Matusalem Rum

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Matusalem Rum

Let your passions run free and lose yourself in the spirit of Cuba!

Our legendary Matusalem Rum is made in the fine Cuban tradition of limited quantities and exacting standards according to our secret family recipe, just as it was over a century ago.

Today, Matusalem Rum is regarded as one of the finest rums in the world.

A Company Steeped In Heritage

The history of Matusalem Rum is inexorably entwined in the history of Cuba itself. From rum’s creation in the early days of Caribbean settlement, through the country’s “Golden Age of Cocktails,” to the devastating grip of Communist control – Matusalem Rum has ridden the wave of excitement and intrigue that have enveloped the island since the days of its discovery.

Matusalem & Company founded in 1872 in Santiago de Cuba to create the highest quality, smoothest tasting rum in the world.

The Guiding Principles of Our Company Since 1872 have been:

• Premium Ingredients
• Secret Formula
• Solera Blending
• Exacting Standards

Matusalem Rum
Matusalem Rum

The History

In the early 1870s two Spanish settlers, Benjamin and Eduardo Camp sail from Spain to Cuba with the intention of establishing a rum distillery.

In 1872, the brothers, along with their partner Evaristo Álvarez, establish the Matusalem brand in Santiago de Cuba using a closely guarded secret formula. They combine their skills and expertise in the distillation and blending principles of the Solera system, which was originally developed to produce Spain’s famed wine, sherries, brandies, and cognacs.

The name “Matusalem” is chosen to impart to connoisseurs a sense of the aging process necessary to achieve the rum’s unique flavors. It is from the popular Spanish proverb “Esto es mas viejo que Matusalem,” meaning “It’s older than Methuselah.” Methuselah is the Old Testament patriarch who is said to have lived for 969 years.

Matusalem Rum

In the late 1800s Matusalem Rum changes the world of rum forever. Gone was the harsh liquor of the past, replaced with a smooth, mellow and refined drink that would continue to develop along with a profound sense of cultural identity.

Matusalem Rum earns the first of many international awards. It receives top honors in 1881, 1904 and 1911, and continues to garner top honors through the twentieth century and into the twenty-first.

Cuba gains independence in 1898. Though the Spanish-American War has a disruptive effect on businesses, the company continues to thrive.
Claudio Alvarez LeFebre, son of Evaristo Álvarez, joins the Company. Evaristo Álvarez daughter marries the son of Eduardo Camp – forever uniting the two families.

In 1912, Benjamin Camp returns to Spain, leaving the company in the capable hands of his brother Evaristo Álvarez.

Matusalem Rum

For the next 25 years, Claudio Álvarez LeFebre leads the company. His rum production knowledge and expertise, along with his good judgment and administrative skill, help the company thrive. Cuban rum catches on in world markets.

Due to prohibition, Cuba then becomes the American tourist destination of choice between the 1930s and 1950s, starting the country’s “Golden Age of Cocktails”. Matusalem Rum captures the collective palate of the world, ensuring continued international success with over 50% of the Cuban Rum market.

Claudio Álvarez LeFebre asks his only son, Claudio Álvarez Soriano, to join the company. Schooled in the U.S., the young Álvarez’ management and marketing skills take Matusalem Rum to the next level of success. But 1956 is a difficult year. Claudio Álvarez LeFebre passes away, and six months later, his grieving son Claudio Álvarez Soriano dies of lung cancer. Their passing leaves the Company, in the midst of its success, without real leadership.

That same year, Fidel Castro renews his guerilla war against President Fulgencio Batista.

In 1959, Fidel Castro seizes control of the Cuban Government. The days of the Matusalem brand as a Cuban-based enterprise are numbered. 
It is the end of an era. The Álvarez family, the company and Cuba are utterly changed – forever.

The family is forced into exile, and the family-owned and operated business is relocated to the United States by three branches of
the family. Family feuding begins over control of Matusalem; the brand is neglected.

Matusalem Rum Advert History

The Rebirth of a Legend

Matusalem Rum

In the 1990’s, following a successful medical career, Dr. Claudio Álvarez – great-grandson of the founder – litigates for control of the company. An out-of-court settlement in 1995 rewards Dr. Álvarez with Matusalem & Co. In the early years of the millennium, Dr. Alvarez repositions the whole Matusalem Rum portfolio focusing solely on premium rums in an effort to return to the company’s roots. The Matusalem Gran Reserva was re-launched with a super premium price strategy. Two new products followed: Clásico and Platino, which exploit a growing trend of premium rums in Europe. Solera7 was introduced in 2005 as the premium rum segment explodes in Spain and Italy. Matusalem Añejo was launched in 2010 in select markets, a sophisticated, elegant rum competitively priced to compete in the high-volume premium rum segment.

