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VALLURE Gold Standard Of VodkaVallure Vodka is inspired by Germany's heritage, precision and grace. Vallure derives its comfortable yet opulent natures from the modest beginnings of a one-hundred year old distillery. The high level multi-distillation is followed by our genuine triple-gold-filtering process, which gives our vodka its spirit of majesty. Conceived without compromise Vallure is the world's foremost Super Premium Vodka. It is an unmatched and unforgettable experience brought to you by our team's ceaseless search for excellence.

The Gold Standard

For hundreds of years, the world’s most powerful civilizations used gold as currency. Monetary units, like dollars, were just representations of a fixed weight in 24 karat gold. They called it ‘The Gold Standard’.  After meeting at our headquarters in Germany, the Vallure team decided that our triple-gold-filtered vodka deserves a 24 karat gold exterior that represents it.

We call it ‘The Gold Standard of Vodka’. The Vallure Vodka bottle is plated with pure gold and crafted with the precision and integrity of high-end jewelry.

VALLURE Gold Standard Of Vodka

VALLURE Gold Standard Of Vodka

Exclusive Appeal

Vallure Vodka is an ageless spirit at the cutting edge of fashion.

It is the blend of high design and perfect taste, a century in the making. Each bottle is cased in 24 karat gold and contains a drink even more valuable, which is why Vallure boasts “Pure Inner Beauty”.

Vallure Vodka is produced in a 100-year-old distillery and from an age-old secret recipe. A multi-level distillation is followed by Vallure’s triple gold filtering process.

The Vallure bottle is crafted with the integrity of high-end jewelry and Vallure Vodka prides itself in maintaining the only ‘Gold Standard of Vodka’, ensuring every 700mL of Vallure Vodka is represented by a gold bottle.

Vallure Vodka Launches in United States July 2012

This marks the second major retail launch for the German luxury brand, which caters to an exclusive clientele.

The 750mL bottle of Vallure Vodka can currently be found on the shelves of select U.S. retailers. The U.S. debut of Vallure Vodka, long available in Europe, marks a new milestone for the Vallure brand, which is a pioneer in the world's super premium vodka category.

“We are pleased to introduce Vallure Vodka to U.S. consumers that value the exceptional things in life.” said Q. Ladraa, Co-founder of Vallure Vodka. “Our search for perfection is our primary commitment and we look to exceed growing expectations.”

VALLURE Gold Standard Of VodkaThe launch marks another step in the brand's effort to become a leading player in the global premium vodka market. Vallure has garnered attention from both the media and high net worth individuals in the United States and abroad. With this launch, they look to grow their marker share significantly.

Retail Launch in Germany

Vallure Vodka first became available in the premier gourmet departments “Perfetto” and “Galeria Gourmet” of the German retailers Karstadt and Kaufhof in the later part of last year. A bottle of Vallure Vodka is currently priced at 369 Euros.

“Karstadt and Galeria Kaufhof are perfect for Vallure Vodka,” Vallure’s founders, Andre Stahmer, Axel Stahmer and Q Ladraa, say. “They represent some of the nation’s top spirits and luxury products. We expect that our new relationship with these two premier retailers will help Vallure reach a valued portion of its clientele.”

Karstadt and Kaufhof are logical placements for Vallure, which claims the world’s most luxurious vodka.

VALLURE Gold Standard Of Vodka

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