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Lukasz Bertoli and Francesco Costacurta, both graduates of Industrial Design at the Politecnico di Milano, have worked for some of the most well known design consultancies in Austria, Italy and France. Their design company, Emo, was founded in 2009 with their marketing partner Carlo Ciciliot, and has already received several design accolades. EDE ONLINE has featured two of their most prominent, award-winning F&B designs.

EMO DESIGN Selected Food & Beverage Projects

Zephiro: An Evergreen Cooker Hood

Developing the hood Zephiro Emo design wanted to demonstrate loyalty to Falmec’s values: functionality, simplicity and shape proportions.

Zephiro carries the name of a soft gentle wind. Neat and fine, it is characterized by the contrast within the sinuous glass body and the strict technology of its filtering heart. It is equipped with the revolutionary e.Ion® Òtechnology, a ionization system that permits a decrease of odours in the kitchen through the elimination of the organic molecules (bacteria, viruses and allergens) suspended in the air. Zephiro is equipped with a visual feedback that indicates air quality. The sensor detects impurities and when necessary it switches on the hood purifying the air.

The e.Ion® Òsystem is patented by Falmec, certified and texted by Politecnico di Milano with surprising olfactometrics results. It is an innovative technology that transforms the hood, that so far has been considered as a product for aspiration, into an object that increases wellness and quality of life at home.

EMO DESIGN Selected Food & Beverage Projects

The e.Ion® Òsystem works with controlled bipolar ionisation neutralizing polluting agents in the air and transforming them into water and Co2. The ions influence positively human biochemestry causing improved moods, concen­tration and other important health advantages.

Thanks to the air purification and sanitising, the “suspension” hood Zephiro doesn’t need to be installed with exhaust tubes and can be freely positioned inside the kitchen, reducing architectural costs and maintaining equivalent energetic performances in the building.

Zephiro is a tireless hood, an evergreen in shape and functionality. It is available in white and black.

Onus by Emo design: Evening Suit for Knives

Del Ben is a successful and prestigious name in the kitchen accessories market, a leading brand for premium cutting tools, a name that recalls top quality, style and decades of Italian handcraft tradition, flourished in the famous district of cutlery located in Maniago.

Simplicity, essence and purity are keywords of the Del Ben product language. These were balanced with care in the design of the new Onus knife holder, the first step in the collaboration between prestigious cutlery manufacturer Del Ben and Emo design.

Onus is an evening suit for knives, with a simple appearance but a precious feeling throughout to merge seamlessly with the contemporary kitchen. Its design communicates strength and lightness at the same time thanks to a wide front body and a thin, slim profile. Both in form and color choices, Onus incorporates features and feelings from some of the most successful products of the contemporary design era.

EMO DESIGN Selected Food & Beverage Projects

Emo Design Thinking

Emo’s design thinking is based on a market-oriented approach, able to use design research and creative expression as strategic tools for its clients. Believing that the product is the heart of a company, its development requires a set of experiences as discussion, sharing, research and method. Therefore the creativity is supported by a precise method to approach the project.  Emo design keeps the distance from the category of inspired “artist designers” and describe itself as a “surgeon designer” that offers tailor made solutions to its clients focusing on three main concepts: consistency, innovation and partnership. 

 “The consistency is the main point where to focus the activity of a project. Company brand, history, heritage, human resources and market always contain a fil-rouge and a belief that sometimes is clear and some other unexpressed. The first step for every project is to focus on these values. This is the only way to offer tailor made solutions to clients.

Nowadays, media communication forces to scale down the quantity of messages a product can offer. It is required to appeal to an easy design innovation, memorable and comprehensible by the potential consumer. This is important not only for products but also for the “product system” and therefore for the brand itself. A clear and well-defined positioning permits the company to create its own untouchable market.

EMO DESIGN Selected Food & Beverage Projects

Moreover, the maturity and continuity of a relationship within a design consultancy and the client is the key to success. Only by establishing durable partnerships, it is possible to understand the client’s needs, the efficiency of the process and the effectiveness of results.

Emo design’s aim is to develop a culture of innovation to accompany clients’ values, giving meaning to their financial strategies and helping to optimize their production processes. The approach to each project is driven by in-depth research into behaviour, desires and needs of the final user/consumer. The proper use of the "design tool" provides a clear competitive advantage for any company while products get a clear and credible positioning into the market.

Emo design projects are characterized by a clean and distinctive design. Elegant and with no frills, they are studied on details with extreme attention to proportions, ergonomy, affordance and usability. The choice of materials is conducted by the minimal ideals of reduction in the use of materials.

Thanks to its method Emo design works with companies in any field of the market, this open-minded approach help the studio to squeeze the best from every sector and to apply it in every project, this is how Emo gets a wider product vision to enrich their creations with a different prospective, offering the clients a competitive advantage through the use of a pragmatic and meticulous design.

Emo Portfolio

Lukasz Bertoli and Francesco Costacurta, both graduated in Industrial Design at the Politecnico di Milano, have worked for some of the most well known design consultancies in Austria, Italy and France. In 2009, together with specialist in marketing and account management Carlo Ciciliot, they founded the consultancy Emo design.

The 2009 is the European Year for Creativity and Innovation and Emo design present themselves on the international design scene participating to the competition 75 Ore by Lorenz, where the watch 75 is worth the first prize. It was produced on a limited edition and it won the Idot 2009.

EMO DESIGN Selected Food & Beverage Projects

In 2010 the first projects were launched on the market, as Prestige, the glass cooker hood designed for Falmec and awarded with the Red Dot Design Award 2010. The 2011 was Toba’s year, trend setter on the pellet stove market and market-leader within MCZ range, it was awarded with the iF Product Design Award 2011. In 2012 Edge and Multicanale, a brand revolution for Telcoma of Riello Elettronica Group, have been appreciated by the market and the jury of the iF Product Design Award 2012, which has given them the first prize. Despite being a young studio, Emo design with its projects has put into action the pay-off design as a strategic tool and it counts within its clients international players such as Jacuzzi, MCZ, Falmec, Riello Elettronica Gruop, Askoll and Zoppas Industries.

The experiences gained by the founders in foreign consultancies, influenced the actual Emo design internal structure. Nowadays, it is a successful studio where each team member, sharing its own experience, participates to every process of the project. Emo design is an international team that is relaying on different cultures and approaches to the project, can offer consultancy in many sectors through the use of a precise method.  Emo design projects range from lighting to electronics, from heating to furnishing.

EMO DESIGN Selected Food & Beverage Projects

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