Grand Marnier Cherry

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GRAND MARNIER CHERRY Limited EditionThe House of Marnier-Lapostolle has just announced the release of Grand Marnier Cherry: a limited edition expression that will debut for the 2012 holiday season.

From world renowned French producers of Grand Marnier – expertly blended fine cognacs flavored perfectly with the essence of exotic oranges – Grand Marnier Cherry extends the brand’s commitment to innovation and marks the launch of an entirely new series of marques that will continue to explore the world’s most elegant flavors.  

Grand Marnier Cherry is blended with the same, premium quality cognacs – sourced from the best crus of the Cognac region and aged in French oak barrels – used to craft the original Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge. This unique new expression, inclusive of the orange spirit the brand is best known for, also blends the essence of natural European Griottes cherries.

To ensure world-class quality, the Grand Marnier spirits are synonymous with, the 100% natural Griottes cherries are hand selected from one of Europe’s finest producers. Each and every step of the spirit-making process is strictly controlled, from painstaking selection to delivery and maceration of the fruit in neutral alcohol for three to four weeks to extract the peak of flavor and aromas.

The result is an elegant and delicious spirit distinguished by the natural essence of cherry and orange. Grand Marnier Cherry’s rich, deep red and all natural color is warmed by just a touch of an amber tone imparted from the cognac. On the nose, its elegance is immediately evident: one’s first perception is of the traditional wild tropical oranges of Grand Marnier followed quickly by the scent of rich and ripened cherries. From the first sip, Grand Marnier Cherry delivers a lush and complex, yet balanced, marriage of orange and cherry flavors mellowed by the cognac that sustains the delicious flavors of the fruits for a long finish.

Grand Marnier Cherry follows on the heels of last year’s highly successful launch of Quintessence, the first new marque since the release of Cuvee du Cent-Cinquantenaire, which marks the brand’s 150th anniversary in 1977.  Created to please the most discerning palates, Grand Marnier Cherry is taking its place as a most intriguing addition to the evolving world of Grand Marnier.

In North America, the Grand Marnier Cherry will be available nationwide beginning in September for a limited time.


About Grand Marnier Cognacs

Each year, the Marnier-Lapostolle family choose the finest eaux-de-vie, made exclusively with Ugni Blanc grapes, from the Cognac region's premier growing districts. These eaux-de-vie have undergone two distinct distillations, using traditional copper pot stills. Stored in handcrafted oak casks, they are aged in the cellars of the Marnier-Lapostolle family's Château de Bourg-Charente. When the time is right, our Cellar Master works with a wide variety of cognacs to create a blend that perfectly matches the flavour of the tropical Citrus bigaradia orange.

Only one kind of orange is used to create the orange essence of Grand Marnier: an exotic, wild variety called Citrus bigaradia. Mainly handpicked at the Marnier-Lapostolle plantation in the Caribbean, the oranges are cut into quarters while still green and therefore at their aromatic peak. The pulp is removed and the peels are left to dry in the tropical sun. Upon arrival at the family distillery in Neauphle-le-Château – established in 1827 – the dried orange peels are macerated in neutral alcohol. This flavoured alcohol is then carefully distilled to produce an aromatic concentrate: essence of Citrus bigaradia.


The cognac and essence of wild tropical oranges are carefully blended with other components, according to a secret recipe transmitted from father to son for generations, and is then slowly aged in French oak casks. Grand Marnier liqueur is bottled at the Marnier-Lapostolle plant in Gaillon-Aubevoye in the heart of Normandy.

Each bottle is embellished with the famous red moiré ribbon, wax seal and label… before being shipped to one of 150 countries all over the world. Each day, more than 100,000 bottles are shipped.

For More than 150 years – and six generations – after it was established, Grand Marnier is still owned and managed by the family that founded it: the Marnier-Lapostolles.

Today the company’s president, Jacques Marnier-Lapostolle, defends the same values as those of his great-great-grandfather: quality, authenticity and style.


About Marnier-Lapostolle North America

The House of Marnier-Lapostolle North America is a family owned and operated luxury spirit and wine producer and operates as the direct importer in the United States. The portfolio includes: Grand Marnier Liqueurs, GM Titanium, KAPPA Pisco, Lapostolle and Château de Sancerre wines.  Alexandra Marnier Lapostolle, the great granddaughter of the creator and founder of Grand Marnier, has served as President of Marnier-Lapostolle since 2007.


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