Smeg Kitchen Appliances

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The Smeg group is recognised at an international level as a point of excellence for Made-In-Italy. For more than 60 years, Smeg have created electrical domestic appliances with a special focus on design, dedicating particular attention to aesthetics, ergonomics and functionality.

Good knowledge of materials and technologies allows Smeg to interpret the requirements of everyday contemporary living, expressing in the products essential qualities such as reliability, safety and attractiveness.

Smeg style, sober and elegant, is the result of the collaboration with designers of international fame who have designed refined products that combine performance and style, destined for consumers attentive to design and its evolutions.

The Iconic 50s Style Retro Range

Smeg created the 50’s style retro line in the mid-90’s. The first product, the fridge, was an immediate planetary success due to its indeterminate appeal, it is a fridge that does not limit itself to be only a fridge.

Smeg Iconic 50s Style Retro RangeIts aesthetic and the world that it conjures up, the unique tone that it thrusts upon the kitchen makes it rather “post-fridge”, a refrigerator that transcends its function, becoming an emblem of culture. This is the history of one aesthetic line, and it also represents the company philosophy that has changed and continues to change the concept of domestic appliances, pushing forward the accepted boundaries, for example, in the study of form by world famous architects.

The Smeg design lines by Renzo Piano, and Marc Newson were created in this way. Smeg share an understanding with personalities of this calibre; products are conceived with the desire to design appliances that are more than just standard commodities, to arrive at a new paradigm where form becomes the principle of the substance.

Shape is never something that is void of style, but it must marry with the functionality of an object, a union that delivers the Smeg brand to a territory of avant-garde research in order to find totally new solutions, even from technological viewpoint. Even today the company is still happily and propitiously lost within this territory.

Refrigeration: Retro Range

The iconic refrigerators in Smeg’s retro range are coveted the world over. Available in numerous vibrant colours, they aren’t made to be hidden away in the corner of a kitchen or bar. They are instantly recognisable, high-impact appliances, deliberately designed to make a bold statement. Smeg’s fingerprint-proof stainless steel range of refrigerators are frost-free and offer side-by-side options, vertical freezer stacking, a system which can add weeks to the shelf life of your food, chilled and filtered water, cubed or crushed ice, the list goes on. Some models even boast a clever hatch for easy access to milk and other items.

Smeg FAB10FAB10

An original format for a small refrigerator with a big personality.

Capacity: 120 litres

Energy rating: A+


  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Automatic defrost
  • Ice compartment
  • Dimensions: HxWxD 96x54,3x63,2 cm (68 cm handle included)

Notes: Available with left or right hand hinges.



Smeg FAB28

An icon of style. A fridge created to amaze and enchant.

Union Jacks, candy stripes, the flag of Italy, the colours of the rainbow, if you want bold, if you want bright, if you want joy in your kitchen, you want the FAB28.

It has a dedicated compact freezer compartment, a 4.5-star energy rating, auto refrigerator defrost, four quick-chill crystal glass huge shelves, a vegetable/fruit crisper, a chilled meat keeper, drip funnel and chromed wine rack, ice trays and a hinged door.

Capacity: 256 litres

Energy rating: A++



  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Automatic defrost
  • Frozen food capacity: 26 litres
  • Dimensions: HxWxD 151x60x68,2 cm (73,2 cm handle included)

Notes: Available with left or right hand hinges.


Smeg FAB30FAB30

The two door refrigerator that interprets colours in the genuine 50’s style.

Capacity: 312 litres

Energy rating: A+ 


  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Automatic defrost
  • Frozen food capacity: 68 litres
  • Dimensions: HxWxD 168x60x68,2 cm (73,2 cm handle included)

Note: Available with left or right hand hinges.



Smeg FAB32The combined refrigerator-freezer that mixes large dimensions and colour.

Available in a delicious range of colours, the FAB32’s appeal isn’t just skin deep.

The refrigerator section offers auto defrost and quick-chill crystal glass features, four big shelves, a chilled meat keeper, a drip funnel and a chromed wine rack.

The freezer includes two ice trays and two frozen food drawers. The FAB32 also has an impressive 4.5-star energy rating.

Capacity: 330 litres

Energy rating: A+


  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Automatic defrost
  • Frozen food capacity: 103 litres
  • Dimensions: HxWxD 179x60x68,2 cm (73,2 cm handle included)

Notes: Available with left or right hand hinges.



