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MADAME FLAVOUR TEAMelbourne business woman, Corinne Noyes, has successfully filled a gap in the Australian tea market. Her Madame Flavour range of teas and tisanes have struck a chord with people wanting a more satisfying brew, without the fuss of using a tea pot.

Madame Flavour loose-leaf blends, packaged in silky biodegradable infuser pods, can be found in more than 1800 supermarkets in Australia, New Caledonia and Hong Kong; in cafes and hotels around the world; and on Virgin Australia and Virgin Pacific flights.

With extensive consumer marketing experience, Corinne knew when she started her company in 2008 that attractive packaging alone would not be enough to secure supermarket stockists nor customer devotion.

Despite a shoe-string budget, Corinne – who has worked with some of the world’s largest fast-moving consumer good companies – commenced planning in the same manner she would approach the development of any big brand.

She began researching by recruiting tea drinkers from the local shopping centre for focus groups conducted in her lounge room. The research results confirmed her gut feeling: there were plenty of ‘me too’ teas – functional and quite masculine brands already in supermarkets. This left room for a colourful, feminine brand. Consequently, Madame Flavour was born.

“The French definition of ‘madame’ is a married woman. She has a wisdom, maturity and self-assuredness that ripens with age. It is the perfect word to name the creator of elegant blends of teas and tisanes. Madame Flavour comes with a story, she’s a ‘kindred spirit’ who is interested to hear what customers have to say and wants to be part of their lives,” Corinne said.

Over the years, the brand has taken on a life of its own and accumulated an adoring fan base, receiving daily mail addressed to ‘Dear Madame Flavour’ (which Corinne and her trusty assistant Chance respond to personally).

MADAME FLAVOUR TEA“My research showed that tea drinkers were nostalgic for the days of longer leaf tea steeped in a tea pot. While consumers longed for the tea flavour of yesteryear, the pace of modern life required a more speedy and convenient process for making the perfect cup,” Corinne said.

“When I first saw an ‘infuser pod’ – a pyramid-shaped pod designed to infuse longer leaf tea – I immediately knew it was the way to go. Tea drinkers could enjoy seeing the leaves and flower petals, watching them unfurl and infuse, then savour the delicate flavours,” she said.

Corinne started experimenting with blends, even traveling to Sri Lanka to develop the initial range.

Using $20,000 of personal savings and mortgaging the family home, Corinne prepared the best plans and visual package she could afford to promote her products and recruit retailers. During this time, Corinne continued working part-time and juggling family commitments.

MADAME FLAVOUR TEAIn this highly competitive market, Corinne needed to show that Madame Flavour had a real point of difference to what was readily available and it would be desirable to a large group of customers.

She also needed to demonstrate that she could supply the quantities required and had robust marketing plans to generate sales.

With the proviso of a few tweaks and some extremely tight deadlines, Madame Flavour won its first customer – Woolworths Ltd.

“I met with the Woolworths buyer in February 2008. He liked the concept and needed the product ready in three months. Otherwise we would have to wait until December. I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity, so I said ‘yes’ and decided I’d worry about how to make it happen later on,” Corinne recalls.

“I flew to Colombo with 14kg of Australian Lemon Myrtle sourced from a family business in Lismore in Victoria, and Mountain Pepper from bush food friends in South Gippsland. The taxi smelt amazing. I wanted to personally oversee and approve the packaging and production because attention to detail is a key feature of Madame Flavour,” she said.

Today Corinne’s regular travel destinations include Sri Lanka, China, Europe, New Zealand and across Australia to source the very best ingredients.

Product Overview: Made With Love

Let me share my secrets to the perfect cup of tea. With my tea taster extraordinaire, I search for subtle and elegant loose leaf teas from boutique estates in the classic tea producing countries of Ceylon, China and India. I then dream up each blend, taking care, adding special touches of Australian spices and flower petals, ensuring balanced flavours, using only natural ingredients. The piece de resistance is the delicate, sensual infuser pods, created to give the larger loose leaves the space to unfurl and infuse to perfection. Enjoy the rich aromas and savour every sip of this special tea experience.

The Blends


This special blend marks my pilgrimage to Sri Lanka, in the footsteps of my parents who met and married in Colombo in 1956. My mother was with the French Trade Commission. My father, 17 years her senior, was enjoying the last days of the Raj; cocktails at the tennis club, white dinner suits, a driver, cook and gardener.

As a child I watched my father's 8mm films of those times with wonder; the bejewelled dancers and elephants, festivals and green hill country. This special blend is also familiar, shades of my English Breakfast but a little stronger, a little maltier.

The leaf teas are from three of my favourite estates in Ceylon and Assam; two organic, the third, Ceciliyan Estate makes just wonderful honey-like tea. It is my special blend. I drink it daily.


I met my sweetheart quite late in life. My earlier years were filled with adventures of a different type. I loved to travel. I lived in a mountain hamlet in Norway, discovered the secrets of New York with a French chocolatier, and salsa-danced my way across Cuba. Wherever I went in the world, Earl Grey remained my favourite tea. Delicate and perfumed, it was comforting and familiar in the midst of bustling unknown streets. It tasted of gentle times spent with my dearest friends. Grey de Luxe is my interpretation of that loved blend; true to the original, with special touches to make it a little more Madame Flavour.

Each silky pod is filled with smooth Ceylon and malty Assam leaf tea, a pinch of lemon myrtle for its sumptuous citrus; and a sprinkling of lavender flowers, whose scent is familiar and timeless, just like this luxurious blend.

