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TY KU SAKE Drink ExtraordinaryTY KU is the leader in Premium Sake & Spirits, producing the best tasting and fastest growing Asian portfolio on the market. TY KU believes in the potential to be extraordinary. Extraordinary individuals are not afraid to be different or to think differently. They inspire the world and make it a better place.

Taking our cue from these leaders, it is our mission to inspire your night and give you a better drink. Using only the finest all natural ingredients and age-old distilling techniques, TY KU creates premium drinks that not only taste better, but are better for you. 

The current TY KU product line-up includes the highest quality Sake and Soju/Shochu in the World. TY KU Sake portfolio: TY KU Sake Silver (Premium Junmai), TY KU Sake Black (Super Premium Junmai Ginjo), TY KU Sake White (Ultra-Premium Junmai Daiginjo) and TY KU Coconut Sake (Premium Nigori infused with Coconut). TY KU Low Calorie Asian Spirits portfolio: TY KU Citrus Liqueur and TY KU Soju. 

TY KU has been honored with a multitude of prestigious awards and accolades including: the coveted Six Star Diamond Award (AAHS), Double Gold Medal (San Francisco Int’l Wine Competition), Gold Medal (New York World Wine & Spirits Competition), Platinum Award (SIP), iF Design Award, Rising Star Award (Beverage Information Group), Breakout Brand (Beverage World), The Hot New Now Award and a Double Gold Medal (WSWA). 

TY KU invites you to elevate your senses and drink extraordinary. The TY KU Sake portfolio is 100% all natural and completely free of Gluten, Sulfites and Tannins. The TY KU Low Calorie Asian Spirits portfolio is naturally low calorie and allows you to create your favorite cocktails with half the calories and double the flavor.


About The Brewery

TY KU Sake Black, Silver and Coconut Nigori are brewed in the historical sake heartland of Nara, Japan. The brewers here are proud artisans of traditional sake making. They are not distracted by of‐the‐moment sake trends or buzz words; these brewers are committed to the time intensive, meticulous craftsmanship required for premium sake.

The Nara brewery is truly focused on the highest grades of sake. To that end, the sake made here is crafted from rice polished an average of 53%, resulting in premium sake, as opposed to the Japanese national average of 69%, which results in lower grade sake. But despite this highly refined rice, these brewers do not shy away from robust flavor.

In their own words, “We strive to make a sake rich with flavor, a sake to leave a profound impression.”

Though a small brewery, the Nara brewery is proud of its modest size, which allows the brewers to closely supervise the production and quality of all the sake it releases.

TY KU SAKE Drink Extraordinary

TY KU SAKE Drink ExtraordinaryMaster Brewer (Toji): Hiroji Kitaba

Hiroji Kitabatoji is a member of the Nanbu Brewers' Union. Brewing sake had been his dream since childhood. With constant enthusiasm for sake, he has studied under many notable toji from various Brewers’ Union and is also currently involved in education to train brewers for the next generation.

"There are people to bottle sake, to sell sake, to buy sake, to drink sake. Because of this flow, I can enjoy and keep brewing sake. I thank everyone involved with sake business. I brew sake with gratitude,” says Kitaba toji.

What Kitaba toji strives most for in his work is to take pleasure. "Sake is a living thing. If you have a brewery where everyone can work cheerfully, then you get good sake. If you do not enjoy, nothing goes the way you want it to.”

Sake Products

Sake Vs Wine

As opposed to wine, sake is generally 100% free of sulfites, tannins, gluten and has a much lower acidity. Sake may also have up to 400 flavor components while wine typically has no more than 200. As a result, sake pairs well with a wider variety of food. Enjoy premium sake like a white wine, slightly chilled in your favorite white wine glass.

All Natural Ingredients

RICE - Specialty Akebono rice from Japan. 30% of rice grain milled away for purity.

WATER - Pristine iron-free natural spring water from the mountains of Japan.

YEAST - Famed #901 yeast strain brings forth pleasing fragrance and aroma.

KOJI - Handmade koji rounds out the full-body and flavor.

