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ZUMWHOL SCHNAPS Toast To The Future“ZUMWOH!”is the traditional German toast to the future. It is shouted as you and your companions clink glasses and down a shot of the best schnaps – to your health and wealth!  

It’s a toast and a spirit that have fired the imagination of the world’s most inventive nation for centuries. What links the automobile, the rocket that put man on the moon, the MP3 and the athletic shoe? There’s a clever German somewhere behind them all. And wherever there’s a clever German with something to celebrate, there’s bound to be good German schnaps, a clink of glasses, a click of heels and the toast – ZUMWOHL!   

Which brings us to the latest iteration of this magnificent tradition – ZUMWOHL, the spirit. This very best German style schnaps is distilled in New Zealand using traditional German methods by the very precise and the very German Führer brothers.

Some say distillation is an art, but the Führer brothers will have none of that Anglo Saxon nonsense. For them, life and distilling are all about removing chance. They consider the creation of ZUMWOHL to be an act of biological engineering, starting with the very best natural grain or fruit, completely unadulterated for fermentation and flavour. Throughout their exacting and completely natural production technique, molecule is layered upon molecule in a procedure designed to create as pure, consistent and smooth a spirit as the world has ever seen. ZUMWOHL’s growing haul of international medals is proof that the fastidious Führer brothers are on to something special. 

ZUMWOHL is the world’s most inspiring shot, superb as a cocktail base and delicious in a long glass with soda and a twist.

But be warned. If you decide to partake in this magnificent tradition, there’s no saying what you might achieve. To your health and wealth – ZUMWOHL!


ZUMWOHL Natural schnaps is a German-style korn schnaps made entirely from corn.

Gold winner at the IWSC 2012

Tasting Notes for ZUMWOHL Natural - Corn Schnaps

Colourless. Nose leads with herbal notes and some green apple giving an immediate fresh appeal. Aroma develops into a rich fullness with some vanilla hints in the background. In the mouth the highly refined spirit develops some sweetcorn notes along with an appealing grainy character. Hint of fruitiness adds complexity. Well weighted, beautiful balance and elegant stance. IWSC 2012 tasting notes.


ZUMWOHL Plum schnaps is made from nothing but plums and pure New Zealand water giving it a distinctive and naturally fragrant burst of fresh plum.

ZUMWOHL Feijoa schnaps is made from fragrant feijoas and pure New Zealand water which means it adds a lively feijoa twist to your drink. 

ZUMWOHL Kirsch schnaps has 66% alcohol to carry more flavour, vitality and an intense spirit of celebration. It is made entirely from plump cherries and pure New Zealand water giving it the naturally rich flavour of sun-ripened cherries.


ZUMWHOL SCHNAPS Toast To The FutureThe Story

In 2008, German-born New Zealander, Ulf Führer, wanted a proper drink of Schnaps, his only alternative was to import it or make his own. So in 2009, Ulf set about creating the first New Zealand made German-style Schnaps.

He called it ZUMWOHL, meaning ‘a toast to good health and wealth’. Crafted in the tradition of premium German Schnaps, ZUMWOHL has been meticulously created from high quality, 100% New Zealand ingredients.

Distilled, bottled and perfected in Wellington, ZUMWOHL is the only New Zealand-made Schnaps in the world. With a 40 and 66% alcohol content, ZUMWOHL may be smooth, clean and easy on the palate, but it packs quite a punch.

In a market dominated by vodka and quick shot liqueurs, ZUMWOHL brings with it a whole new approach to drinking, following the tradition of European Schnaps houses and alpine culture.

Though it’s new to the market, the unique New Zealand Schnaps hasn’t gone unnoticed. ZUMWOHL has already achieved international acclaim at two of the worlds’ most prestigious spirits competitions in San Francisco and London.

It has won medals for all its four flavours, including a Gold IWSC 2012 for the Natural Schnaps.

Available in four original flavours, ZUMWOHL can be enjoyed neat, over ice, or as the base ingredient for a superb cocktail.



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