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EDGE OF BELGRAVIA Avant-Garde KnivesEdge of Belgravia is a unique and vibrant designer chef knife firm from London. The recently-founded company, based in Belgravia, has launched the only ceramic knives to be designed in the capital. 

The Design

The design, by contemporary London designer Christian Bird, is bolder and more avant-garde than any other chef knife available. The angular and yet soft touch handle is testament to its innovative and futuristic approach. With their ceramic blades and vibrant colours, Edge of Belgravia’s knives are perfect for the stylish kitchen. Our knives are true pieces of art: fabulously British!

The knives fuse a futuristic and bold design with ceramic blades that will retain a beautiful cutting quality for years without any need for sharpening. The sharpness is preserved due to the composition of sintered zirconium oxide and carbide, almost as hard as diamond.

EDGE OF BELGRAVIA Avant-Garde Knives


To prove the exquisite quality of our knives, we subjected them to harsh scrutiny by local London chefs. Needless to say, they achieved rave reviews:

  • “I absolutely love it. It is well balanced, light and very comfortable to use with a very fine edge on it. I would be happy to work with it all day every day” says Phil Wilson, Executive Chef at the Thomas Cubitt.
  • “I found the blade to be of very good, high-grade quality”, notes John Williams, Executive Head Chef at the Ritz.

EDGE OF BELGRAVIA Avant-Garde Knives

From our Ceramic Series, the Ceramic Lime knives feature an eye-catching, crisp, lime-coloured soft touch rubber handle, which will bring a confident element of extravagance to your kitchen.

Crucially, our Ceramic Series knives stay sharp for years without any need for sharpening. How often do you find yourself having to spend time sharpening your knives? You can now simply pick up an Edge of Belgravia knife and cut through crisp vegetables, that tender steak or a filet of fish with impeccable ease.

EDGE OF BELGRAVIA Avant-Garde Knives