Smeg FAB50

Double the space for anyone who needs a large capacity without compromising on design.
Capacity: 484 litres
Energy efficiency class: A+


  • 2 adjustable thermostats
  • Multiflow cooling system
  • Completely Frost-free
  • Frozen food capacity: 107 lt
  • Dimensions: HxWxD 1875 x 796 x 766 cm (810cm including handle)

Note: Available with right or left hand hinge.


Cooking With Smeg

Smeg loves food. Food in its preparation for the table is very much Smeg's livelihood. Smeg have created and adapted technologies to ensure the very best is achieved in cooking. Smeg cooking is never compromised to suit a technology. Food is too important a joyous part of life to be left to compromise. From the simplest fare to banqueting, cooking for oneself or catering for many, Smeg ovens, cooktops and specialist appliances ensure the highest quality meals for the table.

Smeg Oven and Cooktops

Marc Newson And Smeg: Hobs And Ovens

The extraordinary creativity of one of the most exciting designers in the world has been applied to domestic appliances. The Smeg aesthetic lines designed by Marc Newson are comparable to contemporary artworks, and represent the true essence of the Smeg philosophy: technology with style.

Marc Newson has been aware of Smeg for some time. Smeg is, in fact, historically linked to architects who have each contributed to the success of the brand and this collaboration with the designer constitutes an ulterior confirmation of the marriage between the excellent industrial competence of Made-in-Italy and the creativity of international artists. Newson’s unmistakable style emerges in his Smeg ranges in the soft lines of the products, and in their user-friendly features.

Marc Newson Hobs

Smeg Newson Hob

The Marc Newson gas hobs are extremely practical – the positions of the control knobs mirror the positions of the burners, rendering the ignition completely intuitive – with one glance at the hob you instinctively recognise which knob controls which burner. The innovative vertical flame burners offer a superior performance, around 65% more effective than traditional systems: the particular form of the crown delivers complete power to the pan, allowing a significant energy saving and faster cooking.
The hobs are available with an enamel finish in blue, yellow, green, white, or black; or in stainless steel, all with elegant silver control knobs. Alternatively two models are available with a black or white glass finish with a silky matte effect and complimented by gold control knobs. The sophisticated glass surfaces are finished using a particular treatment that renders them resistant to scratches, making them both beautiful and practical. All hobs are 75cm wide, have 5 gas burners for maximum cooking flexibility, and strong cast iron pan stands.
Smeg Newson HobMarc Newson’s induction hobs also display an energetic and distinctive use of colour, with original design serigraphy. The commands mirror the positions of the induction zones, meaning that switching on each zone is extremely intuitive – it is possible to select the control for the right burner in just one quick glance.
Excellent performance is guaranteed with top of the range models boasting up to 4.6kW of power.
Furthermore Smeg induction hobs are particularly safe to use, they automatically stop heating when the pan is removed from the zone, and they have residual heat indicators that remain illuminated whilst the surfaces are hot.
In addition an easy to set child control block ensures maximum tranquillity even with children present in the kitchen.
This range includes various different models from 30, to 60 and 90cm wide with serigraphy in a choice of grey, gold or red brick. The 90cm hob is also available in a “horizontal” version, with 3 in-line induction zones, and a reduced depth of 35cm. The award winning Smeg Marc Newson product range confirms once again the philosophy of a company that produces not just products, but true creations.
Smeg Newson OvenMarc Newson Ovens
Ovens with touch control commands, such as the multifunction thermoventilated F610 and the pyrolitic FP610, have a particularly intuitive and convenient display with large and clear graphics: the design by Smeg and Marc Newson was driven by the search for maximum clarity, with immediately understandable symbols and simple to use commands. As an alternative to an electronic display, for those who prefer a more traditional look, Newson ovens are also available with three distinctive silver control knobs.
Spacious and functional, top of the range models have an ample 68 litre capacity and they guarantee flexibility thanks to the five cooking levels and telescopic guide rails that come as standard accessories. Two halogen lamps, placed asymmetrically, one on each side wall, increase visibility inside the oven, whilst the Ever Clean enamel finish facilitates cleaning.
Instilling art in objects of domestic use. The Smeg philosophy was confirmed in this aesthetic designed by Marc Newson and was recognised with a prize in the Wallpaper Design Awards 2009.
Marc Newson was awarded the International “Good Design 2010” Award for his Smeg designs.
More About Smeg
Smeg production is concentrated in Italy with three factories, each one producing a specific type of appliance. Abroad Smeg is represented by 14 subsidiaries with a vast network of distributors worldwide.
Smeg invests time and finances in continuing research into specialist technologies, in order to assist their customers all over the world. The assistance network is considered to be integral and essential for the success of the company and for the satisfaction of the individual customers.