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G’VINE GINS So Traditionally UnconventionalG’Vine, handcrafted in France, conveys the very essence of a culture world-renown for creating and enjoying life’s pleasures: art de vivre, luxury, perfumes, gastronomy, culture, and tradition.

Always provocative and at times controversial, France is a country self-defined by its critical spirit, freedom of expression, and diversity. G'Vine Gin de France was born in this blooming, creative environment where free spirit and audacity are kings, where individuality is respected and diversity celebrated, where innovation can rhyme with tradition.

G’Vine redefines the frontiers of the gin category, erasing preconceived ideas and changing the perception of this centuries-old spirit. By marrying ancestral grape distillation techniques and infusion practices with the cutting edge introduction of the rare vine flower, G'Vine is shaking up codes and conventions while respecting tradition and local heritage--initiating a new gin-eration.

While most of the world’s gin is made from grain spirit, G’Vine Gin is crafted from grape spirit. Utilizing grape as a base, just as the very first historical juniper spirits in France, Belgium and Holland back in the 13th century were crafted, imparts a silky, luxurious taste and experience to G’Vine.

France’s Cognac region is the birthplace of centuries-old distillation practices using Ugni Blanc grape varietal, recognized for its perfect adaptability to the distillation process: high in acidity and neutral in flavor. In September, the grapes are harvested and immediately pressed and converted to wine.

The result is then distilled in a column still producing a neutral grape spirit over 96.4 % abv – 192.8 proof. Unlike traditional grain spirit associated with Gin production, the neutral grape spirit is significantly smoother with a heady body.

It is the ideal canvas to fully express the complex delicacy of any botanical.

Once a year, in mid-June, the rare green grape flower blossoms to life, gently awakened by the sun. A bewitching and unique fragrance of flowers and fruits arises from the vineyard.

G’VINE GINS So Traditionally Unconventional

This precious and delicate flower, which exists for just a few days before maturing into a grape berry, is immediately hand-picked to preserve its exhilarating and spellbinding fragrance. The flower is carefully macerated in the neutral grape spirit over a period of several days to obtain the best floral essence. The infusion is then distilled in a small Florentine pot still. The result of this unique process is a wonderful journey into the very essence of the blossoming vineyards.

G’VINE GINS So Traditionally UnconventionalAs the neutral grape spirit and the green grape flower infusion are nurtured, nine fresh whole-fruit botanicals chosen for their purity, aroma and properties are sourced and collected from all over the world.

The botanicals include juniper berries, ginger root, liquorice, cassia bark, green cardamom, coriander, cubeb berries, nutmeg and lime. These botanicals are macerated over a two to five day process by group to extract their purest aromas and distilled in the neutral grape spirit. Small bespoken liquor stills are used to insure the best quality.

In the final step, the green grape flowers infusion, the botanicals distillates and more neutral grape spirit are blended together in perfect proportion and undergo a final distillation in a copper pot still affectionately nicknamed “Lily Fleur.” The result is G’Vine, the world’s first gin made from grape spirit, starring the vine flower.

G’Vine embodies the vine’s life cycle, resulting in G’Vine Floraison and G’Vine Nouaison. The two products illustrate the evolution of the grape through its various stages, from the blossoming period through the harvest.

G’Vine Floraison captures the essence of the ephemeral, exhilarating fragrance of the vineyard when the vine flower blooms to life, and the warmth of the arrival of summer. With a 40% abv – 80 proof, G’Vine Floraison is smooth, vibrantly floral and warmly spice.

G’Vine Nouaison captures the emotion around the birth of the berry and its silver grey bottle embodies the unique and vibrant concentration of energy, intensity and spiciness of this important and special phase. With an abv of 43.9% - 87.8 proof, G’Vine Nouaison is silky, intensely spicy and subtly floral.

G’Vine FloraisonG’Vine Floraison Tasting Notes: Smooth, Vibrantly Floral, Warmly Spicy

The subtle, aromatic vine flower together with the grape spirit soften the traditional juniper taste and make it a well-balanced, full bodied and soft gin, appreciated by gin and non gin-drinkers alike.

• Nose : delicate, sweet and floral, with a spicy warmth (hints of cardamom and ginger).

• Palate : smooth, subtle, round, grassy with flowers and spice. The floral taste of the vine flower is very upfront, with juniper, cardamom and ginger following along.

• Finish : brings back the floral taste again, and is very long and dry. Clean crispy back end.


G’Vine NouaisonG’Vine Nouaison Tasting Notes: Silky, Intensely Spicy, Subtly Floral

G’Vine Nouaison amplifies the aromas of the spices, yet retains the sensual and silky grape base as well as the subtle floral note. Superb in a dry martini or in a cocktail, it is an absolute alternative to the classic London Dry gin.

• Nose : Round and warm, acutely botanical, viny, woodsy/forestlike, juniper and cassia bark.

• Palate : Fruity and rich. Intense and complex aromas of cinnamon bark, baked citrus, floral juniper follow through on a round, silky, zesty and robust entry. Very sharp with a solid character.

• Finish : powerful interplay of juniper, herb, wood and flowery notes, fruity ripe, citrusy.


G’Vine Gins are currently available in the finest on and off-premise locations in Europe - France, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, Holland, UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Czech Republic, Slovakia -, Japan, Australia, USA and Puerto Rico.

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Founded in 2001 in Cognac, France, by experienced distillers and oenologists Jean Sébastien Robicquet and Bruno de Reilhac, EuroWineGate specializes in innovation, creation, and distribution of contemporary world class spirits & wines. EWG’s vision is to leverage its strong traditions and culture in relation with the wine world to create and commercialize ultra-premium and inspirational products.

In addition to G’Vine, EuroWineGate created with Diageo, the world’s leading premium drinks business, Cîroc, the world’s first vodka made entirely from grapes. EuroWineGate is also the producer of K’orus wines, which are distributed in the US.

G’VINE GINS So Traditionally Unconventional

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