TY KU SAKE Drink Extraordinary

TY KU Sake Silver

Premium Junmai Japanese Sake. TY KU Sake Silver delivers an exciting value price point. It introduces exceptional quality, smooth flavor profile, contemporary style and unprecedented value. TY KU Sake Silver is expertly brewed in Nara, Japan, home of the world's first sake brewery dating back to 680 A.D. This premium Junmai sake utilizes 30% milled sake rice. The Junmai classification represents the top 15% of all sake in the world. It is one of the purest beverages on the planet, made from only four all natural ingredients; rice, water, yeast and koji. 

TY KU Sake Silver has a fresh, slightly sweet taste with subtle pear notes; its rich flavor is soft & silky on the palate. Although it complements sushi & Asian cuisine, its well-rounded body pairs well with a variety of lighter Western cuisine. Recipient of the Platinum Medal (SIP), Gold Medal (NY Wine & Spirits), 90pt rating (Tasting Panel) & the HOT, NEW, NOW Award (WSWA).

TY KU Sake Black

Super Premium, Junmai Ginjo, Japanese Sake. TY KU Sake Black is rapidly becoming the most popular sake in the U.S with its unparalleled quality, taste & style. TY KU Sake Black is specially craft brewed in Nara, Japan, home of the world's first sake brewery dating back to 680 A.D. This super premium Junmai Ginjo sake utilizes 45% milled sake rice. This classification represents the top 6% of all sake in the world. TY KU Sake Black is crafted for true food & wine aficionados. 

TY KU Sake Black's refined flavor profile balances peach on the nose with a subtle hint of spice underneath. The depth and body pairs well with lighter Western fare (grilled white meats and cooked fish), yet is dry and delicate enough to complement Asian cuisine. Recipient of the prestigious 5 Star Diamond Award, Gold Medal at the San Francisco Wine Competition and Platinum Medal (Best in Show) at the World Beverage Competition.

TY KU SAKE Drink Extraordinary

TY KU Sake White

The Crown Jewel of Sake. TY KU Sake White was voted the best sake in the world. The pinnacle of ultra premium sake, TY KU Sake White is a rare special designation Junmai Daiginjo which represents the very top 3% of all sake. Handcrafted in Yamagata, Japan with over 60% of each rice grain milled away. TY KU Sake White is the gold standard for sake brewing, using only the very best ingredients and techniques and is reserved for the true connoisseur. 

TY KU Sake White is exceptionally refined and smooth, uniting floral notes with banana and vanilla. Extremely delicate yet rich and supple; hints of spice permeate. TY KU Sake White captivates even the most discerning palate with complex layers of soft citrus. Winner of the Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco Wine Competition and the only beverage in the world ever bestowed with the prestigious 6 Star Diamond Award.

For True Connoisseurs

TY KU Sake White is hand crafted at the legendary Matsuyama Shuzo Brewery in the world famous Yamagata Prefecture of Japan. With over 150 years and 5 generations of sake brewing experience, Matsuyama Shuzo is Japan's most awarded brewery over the last 20 years. TY KU Sake White is meticulously crafted, filled and bottled by hand.

TY KU Coconut Sake

Premium Nigori Sake infused with coconut. TY KU Coconut Sake has a silky texture with the refreshingly sweet taste of coconut and hints of vanilla. This Nigori is made from Junmai sake and brewed in Nara, Japan, home of the world's first sake brewery dating back to 680 A.D. The Junmai classification represents the top 15% of all sake. Shake well before serving.


Known as "Cloudy Sake," the secret to Nigori sake's lusciously sweet flavor is the small amount of rice purposefully unfiltered to leave behind a rich, creamy taste. Experience the flavor and texture that makes Nigori sake irresistible and one of the most popular types of sake in the world.

TY KU SAKE Drink Extraordinary

Sake History

TY KU SAKE Drink ExtraordinaryWhile the origin of true sake is unclear, it is believed to have originated around 700 AD. Most of the breweries that grew and survived during the mid 1800's were set up by landowners who grew rice crops, and would ship left over rice to their breweries. The most successful of these family breweries still operate today. During the 20th century, sake-brewing technology grew by leaps and bounds. Yeast strains specifically selected for their brewing properties were isolated and enamel-coated steel tanks arrived cleaner and longer lasting. 

