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“My Grandfather told me each pursuit in life should be a noble one.” Darren De Bortoli

First created by Darren De Bortoli at the family winery in Bilbul in 1982, Noble One has gone on to be one of the most awarded wines in history, garnering more than 108 trophies and 358 Gold medals both nationally and internationally.

2012 marks 30 years since Darren first introduced Noble One to the world. Incredibly it has maintained its position as Australia's benchmark dessert wine ever since. 

The Wine

Noble One is a truly iconic Australian wine. It has raised the profile of premium Australian wines overseas and its success helped boost the confidence of local winemakers to take risks with new styles.

Deen De Bortoli, an admirer of sweet wines from Germany, wanted to try his hand at making a similar style of wine. He believed that the conditions in Griffith were favourable to the experiment. Autumn in the Riverina region often sees long, dry, warm days interspersed with a sprinkling of showers and heavy morning dews, an ideal situation for producing the botrytis cinerea.

There were many factors working against Deen’s vision. With no market for sweet wines at the time, local growers were reluctant to encourage mould on their grapes. But the combination of Deen’s determination, Darren’s education and a series of lucky circumstances meant the stars aligned for something magical.

“My grandfather told me from a very early age that I was going to be a winemaker. You go down that one track and things happen almost because they were meant to happen”, says Darren.

There certainly seems to be something predetermined in the birth of Noble One. Luckily, one thing in their favour was the surplus of Semillon grapes. Word went around the region that, as Emeri puts it, “this mad winemaker is going around the place buying rotten grapes”.

By the time the grapes were bought, it was late in the season and many of the pickers had left. To get the grapes in, Deen had to get his pickers where he could find them. The family! And so it was, Noble One came into existence. Who would know that a future Australian wine icon had been made?

With 27 vintages under its belt, and an ongoing reputation for quality, Noble One is the flagship wine for the De Bortoli family. Not bad for a wine that many believed could never be made.

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The Pope Presented With Noble One


NOBLE ONE De Bortoli WineAccolades

There are many ways to judge the success of a wine. Trophies, favourable reviews, restaurant stockists or even its appearance at A-List events. For Noble One, sales alone cannot define the impact it has had.

It is a wine that graces the lists of some of the world’s most prestigious restaurants, including three Michelin star Parisian restaurants like Alain Ducasse, Georges Blanc and places like La Pyramide in Vienna.

Noble One is the only botrytis style wine to be rated by prestigious wine auctioneers Langton’s. It was served to Princess Mary and Prince Frederick just prior to their wedding. It’s also a favourite of British race car legend Sterling Moss.

But some of the best stories about Noble One do not include celebrities, royalty, lauded restaurants or cabinets full of trophies. They are simply stories about enjoying the wine in different ways.

In his book Crush, The New Australian Wine Book, Max Allen writes;“It’s worth recording that the first time I drank the now legendary 1982 was in 1991, out of the bottle, sitting on a rooftop one night in South London at the end of a particularly eventful party, watching a now-famous wine writer do his Dick Van Dyke routine from Mary Poppins.” 

American food writer and chocolate enthusiast Emily Stone, recently wrote on the website Serious Eats: “Just in time for Valentines Day, I've found it, the perfect pair: Guittard's Nocturne chocolate bar and a bottle of De Bortoli Noble One from Australia. The Nocturne is sharp and tangy. The Noble One is sticky and sweet. They both taste like the fruits of gods."

NOBLE ONE De Bortoli WineVictor De Bortoli remembers his mother Emeri “pouring some Noble One over my vanilla ice cream” and Emeri herself talks about using Noble One in her cooking. She understands that some purists might be horrified. “Deen always said that when I was in the kitchen no wine was safe,” she laughs. 

Noble One has come to mean many things to many people in many different places. And that is its ultimate success. 

About De Bortoli

De Bortoli Wines is a third generation family wine company established by Vittorio and Giuseppina De Bortoli in 1928.

The couple emigrated to Australia from Northern Italy, from mountain villages at the foothills of the Italian Alps, near the historic town of Asolo.

Their son, the energetic and dynamic Deen De Bortoli, (b 1936 – d 2003) expanded and consolidated the business created by his parents. Deen's children established De Bortoli's reputation for premium wine including icon dessert wine Noble One and the Yarra Valley wines.

Italian family values passed down from Vittorio remain core values, there is a culture of hard work, generosity of spirit and of sharing good food, good wine and good times with family and friends.

Below is a video of the De Bortoli family taken as part of the Australia's First Families of Wine joint marketing initiative which involves some of Australia's oldest and most respected wine families.

NOBLE ONE De Bortoli Wine

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