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Spanish cuisine is in vogue. Tapas restaurants and national avant-garde cuisine conquer the world and the most demanding palates. Arab sheiks, Scandinavian demanding gourmets, Mexican tycoons or powerful Chinese businessmen have surrendered to Spanish cuisine.

A luxury until recently affordable only by a privileged few is now more accessible thanks to companies like “Olmeda Orígenes” that brings the essence of our traditional cuisine all over the world.

Hectic and stressful life to which we are subjected, lead us to appreciate the more genuine and peaceful life in small towns, places where the clock is a mere embellishment and where things are made with tempo, love and care.

We are lovers of the genuine, quality products and good eating.

OLMEDAS ORIGINES Gourmet Spanish IngredientsOne day, enjoying a quiet dinner at the home in a town called Olmeda de las Fuentes, we decided to launch an idea full of flavour; to bring those authentic national products to people, at a reasonable price and only for international markets and to make them known beyond our borders. We have the most extraordinary variety of great products in Spain and we make it available to importers in any country. Our experience in the food sector and our good relationship with the best producers in the country helped facilitate the great task that we initiated, that was named, as it could not be otherwise, Olmeda Orígenes.

Founded in 2007 by, Manuel Medina and Jesús Peláez, who were able to see on the most authentic, traditional and genuinely Spanish products a great opportunity for international expansion, Olmeda Orígenes has become one of the most active Spanish brands in the export of food industry, selling out of borders more than 200 products as genuinely as Spanish hams, sausages, oils, vinegars, jams, cheese, fish, olives, spices, meat, rice and more – a huge variety of products mirroring the wealth of our country.

Somos de Pueblo – We come from the countryside

The continuous demand of some of our customers for genuine and traditional products, led us to create the brand Olmeda Orígenes and our claim "We come from the countryside" has become the real backbone of the company and in its philosophy, which is based on a return to the flavors of childhood, is authentic and handcrafted products.

Thus, we carefully select each of the products of the different towns of Spain, among small suppliers and craftsmen who put all their soul, effort and tradition to develop their products and to reach any part of the world through Olmeda Orígenes.

Del pueblo al mundo – From a small town to the world

Within a reasonable period of time, any amount whether large or small, a real “manchego” cheese, the most genuine olive oil or a delicious “chistorra” sausage may be in Moscow, Manila or Mexico City. Olmeda Orígenes, thanks to its experience in exports, makes it possible for its customers to receive their orders on time, despite the logistical and bureaucratic regulations of any country.
The products of "Olmeda Orígenes" are currently exported to over 25 markets, bringing the brand “Spain” and the Spanish products to every corner of the globe. Over 200 references extend annually. Currently, in our portfolio of products one can find: extra virgin olive oil, vinegar and sea salt, rice, olives and pickles, spices, sweets, canned vegetables, Mediterranean seasonings, hams, cured and fresh sausages, fish, handmade cheeses, lamb, sucking pig, Iberian pork.. to name a few.

OLMEDAS ORIGINES Gourmet Spanish Ingredients

Undoubtedly, we distribute the widest varieties of Spanish products available on the market, throughout the world. Our main markets are in Scandinavia, Asia and the Arab States, where we share  importers with flagship brands of gourmet foods, such as Valhrona, Rugier, Boiron, etc ... and partnering with importers as recognized as Chef Middle East in the UAE, Prissa Operator in Mexico, Kalu in Denmark, the Guildive in France and Classic Fine Foods in Asia. They all refer to Olmeda Orígenes when they import products of Spanish origin.

The secret of this company can be found in its remarkable foresight for transforming the deep global economic crisis into an opportunity to reinvent itself and to create a new business model in the world of food. Quality, variety and logistics are the three essential parts of the business.

OLMEDAS ORIGINES Gourmet Spanish Ingredients

We want that an importer anywhere in the world can buy the best Spanish products in an easy and simple way, anytime. If this is added to the great importance they give to the exterior design, the result is a final product of high quality and excellent packaging that holds the secrets of our traditional cuisine, appealing to the eye and palate of the most discerning connoisseurs in the world.

OLMEDAS ORIGINES Gourmet Spanish Ingredients

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