home chefs, food bloggers, nonprofit organizations and other grassroots authors.

These aren’t simple “e-books,” but full-fledged app-based cookbooks that take full advantage of your iPad.

With this app you can:

1) Shop the Cookbook Cafe storefront,
2) Read the cookbooks you download, and
3) Browse and search all the individual recipes in your downloaded cookbooks
4) Use our nifty kitchen timers, substitution charts and conversion tables

Because each recipe in each cookbook you download is indexed individually by type, ingredient and author, you’ll never have to waste time searching for recipes (wouldn’t it be great if your cookbook shelf at home could do that?).

The price of each cookbook is set by its author. Many are free, and most cost less than a few bucks.

Perhaps best of all, many of the books you’ll find at Cookbook Cafe help support nonprofit organizations that use community cookbooks to help raise funds.

Cookbook Cafe was created by seven-time Webby honored food social network and recipe swap

Join us as we democratize cookbook publishing and help change the world, one recipe at a time!

For more information, visit


* Browse & Shop for Cookbooks Based on Recipe/Food Category and Cost – In the Cookbook Cafe storefront you can find cookbooks based on food category, recipe and ingredient, as well as by reviews, what’s most popular, etc. You can also shop specifically for cookbooks that help support nonprofit organizations. Many of the cookbooks are free, and most cost less than a few bucks.

* Easy Recipe Searching — Once you’ve downloaded a cookbook, every recipe in that book is indexed individually in your library. This means you don’t have to search entire cookbooks to find a specific recipe. Simply search by keyword and the recipe will appear. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do that with the cookbooks on your kitchen shelf?!

* Instant Access to Cookbook Reviews — It’s easy to post and read reviews, and you have the ability to message authors directly.

* Anywhere Access to Your Downloaded Cookbooks — Once you download a cookbook, all the recipes in that book reside on your iPad. This means you don’t need to be connected to the Internet to access your recipes.

* Multi-Platform Access — The cookbooks you download via the Cookbook Cafe iPad app can also be accessed and searched on any web-enabled computer at Note: multi-platform access requires registration (which is free).

* A Rich, Multimedia Experience — Many of the cookbooks in Cookbook Cafe include not just photos, but audio, video and other multimedia.

* Automatic Backups – The cookbooks you download using this app are saved on your iPad. In addition, all of your cookbooks may be accessed on any other iPad and from any web-enabled computer provided you register with and “sync” your downloaded cookbooks.

* Multiple Recipe Viewing Modes — Recipe pages can be viewed in standard (full length) or condensed “cook mode” for easy viewing in the kitchen.

* Kitchen Timers, Substitution Charts & Conversion Tables – Never burn a dish again with these nifty tools — Cookbook Cafe gives you five separate programmable timers that can be used simultaneously — even if you close the app!



Your Personal Kitchen Helper

TheRecipeManager cookbook and recipe software comes with over 1,000 recipes to add to your collection. Additionally, you can download recipes from other websites. This application also allows you to download full cookbooks from Once you find your favorite recipes, sharing with friends is easy, as long as they also have TheRecipeManager software.

Recipes you download from, as well as recipes already included with the software, come with images of each concoction in finished form. It’s helpful to see what each prepared dish looks like before you try cooking something new. Additionally, the images may also give you serving ideas to enhance your dish or your table in general. The images are placed in the recipe viewer so you can get a good idea of what you are cooking. You can also click on them to make them larger. You can browse by images only.

The recipes are listed in alphabetical order instead of grouped by meal category in TheRecipeManager. This makes it simple to scroll through the list to get recipe ideas when you just cannot choose what to make for dinner. However, you can also search for recipes by name. It is simple to scale a recipe using this recipe program. By using the dropdown arrow, you can select as many servings as you need. The recipe will automatically update the ingredient list for the new serving size. You can also mark your favorite recipes, which will make searching for it again a snap.

TheRecipeManager comes with the ability to create a menu planner. This recipe program allows you to create menus by using the simple drag-and-drop method. Once you find a recipe you want to add to a specific day, just drag it and drop it on the corresponding date. Once you save your recipe, it will show up in the calendar. If you decide that you want to move that recipe to a different day, you can drag it from its original position on the calendar to the new date.


- Create and Search multiple independent cookbooks
- Create and schedule meals from different cook books
- Highlight your favorite recipes
- Create a new cook book with email feature
- Share cooking treasures with friends and family

New Feature: Track and monitor blood sugar, blood pressure, body weight, food intake and exercise.



5pm restaurants on the move

View offers and book restaurants via the 5pm iphone app
Read reviews by real 5pm customers
Get the latest restaurant ratings

Browse by city
View the full list of cities on 5pm. Drill down through the complete restaurant list to read restaurant information and help you find the one you want to book

Nearby offers
Use the iPhone’s location services to work out which offers in your immediate vicinity have offers available to book online. Read the reviews and book your favourite.

Nearby restaurants
Use the iPhone’s location services to find all restaurants close to your location, regardless of offer availability. Ratings & reviews will help you choose.



