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FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA WINES Affordable QualityFrancis Coppola believes that wine is a fundamental component of family gatherings and, combined with food and adventure naturally form the backbone of life’s experiences and celebrations. Coppola wines are crafted relying on this vision, offering consumers superior quality at affordable prices.

Director of Winemaking and General Manager Corey Beck has been an integral part of the Coppola winemaking family for more than 14 years.  A veteran California winemaker, Beck spearheads the winemaking efforts at  Francis Ford Coppola Winery. He and his dedicated winemaking team specialize in creating handcrafted, elegant wines with a distinct, signature flavor profile.

The Coppola winemaking team is widely recognized for their consistent and approachable wines, offering a trustworthy sense of familiarity. The on-site winemaking production facility is 62,500 square feet, and the winery has the capacity to produce up to 10,000 cases per day. 

Nine wine brands call Francis Ford Coppola Winery home:

  • Francis Coppola Reserve wines are limited-production single vineyard designate wines using fruit from some of Sonoma County’s most acclaimed vineyard blocks. These wines are an artistic production from vineyard to bottle -- Beck and his team hand select small batches of fruit from prestigious vineyards to deliver the flavors and aromas most representative of the terrior, while the labels are designed by Francis’s long-time friend and Academy Award-winning production designer Dean Tavoularis. Francis Coppola Reserve wines are exclusively available to winery guests, Wine Family members and those who shop.

Francis Coppola Reserve wines

  • Archimedes, the flagship wine of Francis Ford Coppola Winery, pays homage to Francis’s “Uncle Archie,” and the Coppola family's long-standing admiration of the legendary Greek mathematician, Archimedes.  Having such rich heritage in the Coppola family, Archimedes is a limited production Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon made to honor the creativity and innovation of the human spirit.
  • Director’s Family: These signature wines pay homage to the history of California filmmaking and winemaking, two great art forms that require artistic vision and top notch raw materials – whether it’s the land or the script. Director’s wines showcase the diverse range of microclimates found in the spacious Sonoma County appellation, the region that Francis Ford Coppola Winery calls home, and are crafted to embrace the signature terrior traits of the unique region, resulting in aromatic, fruit-forward wines with soft tannins.

Francis Coppola Archimedes and Director’s Family Range

  • Director’s Cut wines are creative expressions of the distinct sub-appellations of Sonoma County, showcasing winemaker Corey Beck’s forte for highlighting the bold and vivid characteristics of the renowned Russian River Valley, Dry Creek Valley, Alexander Valley and Sonoma Coast. These wines are richly layered, fullbodied and balanced.
  • Vibrant and luxurious, Diamond Collection wines have a stylish personality that is unmatched in the wine category. Diamond Collection wines are widely recognized for their fruit-forward, yet smooth style with balanced flavors that are true to varietal character. The 7 Diamond’s flagship Bordeaux blend, Claret,  is prominently veiled in gold netting to celebrate the artistry of the Old World’s bottling style, denoting authenticity and prestige, yet exudes a modern California style of winemaking.

Francis Coppola Director’s Cut and Diamond Collection

  • Votre Santé wines pay tribute to Francis's paternal grandmother, Maria Zasa, who began a family tradition of toasting “a votre santé,” meaning “to your health,” each time she raised a glass. Created in her honor, Votre Santé Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are delicately designed as the perfect accompaniment to toast any family tradition, whether preserving centuries-old traditions, or creating new and lasting memories.
  • Rosso & Bianco wines are an extension of the generations-long Coppola tradition of winemaking, crafted in the same spirit perfected by Francis’s grandfather Agostino Coppola in the 1920‟s -- they are wines for everyday life. Born from the celebration of love, Francis first created the Sofia Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine as a gift from father to daughter, and followed soon after with a Riesling, a Rosé and the Sofia Minis, with each wine embracing femininity, vibrancy and sophisticated style, evident on the palate and in the graceful packaging.     
  • Named after the Chinese princess Su Yuen whose tastes for food were legendary, Su Yuen wines are specifically crafted to pair with a wide range of foods and flavors, including spicy Thai and Chinese cuisine.

Francis Coppola Votre Santé, Rosso & Bianco and Su Yuen


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