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de Buyer"Gastronomy is a trilogy: A good chef, good ingredients, good kitchen utensils" – Hervé de Buyer.

The de Buyer company was founded in 1830 and has been creating and manufacturing the best kitchen and pastry utensils for both the professional and demanding amateur ever since its inception.

The brand helps to preserve the greatness, traditions, charm and above all the delicious flavours of French gastronomy.

While made in France, de Buyer is sold in more than 90 countries and offers over 3000 items: cookwares made of steel, stainless steel, copper and non stick aluminium, professional "Mandoline" slicers, silicone moulds, pastry utensils and more. de Buyer continues today to draw upon their knowledge in an effort to provide superior quality and innovation in equipment for the professional and for the gourmet consumer.

The Prima Matera Line

de Buyer’s handmade and polished copper pots and pans, the Prima Matera range symbolizes “French elegance”. Perfect for dainty cooking, sauces and reducing, copper ensures quick and homogeneous cooking not only in the bottom but also on the side of the containers. Renowned worldwide for its uniqueness, the Prima Matera range is suitable for all hotplates including induction. All pots and pans are made with 90% copper and 10% stainless steel, so there is no need for replating.

The Mineral B Element Range

Ecological, recyclable and environment safe production. 100% natural, the Mineral B Element range is made of 99% iron. It is covered with organic bee wax in order to protect pans against oxidation, favoring the seasoning process and improving non-stick quality. Guaranteed without PFAO, PTFE or any other chemical additives. Perfect for sealing, browning and grilling meat, fish and vegetables, your dishes will remain tasty and tender. Blinis pans, crepes pans, round frying pans, round grill frying pans, round country pans, roasting pans are available. The Mineral B Element range is also suitable for all hotplates; especially induction.

The Prima Matera Line & The Mineral B Element Range

The Affinity Range

Professional quality and robustness. Thanks to its 5 inner layers of aluminium and 2 outer layers of stainless steel the cooking in homogeneous not only in the bottom but also on the side of the containers. The material is ultra reactive: the Affinity line preheats and heats quickly and the cooking stops instantaneously when the source is stopped. Saucepans, pans, straight and rounded sauté pans, stewpans and sauté pans are available. The Affinity range is suitable for all hotplates, especially induction. Easy cleaning; dishwasher safe.

The Choc Induction Range

Made of cast aluminium, the non stick Choc Inducation line is ideal for simmering. Guaranteed without PFOA, Saucepans, pans, crepes pans, wok, stewpans and sauté pans are available. Removable handles are also available.

The Affinity Range & The Choc Induction Range

The Elastomoules Range

Patented system. Pure foodgrade silicone foam, the heat is quickly and homogeneously spread for a better caramelization of juices and better taste. Suitable for oven cooking up to 300°C and freezing down to-70°C. Available for muffins, madeleines, cakes, brioches, financiers, cylinders, cubes...

Concept Core Universal

Patented system. Available in Ø 13, 20 et 30mm. Manual extractor for that easily cores, tops and tails fruits and vegetables cleanly. Suitable for various fruits and vegetables: Tomato, potato, carrot, onion, cucumber, apple, pear, strawberries, pineapple...

The Elastomoules Range & Concept Core Universal


Automatic piston funnel. Universal kitchen and bakery tool for:

– garnishing plates with sauces,

– decorating dessert plates,

– pouring jelly into a dish,

– filling small quiches,

– filling blini and crepes pans with batter,

– filling chocolate shells with liqueur...

The Kobra Slicer

Thanks to the V blade and its angle 19,3°, the KOBRA slicer perfectly cuts all vegetables in particular fragile ones such as tomatoes or harder foods such as sausages.

The Swing Mandoline

Easy to handle and safe with its protecting pusher. Julienne cuts, waffle cut, slice or crinkle cuts... many styles can be cut. Swing mandoline is available in black, green. orange and red.

Kwik, The Kobra Slicer & The Swing Mandoline

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