Sake has since branched out far beyond the borders of Japan and the quality of sake continues to increase. In the not so distant past, sake in the U.S was served hot at sushi bars and ranged in flavor from mildly pleasing to barely drinkable. That mass produced industrial-quality brew (Futsu) was what many Americans associated sake with, since the high quality handmade sake from Japan was much harder to find here… until now.

Serving/Enjoying Sake

Contrary to popular belief, premium sake (such as TY KU Sake) should be served chilled, like a white wine. For best taste, refrigerate after opening and enjoy soon thereafter. Although sake is typically enjoyed with sushi, it actually pairs well with a wide variety of cuisine such as steak, roasted chicken, and grilled vegetables. You can also make enticing cocktails with sake. Visit our Sake Cocktails page for recipes. When enjoying sake with friends, never pour your own glass. Pour for each other as a sign of friendship and respect. And don't forget to say "kanpai" before drinking.

Sake Classification

Grade is determined by how much of the rice grain is milled or polished away. In Japan the measure of this rice polish ratio is called Seimaibuai. Polishing removes undesirable protein and fats so that only the starch center of the rice grain remains. The less rice grain that remains after polishing, the higher the quality of the sake.

  • JUNMAI DAIGINJO - Rice Polish Ratio less than or equal to 50% 
    TY KU Sake White is 40%, representing the top 3% of all sake.
  • JUNMAI GINJO - Rice Polish Ratio less than or equal to 60% 
    TY KU Sake Black is 55%, representing the top 6% of all sake.
  • JUNMAI - Rice Polish Ratio less than or equal to 70% 
    TY KU Sake Silver is 70%, representing the top 15% of all sake.
  • FUTSU - Rice Polish Ratio greater than 70% 
    Because of added alcohol, this is not "pure" sake. Futsu is typically low grade and served hot to mask its harsh taste.

TY KU SAKE Drink ExtraordinaryHow Premium Sake Is Made

First the rice is polished to remove the undesirable fat and proteins from the exterior of the rice grains, leaving behind a starch core.

Newly polished rice is allowed to rest until it has absorbed enough moisture from the air so that it will not crack when immersed in water.

The rice is then washed clean of the rice powder produced during polishing and then steeped in water.

After soaking, the rice is steamed and cooled and then koji is added before undergoing the process of multiple fermentation.

After fermentation, sake is extracted from the solid mixtures through a filtration process and is pasteurized one or two times.

RICE - This is not ordinary table rice. Specialty grade sake rice that only grows in select parts of Japan is used to produce the best flavor.

WATER - The quality of the water can affect the quality of the sake. Naturally sourced, iron-free water creates the cleanest sake.

YEAST - Sake fragrance and aroma can be attributed to the yeast strain. Certain strains work better with particular types of sake rice.

KOJI - Said to be the heart of the sake brewing process. Koji rounds out the body and flavor of premium sake.

Sake Terms

  • JUNMAI - Means "pure" sake with no distilled alcohol added.
  • KANPAI - The direct Japanese translation for the word "Cheers." Can be used when sake bombing and toasting.
  • NIGORI - Known as "Cloudy Sake," the secret to Nigori sake's sweet flavor and milky texture is the small amount of rice purposefully unfiltered to leave behind a rich, creamy taste.
  • TOJI - The sake brewmaster. A highly respected job in Japanese society, often being regarded like musicians.
  • UMAMI - The 5th tasting sense, relates to the viscosity of sake.
  • SMV - The Sake Meter Value, indicates the dryness or sweetness of sake. Higher is dryer.
  • SEIMAIBUAI - Known as Rice Milling/Polishing Percentage. Indicates the precent of the rice grain remaining after milling away the outer hull prior to brewing.
  • MOROMI - The main fermenting mash consisting of yeast starter, koji, steamed rice and water

WORLD SAKE DAY October 1st

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