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JIM BEAM Exclusive 1795 LabelBeam Inc., in collaboration with distributor Maxxium Travel Retail, is reinforcing Jim Beam’s position as the world’s number one bourbon and highlighting its premium credentials, with the launch of Jim Beam 1795 at Frankfurt Airport.

Available from June exclusively at the Heinemann Duty Free store in Frankfurt’s T1 B Schengen luxury lounge, Jim Beam 1795 celebrates the beginnings of the Jim Beam distillery, linking it with its present day contemporary image. It is a limited edition of only 200 700ml bottles and retails at 139 €.  The unique hand-crafted spirit is made from 8 year old bourbon sourced from the top floor of a specially selected five floor rack house. The liquid is 95 proof with an ABV of 47.5%.

Jim Beam 1795 is presented in an ultra-premium authentic flask made of high clarity flint glass with a heavy set base. The bottle is sold in a black box with 1795 and the signature of the founder, James B. Beam, printed on it.  

Head of purchasing LTC at Gebr. Heinemann, Rüdiger Stelkens says: “We aim to provide our customers with the best range of spirits and most exclusive premium editions. We are delighted to distribute Jim Beam 1795 exclusively and expect this limited edition to be very well received by our customers.”

The introduction of this new collector bottle from Jim Beam follows the successful launch in European travel retail of Red Stag by Jim Beam in April 2011 and Devil’s Cut earlier this year. It further demonstrates Beam’s commitment to growing the bourbon category through innovation.

JIM BEAM Exclusive 1795 LabelBeam’s EMEA travel retail business manager, Antony Kime, says: “European travel retail is an important showcase for Jim Beam and Germany is our most important market. We are committed to leading the bourbon category and through our on-going innovation programme and outstanding activation in market, we will drive the brand’s strong growth still further.”

Maxxium Travel Retail’s managing director, Glen Williams says: “We have enjoyed a strong working relationship with Heinemann for many years so are delighted to offer them this truly collectable ultra-premium edition.

Jim Beam 1795 will reinforce customer loyalty and strengthen our position in the premium bourbon market.”

Jim Beam 1795 Tasting Notes

The product is oak-forward in taste as a reflection of its time in the upper racks. The spirit is alive with vanillas and tannins from the oak. It has a medium to long palette with a delicate sweet finish.

• Jim Beam is the number 1 Bourbon in the world

• Jim Beam has a strong family heritage with 7 generations of family distillers dating back to 1795.

• The recipe has stayed the same for 215 years, producing a bourbon with a distinctive smooth, rich flavour.

• Jim Beam was given its name in 1933 after Colonel James B. Beam, who rebuilt the business following prohibition

Jim Beam Heritage

217 years was a long time ago.. Think colonists with powdered wigs and wooden teeth who had to drink alcohol in the hopes that it would combat the effects of unsanitized water and poor living conditions and fortify their diets.

During this time, immigrants from Germany named Boehm came to America. They later changed the spelling to Beam, and fortunately for us, seven generations of Beams would – and still do – ensure that their name would remain synonymous with the world's finest and best-selling bourbon.

JIM BEAM’S DEVIL’S CUT Unleash Your Spirit

What is Bourbon?

Bourbon is kinda like whiskey's "sweet spot." Why? Well, first, because corn is a sweet grain. The more corn, the sweeter the whiskey. Also, it's tougher to make bourbon than whiskey. In fact, the government actually has standards for "Straight Bourbon Whiskey."

By law, bourbon must be:

  • Produced in the USA
  • Made of a grain mix of at least 51% corn
  • Distilled at less than 160 proof (80% ABV)
  • No additives allowed (except water to reduce proof where necessary)
  • Aged in new, charred white oak barrels
  • Aged for a minimum of two years*

* To be called "Straight" bourbon

JIM BEAM’S DEVIL’S CUT Unleash Your Spirit

Bourbon's Ingredients

Simply put, bourbon is distilled grain and water. We mix more than 51% corn (as required by the government) with barley, malt and rye. Then we add a little yeast. Not just any yeast, either. We've used the same, private-stock strain of yeast since Prohibition was repealed. Then we add pure, iron-free water, some time and a whole lotta love. And there you have it: The World's Finest Bourbon.

America's Native Spirit

The Beam family's contribution to America: The World's Finest Bourbon. Bourbon is America's contribution to the world of whiskey. To make it official, the U.S. Congress recognized Bourbon as America's Native Spirit in 1964, about 200 years after the very first bourbon went into a barrel.

JIM BEAM’S DEVIL’S CUT Unleash Your Spirit

1. All bourbon is whiskey but not all whiskey is bourbon. Tennessee whiskey? Not bourbon. Canadian whiskey? Nope. Scotch? Definitely not bourbon... you get the idea.

2. Bourbon is all-American. In 1964, under President Lyndon Johnson's administration, Congress declared bourbon America's Native Spirit (LBJ sure enjoyed his bourbon.).

3. The only thing that can be added to bourbon is water (and only to bring it down to proof). Other whiskey makers can add colors and flavors to their products.

4. Whiskey can age in re-used barrels. By law Bourbon must use NEW charred American white oak barrels. Scotch whiskey often recycles barrels first used for bourbon. Probably to try to steal some of the bourbon's flavor!

5. It can't say "bourbon" on the label if it's not distilled in the United States. And it can't be "Kentucky Bourbon" unless it's distilled in Kentucky.

JIM BEAM Exclusive 1795 Label


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