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BARDOT ICE CREAM One-of-a-kind Dessert ConceptsEveryone loves ice cream in their own way and for their own reasons. We love it for its ability to transport us to other places and other times.

One mouthful, and the moment ahead of it becomes infinitely better than the moment behind it. No matter which way you look at it, our relationship with ice cream runs deep, and we take it to a whole new level.

Bardot is a love you can take anywhere. A love that can hold anything…and can be for anyone.

A love that is at once hidden and then suddenly revealed, This is a place where food and emotion become one. Where ice cream is a muse and to receive it is to have a moment of inspiration.

At Bardot, we don’t sell ice cream bars. We sell Love. On a stick.

BARDOT ICE CREAM One-of-a-kind Dessert ConceptsModern Twist On Classic Ice Cream Bar

Bardot Bars offer a modern twist to the nostalgic ice cream bar, inviting patrons to indulge in “love on a stick.” Each opulent bar is hand-made from the highest quality ingredients, with layers of flavors ranging from traditional and classic to the more unique and exotic.

The first Bardot Bars shop opened in La Jolla (San Diego) in early summer 2012 featuring a chic, full-sensory environment where guests can peruse the elegantly displayed bars, and also enjoy a Bardot Bar on-the-go with unique packaging that keeps them cold for up to 8 hours.

“Everyone loves ice cream in their own way, and for many it invokes nostalgia that transports us to other places and times,” said Xavier Briseno, President and CEO of Bardot. “Bardot takes this relationship to another level where food and emotion become one.

BARDOT ICE CREAM One-of-a-kind Dessert ConceptsWe don’t sell ice cream bars; we sell love on a stick – a love that you can take anywhere. Each bar is hand-made from start to finish, layering flavors together so that each bite is a multi-sensorial experience.

”Bardot will offer two collections of bars to choose from, the Classic Collection ($5.40) and the Bardot Collection ($5.80).

The Classic Collection features flavors like “Deep Thoughts” with fresh mint and “Ebony & Ivory” with mascarpone and dulce de leche.

The Bardot Collection includes flavors like “New York, NY” with strawberry and cream cheese and “Inner Peace” with raspberry and green tea.

Bardot will also offer a Kids Collection ($2.20) with smaller treats such as the “Twinkle Twinkle” with cotton candy.

La Jolla Shop

The 750-square foot shop was designed by two-time American Institute of Architects award winner Ana Henton. The space combines modern, sleek surfaces with subtle nostalgic elements and minimalist elegance with a palette of cream, crimson and black – allowing the display cases filled with a wide array of bars in deep jewel tones and intricate patterns to create a full spectrum of color. A state-of-the-art photo booth will be located in the back of Bardot where guests will be encouraged to take complimentary photos with Bardot’s trademarked lips or signature red stick and email or upload them to their social media accounts, as a way to capture and keep the Bardot experience.

BARDOT ICE CREAM One-of-a-kind Dessert Concepts

Knowledgeable sales associates equipped with iPads will assist patrons in selecting just the right bar for their palette. Guests eager to enjoy a tempting Bardot Bar on the spot will be encouraged to sit and linger. Priority pick-up will be available for orders to-go, packaged in chic, signature Bardot boxes that will keep bars cold for 8 hours.

Following the opening of the La Jolla location, Bardot will open shops in the Westfield Santa Anita Mall in Arcadia, CA and the Westfield West Covina Mall in Covina, CA this summer.

BARDOT ICE CREAM One-of-a-kind Dessert ConceptsMore About Bardot

Bardot Bars is an innovative line of opulent, hand-made treats that takes ice cream bars to the next level. Offering “love on a stick,” with layers of flavors ranging from traditional and classic to the more unique and exotic, Bardot is changing the way people enjoy gourmet ice cream.

With 19 flavors to choose from plus two smaller treats for Bardot’s younger guests, there is a flavor to please every palette. For guests who want to enjoy Bardot on-the-go, the Signature Box keeps the bars frozen for up to 8 hours.

Bardot’s first shop is situated in the famed coastal community of La Jolla, CA; its flagship is located in the Westfield Santa Anita Mall in Arcardia, CA. Bardot provides a chic, full sensory environment that engages and stimulates each sense in every customer.

Bardot has been celebrated for their inventive and unique branding and design, having been honored with the prestigious 2012 Silver Clio Award for Corporation Identity; the 2012 One Show Design Bronze Pencil Award and the 2011 pick for Comprehensive Identity in Under Construction’s Brand New Awards.

BARDOT ICE CREAM One-of-a-kind Dessert Concepts

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