Green Jasmine Pear

Scent stirs strong memories. For me, the scent of Jasmine evokes memories of the exotic tea salon tucked away in the Marais district of Paris where I had my first cup of this classic tea with my mother.  We'd been happily wandering the streets of her childhood all day... Green tea brings me back to earth.  A smooth Chinese green, full of health-giving properties. A cup to enjoy, to re-infuse several times. Let me know what you think.

Sultry Chai

Thick, milky, sweet and straight from a shot glass. Drinking Chai like a local is one of my greatest travelling pleasures in India. To bring the experience home I've created an authentic blend which replicates the comfort and allure of real Chai and added an Australian touch. Whole cardamom and fennel seeds, generous pieces of cinnamon, safflower petals and organic Australian Mountain Pepper leaf are blended with malty Assam and Sri Lankan high grown black tea. My favourite way of enjoying it is with hot milk or soy and honey.

Madame Flavour Tea Green Jasmine Pear & Sultry Chai

White with Rose

Peony White tea. As rare and luxurious as it sounds.

One unopened bud and two leaves are hand-picked in spring-time only, then naturally withered in the Fujian mountain sunshine to coax out the qualities so prized by Chinese royalty for centuries – silvery buds which give subtle sweetness and are rich in anti-oxidants.

Studies are now showing that white tea is higher in anti-oxidants than green tea.

I couldn't resist adding the ultimate romantic gesture. Rose. Just like my darling Matthias, when he filled our small apartment in Wellington with fragrant pink roses after proposing.

I said yes of course.

Mint Lavender Tisane

Organic Peppermint, native Peppermint gum, organic spearmint and lavender flowers combine to create this individual high tea experience.

The Source

Local Ingredients

MADAME FLAVOUR TEATarnuk Bush Foods and Flowers, South Gippsland, VIC

Tarnuk is run by the delightful Meredith and Gil Freeman whom I first met after discovering Mountain Pepper growing on my South Gippsland retreat.

Fascinated, I joined the local 'Prom Country Bushfoods' group to learn about this world of wonderful, exotic flavours I had never heard of, despite considering myself a gourmet. Since then, I use Mountain Pepperberries in our home pepper grinder, and Lemon Myrtle Chicken – Poulet a la Myrtle au Citron – has become Monsieur Flavour's signature dish.

When the time came to create the tea blends, it was natural to me to consider including my favorite Australian ingredients. From Tarnuk comes the organic Mountain Pepper leaf for our very Sultry Chai. (Certified organic NASAA No. 3363)

The Tarnuk farm consists of nine acres of Australian indigenous 'food forest', enjoying deep fertile soil, and the rolling hills and skyscapes of the blue-gum country of the Strezlecki ranges. Registered with Land for Wildlife, the property is shared with over 50 species of native birds, wombats, blue tongue lizards and an occasional black wallaby, koala or echidna.

Facts: Mountain Pepper (Tasmannia Lanceolata)

Family: Winteraceae

Native To: Cool, moist, elevated areas in Tasmania and south-east Australia.

Part Used: Leaves and fruit.

Leaves: aromatic dark green and shiny.

Fruit: pea sized, purple-black berries.

Flavour: The leathery leaves offer a heat, with an unusual fragrant, spicy taste and a 'bushy' rainforest feel.

Wild Harvest/Cultivated Supplies: Most supplies come from wild harvest.

Madame Flavour Tea Infuser PodThe Infuser Pod

My Aha Moment

It is said the first tea bags were accidentally developed in 1907 by an American tea merchant Thomas Sullivan. Thomas began distributing samples of his tea in small silk bags with a drawstring. Customers noticed that they could simply leave the tea in the bag and voilá. Over the last 100 years, the convenient silk bag full of tea leaves has devolved into a paper bag filled with very small grades of tea, called 'dust' and 'fannings'. Still very convenient but not the same experience.

My Infuser Pod Moment

The moment I was presented with my first infuser pod in a tiny gyoza restaurant in Kyoto, I was hooked. They are just irresistible as far as I am concerned. Perfect little packages with a purpose.

Sensual silken purses, designed to hold loose tea leaves which need more space to expand when they infuse. Infuser Pods are a complete sensory experience. It is grounding and an unexpected pleasure to see, touch and smell real tea leaves, spices and flower petals through that delicate mesh. My infuser pods are sealed with heat, so there is no bleaching of paper or staples. Best of all in my opinion, I am proud to let you know that Madame Flavour Infuser Pods are fully biodegradable. Not made from nylon, but instead from natural corn fibres.

My Standards

On each pack there is a summary of key elements of the tea. I would like to explain these in more detail:

Loose Leaf tea:

Generally tea bags are filled with the smallest particles. I've called mine 'loose leaf grade tea' to make clear the distinction. Most of the Madame Flavour tea is a much larger BOP1 grade. This leaf has more subtle flavours as it retains more essential oils.

Organic Ingredients:

I choose my tea based on flavour. If the tea is delicious and organic , even better. In each of these blends at least 70% of the tea is certified organic/organic in conversion and has been produced in a certified organic packing plant. The balance is just delicious. The organic certifiers of the tea are Control Union (formerly SKAL International) and The Institute for Marketecology (IMO). The production and processing is inspected by Intertek to ensure it fulfils the criteria of the Regulation.

Fairly Sourced:

I source tea direct from the estate in all cases. The two main estates we buy from charge a higher than market price price and have very good working conditions, along the fair trade model.

Madame Flavour Tea

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