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U’LUVKA LEGENDARY VODKA Sublime AlchemyU'Luvka is not so much a new arrival as a great revival. It is a recreation of a legendary 16th century Polish Royal vodka and since its launch in 2005 has won over 40 International Gold Medals.


U’Luvka re-conjures the spirit of a legendary vodka created by a famous alchemist at the court of King Sigismund III of Poland in the late 16th century.

The fashion at court was to drink vodka from glasses without bases. Once filled a glass could not be put down until the entire contents had been drunk…

Legend has it that the court was suffering from hangovers. Distillation methods were still somewhat crude by today’s standards and it didn’t take many toasts to set you up badly for the following day’s work. In a bid to prevent affairs of state from grinding to a halt, the King and Queen commissioned their court alchemist Sendivogius to create a spirit of such exceptional balance and purity that the court might continue to make their traditional toasts by night and run the country effectively by day.

Sendivogius applies his alchemical magic and created a royal elixir of rare quality. The court was soon back on its feet, while Sendivogius, despite this preference for anonymity, went on to become on of the most influential figures of his times. He crowned his scientific career as the first person to isolate oxygen.

Alchemy is all about achieving transformation through the isolation and purification of essential principles. This is the essence of U’Luvka. Working with Poland’s finest modern alchemists, we have recreated Sendivogius’s “unfathomable spell.”

We have striven for purity, character and authenticity, using only the noblest rye, wheat and barley, crystalline deep well water and cunningly sourced traditional recipes.


The U’Luvka Family    

U’Luvka MINI Gift Box – Complete with a 10cl Miniature, two of U’Luvka’s iconic ‘legless’ shot glasses and a mini cocktail book, the Miniature gift box makes an ideal luxury gift for all celebrations.

U’Luvka FRIENDSHIP, LOVE & PLEASURE Gift Box – The award winning U’Luvka Gift Box which includes the 70cl SIGNATURE bottle, a pair of U’Luvka’s ‘legless’ shot glasses and the U’Luvka Cocktail Book.

U’Luvka MAGNUM Gift Box – Complete with our stunning  175cl Magnum bottle, six of U’Luvka’s iconic ‘legless’ shot glasses and a mini cocktail book, the Magnum gift box makes the ultimate luxury gift.

U’Luvka ICE BUCKET and the iconic SHOT GLASSES – A sleek simple award winning design classic, our aluminium ice bucket has the same sensuous curvy nature as the bottles. The display is elegantly enhanced by the iconic legless shot glasses.

U’Luvka MAGNUM 175cl – Standing almost half a metre tall and containing enough delicious U’Luvka to make almost 40 double measure cocktails.

U’Luvka SIGNATURE 70cl – Where it all began, the iconic signature bottle.

U’Luvka MINIATURE 10cl – Small enough to fit in your pocket but big enough to make two generous Martinis.

U’LUVKA LEGENDARY VODKA Sublime AlchemyAwards and Accolades

Since launching in 2005 we have been humbled by the level of critical acclaim we have received, winning over 40 International Gold Medals.

“Subtle and weirdly pleasing. Hints of rubber underlay on the nose. Smooth, rounded and clean. Very slightly sweet with hints of aniseed and salted butter. Oozes character. Scores 5/5.”

Simon Difford - Founder CLASS Magazine, Difford’s Guides & Source Guide

“U’Luvka is more than just vodka, it is a luxury spirit.”

Anthony Dias Blue - Leading Spirits Critic, Editor of The Tasting Panel & Founder of The San Francisco Spirits Competition

“It would be difficult to make this any better.”

Ian Wisniewski - Leading International Spirits writer and Connoisseur

“U’Luvka is the perfect gift for someone who has everything. Great vodka, Great Packaging, Great value”

Dawn Davies, Selfridges Buyer Wine and Spirits

 “U’Luvka is both beautiful and practical. The bottle leads you into the quality that you would expect to find inside. The aesthetic is complete. Aesthetically pleasing to look at and touch, and aesthetically a pleasure to drink. A combination unusual in the vodka market.”

Nick Strangeway - The Hospital, Che, Cecconni, Floridita, Hawksmoor and The George

“U’Luvka produces the best vodka martini I have ever tasted. Simple as that.”

Nidal Ramini - Co-founder Dusk, K Bar and Montgomery Place

U’LUVKA LEGENDARY VODKA Sublime AlchemyThe U’Luvka Design

U’Luvka’s iconic glass bottle was inspired by ancient alchemical distillation vessels. Alchemy is all about transformation, and every transformation involves the balance between opposites: light and dark, negative and positive and, that most potent of all transformative oppositions, the dance of man and woman, which is ultimately the dance of life itself.

The U’Luvka bottle is a physical representation of the balance between male and female, with the rounded base representing ‘female’ and the elegant neck ‘male’.

The beautiful simplicity of the bottle is kept free of ornamentation because it needs none: when something is in harmony, it is inherently beautiful…‘Form follows Function’. And when something is simple and beautiful, it’s usually practical too: we’re told that bartenders love U’Luvka’s design because the kink in the waist makes a perfect thumb rest for smooth pouring.

U’LUVKA LEGENDARY VODKA Sublime Alchemy The U’Luvka logo is an alchemical sign combining the glyphs for spirit, soul, man and woman, and when you combine all these together it adds up to the uniquely human experience of friendship.

But the symbol means different things to different people – some see it as a pair of cocktail glasses standing on their heads, and there’s nothing wrong with that. That sounds like fun too.

The Ouroboros have been fire-branded by hand onto each U’Luvka bottletop.

It is an ancient alchemical power symbol showing two dragons chasing each other’s tails, and represents both ‘transformation’ and ‘distillation’.

To transform anything in alchemy the opposites must dance, and in that dance, they transform: negative & positive, sun & moon, yin & yang, male & female.


This is the dance of the universe, the dance of life, and it happens every night in every bar and restaurant in the world. it’s what happens every time you open a bottle of U’Luvka… you touch the Ouroboros and the dance begins.

The question is, where will it end?




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