A Modern Company, Rooted in Tradition

Today, Matusalem Rum is produced in the Dominican Republic, whose soils and climate create the highest quality sugar cane which is used in the family’s secret formula, under the watchful eyes of our master blenders.

These master blenders are all descendants of the founders, and are faithfully committed to maintaining our centuries old technique of Solera blending. In the Solera blending process, various mature aged Caribbean rums are carefully blended with more exuberant rums to create exceptionally smooth, unique blends.

Matusalem Gran Reserva Solera 15

The Challenge

Rum has been one of the largest and fastest growing spirit categories in the last 5 years – driven by product innovation and geographic expansion.

However, the super and ultra-premium rum segments do remain relatively small. The category suffers from lack of sophistication and image status. Recent trends, especially in Europe, show a growing consumer appreciation and increased interest in more expensive aged, super-premium rum.

In response to the demand to satisfy the growing segment of consumers with more sophisticated and discerning taste, Matusalem introduced its ultra-premium rum Gran Reserva 23 in late 2009.

What Makes Matsusalem Rum So Special?

• Matusalem is made with highest quality ingredients.
• The same family recipe and process for over 135 years.
• Matusalem only selects and ages the purest distilled alcohol.
• Matusalem Rum’s aging and blending process is based on the Solera method.
• Solera was adapted to rum production by Matusalem founders to create a range of exceptionally smooth, and unique blends from a combination of varying aged rums.
• The maturity of the rum achieved in the final stage/tier of the Solera indicates the Solera Blender number.



Matusalem Gran Reserva Solera 15: Our Flagship Brand

Matusalem Gran Reserva Solera 15

Known as the “Cognac of Rums”, Matusalem Gran Reserva 15 is our crowning achievement. It is the perfect choice for consumers who are looking for exceptional quality and sophisticated taste. Not all rums are created equal, and just one sip of Matusalem Gran Reserva emphasizes that point. Complex, yet velvety smooth, with pronounced bouquet and flavor, Gran Reserva is ideally enjoyed neat or on the rocks, but will also make your favorite cocktail even better.

Tasting Notes:

• Rich golden color compatible to those found in the world’s best aged spirits in oak barrels.
• Clear and brilliant red and amber tones come from the Solera system of blending young and mature rums in oak casks.

• Aroma of sweet vanilla, molasses, caramel, nuts and plums.
• This lavish offering results in a mellow, rich, subtle and exquisitely refined rum.

• Superbly blended in the grand Cuban tradition, offers adelicate taste.
• Complex, yet velvety smooth, with an exceptional bouquet and flavor of vanilla, molasses caramel, nuts and spices.

• Dry, toasty flavors take center stage.
• Slowly ebbing away in a long, satisfying finish.


Matusalem Clásico Solera 10


Matusalem Clásico, a classic golden rum, is crafted from select rums aged in a new world oak and married in a 10-year Solera system to create a premium rum of superior quality, distinct flavor and exceptional smoothness. Handsomely presented in distinctive packaging emphasizing Clásico’s Cuban heritage, this premium rum enhances the flavor of any cocktail – from the classics to today’s newer variations.


Tasting Notes:



• Deep copper/honey brown color is an attention-grabbing drink.



• Aroma is made from a blend of molasses-based, distilled rums.

• Seductive bouquet brimming with the warm creamy aromas of vanilla, coconut, molasses and toffee.



• An intriguing, fine bourbon-like quality .

• Full-bodied rum and is jam-packed with toasty, well-balance flavors of butterscotch & nutmeg that dance over the palate without a trace of excess heat.



• Warm, creamy, lingering and flavorful finish. A premium in the dark rum category.


Matusalem Platino


Matusalem Platino

Matusalem Platino, a premium white rum, is a unique blend of triple-distilled, hand-crafted spirits, joined in a special process, and filtered and refined to create a rum of exceptionally clean taste, delicate balance and subtle flavor. Presented in distinctive packaging emphasizing the rum’s heritage, Platino is a discerning trade up for standard rum drinkers and a sophisticated alternative to premium vodka drinkers. Enjoy Platino mixed in your favorite cocktails.

Tasting Notes:

• Crystal clear, clean, light and dry. The rum style of choice for rums deep in Cuban traditions.
• Traditional spirit is continuous-distilled and aged in New World oak barrels.

• An alluring bouquet that is subtly perfumed with floral aromas.

• On the palate, it enters softly, then steadily grows in intensity and heat.
Essentially dry, with a slight trace of sweetness and a delicate fruity but indiscernible array of flavors.

• The finish is medium length with delicately sweet molasses-based notes.

Matusalem Rum