Introducing the totally Divine iPhone / iPad App

Now live at the App Store…

Divine Chocolate is delighted to announce the launch of the new Divine Chocolate App for the iPhone and iPad. The Divine App is free to download and gives chocolate lovers instant access to a Divine world of irresistible recipes created by chocolate experts & celebrity chefs.  As well as the easy to follow recipes, there are cooking tips and video guides, a Google Map to help you locate your nearest Divine stockist (and add any you come across). In addition it tells, illustrated with stunning photographs, the unique story of Divine, the company co-owned by cocoa farmers in Ghana.
Search for ‘Divine Chocolate’ on the App Store (in the Lifestyle category) and download for free.

Created for Divine by creative agency Uber London, the Divine App was designed to bring a little Divine happiness to every Smartphone and iPad – with exclusive features for those who love baking with chocolate. There is a diverse selection of recipes for cooks of all standards, including a heavenly white chocolate cheesecake, an old fashioned chocolate pudding, chocolate & cherry torte, a chocolate fudge cake created for Divine by Tom Aikens, healthy chocolate pots created for Divine by Ian Marber aka The Food Doctor, a seriously tempting sticky peanut butter cake created by Linda Collister, author of the recipebook accompanying BBC2’s Great British Bake Off … and lots more. The Divine App will be updated periodically with new recipes and features, including great seasonal ideas using Divine.

With the Divine App to hand you will always be able to find your nearest Divine stockist wherever you are in the UK, be it a supermarket or an independent deli, wholefoods store or gift shop. Divine is found in many surprising outlets so this feature will be an invaluable tool when searching for your next Divine treat or ingredients for one of the Divine recipes. iPhone users can also add the name and address of a Divine stockist if they find one that’s not yet listed.

The app also features a Quick Tips section of short and informative videos demonstrating some chocolate baking basics. These include essential kit, melting chocolate, ingredients, and greaseproofing.


Discover Hong Kong Food and Wine Pairing
Discover Hong Kong Food and Wine Pairing

Hong Kong. Best Place. Best Taste.

The Hong Kong Tourism board has put together a handy iPhone and Android app to help you discover the succulent side of Hong Kong.  You no longer have to be intimidated at dinner as this amazing Chinese cuisine and wine pairing guide turns and Chinese food and wine lover into a connoisseur.  Wine experts suggest delectable and affordable wine to match with over 20 Chinese cuisines.

Take your culinary adventures to the next level!

Our handy Chinese cuisine and wine pairing guide is a cool application for all Chinese food and wine lovers! In this application, you can see wine experts’ suggestions on matching the perfect wine with over 20 Chinese cuisines as well as finding delectable and affordable wines. So, take this opportunity to have a wonderful wine and food adventure that is sure to turn you into a connoisseur!

Chinese Cuisine Categories:
Beef, Cantonese BBQ, Hotpot, Pork, Poultry, Seafood, Vegetarian


Must-Have Recipes
Must-Have Recipes

From Better Homes and Gardens

Now you can get all the best-of-the-best recipes, secrets and tips – handpicked from all our famous Better Homes and Gardens Red Plaid cookbooks — absolutely FREE! In all, over 500 recipes with photos of every one ...

Mouthwatering main dishes. Savory salads and sides. Creamy casseroles. Bubbly stews. Quick and easy everyday dinners. Favorites from the grill. Slow-cooker sensations. Dozens of our most decadent desserts.

But that’s just the start ...

✓ Get more than 500 delicious recipes, each with a gorgeous photo
✓ See 75 how-to videos and step-by-steps that guarantee success in your kitchen
✓ Share recipes by email and Facebook
✓ Add personal notes and substitutions to any recipe, so every dish suits your family’s preferences
✓ Organize your favorites into groups in your recipe box
✓ Create shopping lists for different stores or special occasions, and check off ingredients as you add them to your shopping cart
✓ Keep your place in a recipe with a sliding marker
✓ Enlarge text for easy reading while you’re cooking
✓ Find just what you’re looking for with advanced browsing capabilities
✓ FREE bonus recipes from Hidden Valley RanchPLUS, for a limited time, when you claim your FREE MUST-HAVE RECIPES app, we’ll also treat you to our latest print issue of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine ... it’s our Free Gift to you!


Find Chocolate!
Find Chocolate!

By Chocomap

Find Chocolate when you want it, where you want it: the new Find Chocolate app helps you pinpoint the nearest chocolate shops.

It uses your current location to create a list of nearby chocolate shops, and uses maps to help you get there. If you’re looking for chocolate, you need Find Chocolate.

We are very excited to offer chocomap on your Android Phone and Tablet, iPhone and iPad.

Find Chocolate:
We have over 2000+ chocolate shops on our map and located all over the World. Chocolate will never be far away with the Find Chocolate App!
Rate Chocolate:
Give us your opinion! Our popular chocomap Review&Rate feature has gone mobil. Rate your chocolate experience on the spot.

Add a Photo:
Take a picture of your favorite bonbon or bar and upload to the shop details.

Add a Shop:
Found a chocolate shop we’ve missed - just add to the map on the go!